Saturday, October 2, 2010

10:00 pm Update

Here's the latest update from Teresa (via Terri):

Jack is still in the er and they are trying to move him to icu within a few hours.  His central line has been pulled out (I'm not sure if Jack pulled it out or if dr. did it). Anyway he had a bleed out from the central line and is in a lot of pain.  They cannot give him any pain medication because his blood pressure is too high.  So immediate need is to pray for his pain to get better.  The cat scan was inconclusive for now and will not know anything more for another 24 hrs.

Teresa cannot possibly answer all the calls or texts but wants everyone to know she appreciates your prayers and concerns.  So if possible take time to pray instead of calling and keep checking back on the blog or Facebook for the most current updates she is sending to me.


(post from Terri via phone call from Teresa @ 5:00 pm Oct. 2, 2010)

We made it to Dallas in record time -- about 2 hours. Jack is in critical condition and it has been confirmed he did have a stroke.  His blood pressure is elevated, kidney and heart function are not at normal levels, and he cannot move on his left side.  They are getting ready to do a cat scan of his brain to see if there are any blockages and if so he may be taken to surgery to correct it.

Jack was the driver for a bus trip and was at the hotel in Waxahachie, Texas. When he didn't come down for the 10:30 am departure this morning, they checked his room and found him on the floor. He was airlifted to Baylor Medical Center from there mainly because the hospital in Waxahachie did not have the clot-dissolving drug they thought he would get.  But as it turns out Jack was not able to get the drug because it has to be giving within a 4 hour window and they were not sure of how long it had been since he had the stroke.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers -- I've been overwhelmed with love and concern from many of you my friends, but I have not been able to answer calls or texts as you can imagine.  I will be calling Terri with updates so you can be sure you all have the lastest info from her.  More importantly, you will know specifically what to pray. We found out one of Jack's nurses is Ky Faciane's sister (Dr. Fred Lowery's son-in-law) so that has been a blessing. Now we need as many prayers to go out as possible so spread the word for us.



Teresa just found out her husband Jack has had a stroke. He's in Waxahachie, Texas and is being airlifted to a hospital.  Please pray for God's healing and emergency grace for Teresa and her children as they travel from Shreveport to the hospital in Texas. She wanted me to get this on her blog to get the prayers out there started on their behalf.

I will update as I get more info.


I have another post coming, as we are taking a short GIRLS trip this weekend. BUT I need a little help from my friends.  Plus I think everyone will enjoy the ANSWERS I get. Hope you will answer any or all of them. Many times I will read a recommendation on someone's blog about a product and then cannot go back and find it.

1. What is your favorite brand, (name, count, etc) of sheets and where do you purchase them?

2, What are your favorite brands or kind of pajamas.  I am looking for some new brands (I really love PJ’s)


4. Where do you find Pumpkin seeds in the store? Remember I don’t cook and
I have looked! Once I find them, how do you use them,  I have heard about bloggers toasting them.

5, I NEED To FIND NEW BEDDING for a bedroom and would love to find it online and soon. As much of a shopper as I was in past years, I am a 180 degrees opposite now…GIVE ME THE INTERNET.  My friends accuse me of being no fun shopping anymore,  OH WELL!! I think I want some shade of RED in a Duvet/Down Comforter and use red and gold in the room.  I like the shabby chic/elegant look.. Bet you never heard of that combo. 
 this is kind of the colors in my living areaFall 4  and i want to pull out the red and gold for this particular bedroom.
If there happens to be some blogger out there or one that you know that needs a project or maybe someone in school that could use one, I would  like to talk to them .  I am willing to pay or barter,I just do not have time to look!  I would love to look at great catalogs, great sites, etc. We could work something out,  I am  willing to spend a moderate amount on the bedding..want to find something I really like. 
If your answers are too long for the comment section, email me at

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Jack as Buzz
     To Infinity and Beyond
                 JACK LIGHTYEAR

A GREAT GIVEAWAY on both blogs!
all comments on  this post go into the drawing.  The post below has my fall wreath…and a few cute shots of Jack Lightyear

