Sunday, January 9, 2011


This weekend started out great.  I had a long over due lunch with one of my dearest friends on Friday.  We caught up.  Then on Friday afternoon and evening  (until 3 AM) Amanda and Terri helped me take down our biggest job this year. That would be multiple trees with what seemed like a million ornaments. Why do we attach them so good?  I understand why those that take their own down say ugly things about us.   Saturday Terri and I went back to the house and got everything organized and ready for next year.  I griped all day because my back hurt, but I will be thanking Terri next year for encouraging me that we needed to GET IT DONE!
 Saturday night was great football, great take out food and lots of blog reading, and trying to not get bogged down in the Arizona tragedy.  Those that know me, know the news junky x 10 that I am,  so that was impossible. 
I woke up depressed just thinking about it.  I have been on the couch all day. LITERALLY, except to get something to eat..We are having icy weather with snow here, no school tomorrow and in our area, no one goes out when its snowing and raining or at least I don’t.  I just pray the power does not go out.
Nothing makes me happier than a PJ day with a roaring fire, lots of football, in my case all the trees still up (I really love Christmas lights) and a son-in-law that not only cooks  but delivers. Thanks Micah, we love you.
I have one more house besides my own to take down and then it will be a wrap for another year for this tree decorator. 
In  this same weekend, I have witnessed the most horrible rampage in Arizona.  I have been glued to every report.  The picture of the little nine year old girl is almost more than I can look at.  The innocent people that were so brutally murdered on an ordinary normal day in front of a Safeway.   Is this still America?  See what I mean, I have so many things I want to blog about.  During this weekend, I found out that one of my favorite friends Dad probably has lung cancer, a gal that I love and had just visited with went in for an appendix surgery this week and they found a tumor behind her appendix and it was not one you would want to find, a local blog friends Dad just found out he had stage IV tongue cancer, so tonight my heart is heavy.  So many needs, so many prayer requests.  A few minutes ago I saw that Beth Moore had posted…It was a WORD
then my new friend Edie posted…another WORD.
Don’t miss either of these posts.  They so encouraged me tonight…Ask God to give the people above a miracle, a good report….I know he CAN…its been only a few short months that my family needed one.  That miracle is sitting in a chair across the room from me reading a book and watching a little football. 
Time to have a  New Years Giveaway….Nezzy, one of my favorite bloggers just wrote about a SURPRISE  GIVEAWAY  she won on my blog. Same kind of GIVEAWAY this time…A SURPRISE.  I will have Parker draw next Friday…and I want YOU to WIN. If you send a new friend I will throw your name in twice. A comment is all that you have to do.  Have a great week.