Saturday, November 14, 2009


November and December are birthday months in our family. Because this next week is going to be crammed full of trees and travel, I am posting this a few days early! Thursday is Micah's 34th birthday. What a miracle our relationship is. Ten years ago I could not imagine life with him, especially married to my girl (remember he was Greg's best friend) and now I cannot imagine life without him. God really does have a plan! I am so thankful my plan failed. (that would be trying to convince Amanda that Micah was not the one for her and Parker)! Not only was he THE ONE, he has been more than I ever hoped or prayed for MY GIRL. Then he gave us the gift of Jack and his stock went WAY UP!!!! He is more than I ever hoped for in a step dad to Parker (I hate that term)....I think bonus Dad sounds better. Parker is so blessed to have so many good men in his life....and these days I don't think you can have too many!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the BIGGEST and yet SWEETEST surprises of my life. You can read this post to read the history.

Just had to share this NEW picture of Grayson....How I love that smile. He is five months old and totally healthy. We are so thankful for that.
Don't forget to visit my Christmas blog! There is a FUN GIVEAWAY on it, plus last week the TREE schedule had some wild days...