Thursday, January 26, 2012


How many of you have written an entire post and just as you go to publish it your hand hits some random something and you lose the entire post?

You think  you have saved it and as hard as you try to pull it back up, its nowhere to be found.

Happened to me last night, so maybe it was a post only for me.  Actually it was a good one, but for the life of me I cannot type it again.

We are home from our trip to Chicago.  Flew out in a blizzard right before they closed the airport.  Went  from 3 degrees in Chicago to landing in Dallas where it was 73…

We had a great week in very cold Chicago and met so many new friends. Jack is going to be working for a great company and he is so excited for some normalcy.
That’s where this title comes from.  Each night we would go to a fabulous restaurant for dinner and because I was not with Jack everyday during the day , I would get the question “Now, who are you?” (asked very nicely as they just did not know) or “what do you do?”
So I thought about those questions, who am I and what do I do.

I can answer that in a few words but in my mind I could write a book. 

What I do I can answer in 2 words but no one gets it. So I would say, “I am Teresa, Jacks’ wife and I decorate trees”. Laugh!
I don’t know if they think I go in the woods and decorate trees but people always have a blank look.

But the questions made me think and the long version  if you are new to the blog, is I am Teresa, wife of almost 40 years to Jack,(who just happens to be a miracle after having a stroke 16 months ago).

I am Mom to two adult kids Greg and Amanda (who I would choose as friends if they were not my kids).

Then I am  MIL to Dana (the lowest maintenance person on earth) and Micah(madly in love with him as a son-in-love but no one can go after each other like he and I..that would be having very ALIKE personalities).
I am  Grammy to four precious boys,  Parker, Austin, Jack and Gray.  They light up my life like nothing else. 
If you are a regular reader you already know that.

I have been  a Holiday Decorator for the past 20 years.
 I am a blogger, I am a snail mail sender, I am a Pinterest addict, I am a lover of football and depression is already setting in as the season ends.

I am in love with Mickey Mouse, I would spend every minute with the “little's” and never be bored.

Grammy is the best job I have ever had. 
So that makes me a childcare worker and I would say my place is the most fun in town.

I cook none, hate to talk on the phone, hope I am a good friend.  

I stay up late and sleep late…and would love to change that but my internal clock is so stubborn. That’s how I function best.
I am afraid to be without a book and you will never find me without reading material.

I am one of those that has not taken one Christmas decoration down and feels no pressure.  I love it and it might still be up on Valentines.

I am a hater of exercise but have never been more convinced I need to do it.

I am a procrastinator (something that only happened later in life).

I am a TV junkie, especially news and politics plus American Idol.
I am a lover of Jesus but constantly struggle with how he could love me…just being honest.  I am lover of Beth Moore Bible Studies as she speaks exactly what I am thinking.
My favorite scripture is Lamentations 3:22-23

Now this is just one chapter of the book I could write….but I will spare you anymore. 

In the comments in short form tell me who you are and what you do…


Thanks for all the sweet messages to Marie.  She appreciates them so much. 
Crew’s first surgery is the first week in February. 
I will keep you updated. Please continue to check on her if she crosses your mind. 

I recently sent you to Callie’s blog. 
 She wrote a great post this week!