Sunday, May 10, 2009

Off To Disney World to Celebrate

This will be a special week for our family. If you read the posts where I introduced my family members, you will remember that Parker arrived in our life ten years ago and he rocked our world. As in really ROCKED OUR WORLD!!!!!!!!!

We leave tomorrow to spend a week at Disney World to celebrate his 10th birthday....How can he be 10? This trip we are staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, a place he has always wanted to stay. This trip is a celebration of a little guy that arrived unexpected, but has imprinted our lives in ways we never dreamed.

We are even taking his Mom and baby Jack along...(Micah has to work and Greg and his family are just a few weeks from having a new baby)!
I am hoping that Parker and his Mom can have some special time together, just the two of them....celebrating the life they began together 10 years ago. No boy has ever loved his Mom more than Parker does. It makes me smile just thinking about how the two of them have grown up together, weathered some hard times, and have bonded in a way that only a boy and his teenage Mom could.

Amanda, you have made us PROUD.....and what better day to celebrate you!

I hope to blog from Disney by Wednesday or Thursday stay tuned if you are a Disney lover. I will admit it...We are Disney addicts....