Saturday, May 19, 2012


I promise I am going to write again....just not sure what I am going to share and just need to be sure I do not overshare,if that is a word. 

Tonight and tomorrow night I have sweet Jack so life is good. 
I have not forgotten the prizes.
They are sitting on my table...I have just never been through a six week period where I was so miserably sad. Jack and Parker are moving four hours away.  Never expected it, never dreamed it.   

But I made contact with Marie tonight. 

She too has had a rough month...but here is Crew's latest report from Arkansas Childrens along with some pictures.....

His kidneys are a little bit worse and he will need therapy for his pelvis. Neurosurgery is still deciding when to start spina bifida clinic, everyone wants him to have a little break.

He is still on all Meds and back on his monitor, the neonatologist didn't feel comfortable taking him off after receiving his results.

This one takes my breath away

I met his beautiful grandmother 22 years ago and she has not aged one tiny bit...Gorgeous....


                              That my friends is a little