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I finally got a FALL WREATH on my front door.  THE touch of COOL energized me today..I even walked four  miles tonight with my good friend/elf.  
I love FALL COLORS! 100_3726 Really not great pictures..but its full and its big…of course I might sell it tomorrow if a customer needs it. 100_3718 I spent the weekend with two boys, one little and one growing up way too fast.  We had nothing we had to do and we did nothing.  We did not leave the house from Friday until today.  We played, watched movies, played computer games, watched football, watched a little Olivia, Blues Clues, BOB BOB (as Jack calls it), and even a few episodes of WONDER PETS. I cherish these weekends as my busy work season is getting close. Here are a few shots from our weekend.  I have no idea why Parker did not get in one picture… I really wanted to impress you with my cooking.  This is what Jack wanted, cherry tomatoes and orange slices and choco milk,  What Jack wants, he gets…Look at him studying the food 
100_3707   IS  that the sweetest face ever?
While we were playing, Parker and Jack’s Mom and Dad were having a fun get away in
BATON ROUGE cheering on the TIGERS.  They both work so hard, its so nice to give them the chance to get away with no worries about the kids.  Totally our pleasure! 
Amanda and Micahand I was glad to report to them that we did not have one minute of GRUMPY JACK
Grumpy Jack  But we did have plenty of laughs from FUNNY JACK.  He came out of my shop, where I knew he had been looking around.  Parker and I cracked up..We have no idea where he found this pacifier, but he kept it in his mouth for an hour….at least it matches, but God only knows where he found it …I would imagine it was not very clean. Jack pac 2 Be sure and stop by the Holiday Blog….Some new holiday pictures are up along with a link to a great Etsy shop!
The winner of the book by Jill and Jim  Kelly is Sheila at ABC 123 A-List Girl!
She has a really cute blog that I had never visited before..Be sure and stop by and say HI.
And I know it probably does not matter to many but me, but BRETT got a win, not a pretty one, but a win.  And because the BEARS beat the PACKERS tonight, I won the  football contest this week.  We have a little family pool that is really fun. 100_3721

Sunday, September 26, 2010


a roaring fire
cold weather
a long massage
a little one in my lap
hearing from an old friend
potato soup
my football team winning
rocking a baby
a good book
all my paper work done
my phone having a full charge
giving gifts
great songs that remind me what life is all about
a healthy family
great sheets..really great ones
a clean car
a good laugh
the AC set on 65
catching a great picture of one of the little's
good perfume
beds made..lots of pillows
no reason to set the alarm clock
nothing I HAVE to do
losing a pound
all trees decorated for another season (this should be at the top of the list)
getting on an airplane (my favorite mode of travel)
a date with THE MOUSE
Little's faces as they DO DISNEY
buying something for someone else…random acts of kindness
a great robe
really nice pajamas (my friends all know this and think its an obsession)
a great duet by Tim and Faith or Amy and Vince
the words “I wuv you Grammy”
for no reason, handing Parker a $20 bill and saying have fun while I get my nails done..(He loves this too)
Christmas lights
Patriotic songs
New York City
the Lion King, anywhere
a new set of nails
Great Movies (there have been few this year)
Tyler Perry anything
Sending cards
a clean house
pillows, lamps and picture frames
anything written by Beth Moore
reading blogs
great ribbon
my Keurig (as in love with it)
my kids
my man
finding a $20 bill in my winter coat pocket
my son-in-law and daughter-in-law
pumpkin spice coffee
finding rat hole  money that I had totally forgotten about
apple pie and ice cream
Now tell me one thing we have in common….
I am giving away a book I just finished today..It was a read I could not put down…
Without a Word by Jill and Jim Kelly, the former QB for the Bills.  Talk about a story of redemption.  I will draw from just this post. I will announce the winner on Friday. 
Be sure and check out
A BABY CHANGES EVERYTHING  tomorrow for a picture of the fall wreath.  It’s finished and on the door but too dark to get a good picture now… also there is a drawing tomorrow (Sunday) night for another selection of  ornaments! You could be the winner.  I guess I just love a giveaway.
Better get my little men to bed….It’s after midnight.  We have had such a fun day.  Unfortunately I passed the bug I had on to my man.. 
If you do nothing else today READ THIS POST! Very powerful.