Friday, June 18, 2010


I don't think I have ever had a guest blogger since I started blogging a little over a year ago. Tonight that CHANGES. I still want you to read this post, but I ask Greg to put on paper his feelings about MY MAN, HIS DAD! He has done it many times in cards. My friends have always wanted to read any card Greg gave me or his Dad. He ALWAYS WRITES HIS HEART.
With no editing this is the email I just received.

Dear DAD,
Where to start about the man I attribute everything I have been, everything I am, and everything I will be in the future? He is known by many names...Jack, Coach Powell, Coach, CP, Pop, and my favorite, DAD. He does each of them with perfection like only he can. From my earliest memories, all I can remember is wanting to be like my DAD. He taught me the lessons which would shape my life. Hard work, persistence, honesty, selflessness, generosity, and trustworthiness are just a few of the characteristics I would like to hope my DAD has passed on to me. I can't ever remember a time when my DAD was not there for me, even when I might not have wanted him there, but I needed him more than I knew. I am sure he remembers the time in the drainage ditch behind The Haystack Apartments. (No further details needed). From as far back as I can remember, I wanted to be with my DAD. Even if most kids didn't think hanging out on Sunday afternoons after church at the football stadium field house was their idea of fun, I was with my DAD, and that was all I needed. From all the games I spent as the ball boy for my DAD's football teams until I was able to actually play for my DAD, the only thing I wanted to do was spend time with my DAD in his environment. Of all the lessons my DAD has taught me, the one on how to be a dad is the one I treasure most. From the time Parker was born, then Dana and Austin came into my life, and now Grayson, my number one goal was to be as much like my DAD as humanly possible. I can only hope I am able to do half the job my DAD has done with my boys. I can now understand why my DAD was so great at his job as a parent. It is because he is a natural at it. I can surly say I know with all my heart, MY DAD IS THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME. Thanks for everything DAD. I hope you have the best Father's Day!
I Love and Cherish you!

ENOUGH SAID! Happy Father's Day to the BEST Dad to Greg and Dana and Amanda and Micah and the BEST POP anywhere. If you think yours is better, you would have a HARD TIME convincing Parker, Jack, Austin and Grayson.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


TONIGHT I am so thankful that my little guys have SUCH GREAT DADS. Greg was born to be a DAD and then I inherited Micah when he and Amanda married and now I have two sons.
There is nowhere the BOYS would rather be than spending a day with GREG. (could be because he OVERINDULGES THEM) (CANNOT BE TRUSTED IN WALMART OR TARGET or GAME STOP) He LOVES NOTHING BETTER IN LIFE THAN MAKING THEM HAPPY. He has a very demanding job, BUT he spends every free minute make life fun for the little ones. He is a MR. MOM. Below is a picture I snapped this week. It was his day off and he was taking the boys for an all day swim at the WATER PARK.

Grayson changed his life. He will be ONE this week.
A baby HE and DANA had wanted for several years and at times wondered if it would ever happen. It did and this little man rocked their WORLD. He MADE their FAMILY COMPLETE.
Micah has embraced fatherhood and gets an A plus, plus. I knew Greg would be an awesome Dad, but I had to see Micah become one. This Grammy watched closely as he and Parker's relationship began, grew and now has become a normal father/son relationship. They love each other so much and do so much together. You would never know he was not his biological father. That's what I had always prayed for. Micah thinks Parker is the best kid EVER and he constantly rewards him for grades and encourages him at every turn. I am not sure MICAH knows how PROUD of HIM, I REALLY AM.

Micah and Jack at the DUCK POND I think this picture says it ALL!
So this week, as we celebrate Father's Day, I Celebrate Greg and Micah. I could not have asked for more dedicated, loving, and fun DADS for my little ones. Tomorrow will be a special post......Hope you will stop by.....