Saturday, July 4, 2009

Our Family Feels so Blessed this 4th of July.

I am so proud to be an American....Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies, God Bless America....all songs that have played in my head all day. Each of those songs touches my heart. I just love patriotic songs. I can never remember a time our nation was more in need of prayer.
Since we have had quite an emotional and tiring two weeks, our celebration was low key. We have much to celebrate! We spent the afternoon visiting our new little one and then watched the fireworks show at Harrah's Louisiana Downs with the other three grandsons. It is so hot here, that none of us were for up for any long period of time outside. Here are a few snapshots from our day.
Aunt Manda's first time to hold me.
Jack is not sure he wants his Mom to hold me!
POP holding his new little BUDDY!
I finally just kissed her. She is smitten!

Micah, Amanda, Parker and Jack....

Thursday, July 2, 2009


These pictures will speak for themselves....Grayson was released from the hospital about 3 today and on his way to his home...He had a rough start in life, but he is totally well now. His Independence Day came a few days early and we are so thankful.
Little Angel
This last picture cracks me up. I don't think he knows what is going on.

Tonight I have Jack and Parker spending the night. I think Jack was ready for his Grammys attention again...He was a little clown tonight.

Wishing all of my new friends a Happy Fourth of July. We have so much to celebrate!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Grayson and One Tired But Happy Grammy

This will be short tonight but only GREAT news. Grayson had a perfect day and if tomorrow is the same, he will be discharged late tomorrow afternoon or Friday.
The Echo came back perfect, the spot on his lung has closed up, he has learned to eat and now we have to learn to not panic about his breathing. We have watched the monitor so closely this past week that we are a tad nervous that we will not have it at home.
It has been a long nine days...and none of us really knows what day of the week it is.
In the NICU, day and night are the same and one day runs into another.
So hopefully the next time I post, Grayson will be in his own bed at home.
Your prayers have meant the world to us. I am going to print out all the comments for his baby book. Most of all we are so grateful to God for healing our little one.

Just hanging out waiting to get out of this joint!
A little man looking up at me with some bright eyes
I am telling him that I will take him to meet "The Mouse"!...I am in very bad need of a new spray tan....

Just so HAPPY he is well!

Add Video Too sweet for words!!

Grayson and Giveaway Winners

What a WEEK!!!!
I said I would NEVER be an every day poster. But I cannot go to bed tonight without giving an update. We had a very good day...and if Grayson has just a few more good days, he will be taking a trip to his home. What a day that will be.
He is a week old today and except for a little (male surgery) today...I would say he was a happy camper. I am pretty sure as I rocked him to sleep tonight, he said an ugly word, but I am sure if someone had gotten in my private business at 5PM,(especially since it was time for him to eat when the urologist arrived).... I would be a little ticked too.
I got a few cute pictures tonight....and then I will announce the winners of the giveaways for June....

Is he not just the sweetest?
I will be so glad to hold him with "no strings attached"

This is how he felt tonight...JUST MAD!!
OK...on to the winners...I had so many comments in June that this took awhile to figure out....I used some combinations of Gray's birthday.
The winner of the Grand Prize...The Card Box is
Courtney at Chaos Is Us
For the other 3 winners that will get a goodie package......
Gracie at Gracie
Beth at Our Family
Trasie at From Our Front Porch You can See
and because it was just a GOOD DAY...we drew one more and it is.........
The Retirement Chronicles

So I need each one of you to send me your name and address and one day in the next week or so (probably after we get the baby home) I will be shipping your prizes... Tomorrow begins a new month and a new giveaway... Hope you will go by and visit the blogs just might find a new friend.

Monday, June 29, 2009

A Better Day!!!

We had a better day today. When I left tonight, Grayson had been off all oxygen since noon. We are praying that will continue. He is so much happier without the "stuff" in his nose. I think he pulled it out quite a few times after we left last night. They also ran another test today that we should have the results from tomorrow. I will leave you with a few pictures from today and a few words from the little man.
I really can read his mind.....all Grammy's can!

I really do not appreciate all that tape they put on my makes me look like I have acne!

I think I am going to like my Mom and Dad
My Dad just cannot believe I am really here!!!!He needs to stop staring at me...

Thanks for all your prayers and sweet notes.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Bump in the Road

This will be a short post tonight, but again I need you to pray.
Grayson had a set back during the night last night and is back on some oxygen. The doctor and all the nurses are still very encouraging, but when its your baby in the NICU, its just plain old SCARY.
He wanted me to tell you that he knows the oxygen on his face is not CUTE...and he is planning to pull it out tonight...
(he has already tried to tonight when I was rocking him)!
He also told me (all my grandsons have talked to me from birth!Ha) that he is not pleased with the way they combed his hair today.
I told him he not only had lots of people praying for him, but he also had a fan club and he just smiled.
We are still hoping and praying that later this week he will be healthy enough to come home.
His Mom and Dad had thought it was going to be tomorrow, so they have had an emotional day.
Thank you so much for your prayers and your concern.


I promise not to post pictures of Grayson every single day...but we are so thankful that each day he is improving. This has been a week!!!!!! a long week..
but one that is ending with our hearts so humbled and so grateful to all the many people that have prayed for our sweet baby. Each day we get a little better report and it looks like he will be ready to come home early next week. These were a few shots I got tonight...I even got to feed him tonight.