Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Confession is good for the soul…Right?

So hear goes…I confess
that I have been blogging for two and half years and I had never looked at the dashboard, really looked at it.
I had never looked to see who or how many people read my blog.

Had no idea that feature was on the dashboard. 
I accidently found it when I was trying to add a font (Vicki, I followed your instructions and I still could not do it) 
But I sure found lots of tabs I had never seen before.
I have no clue how bloggers do all the fancy things on their blogs.  I wish I did. 

I realized that many new people I don’t know, read this blog.

Since I am confessing…here are a few more

We have four grandsons, known as “the little's”!
If I am at home, they are welcome to be here anytime..translates to free babysitting, ANYTIME. All day, all night…They have their own room and when it is empty, I feel sad.

I love planning a vacation down to the smallest detail. My vacation of choice would always be The Mouse.

I love rainy days and cold weather.  Most people like just the opposite.

I hate for Parker to be out of town! (he is in Florida at the beach…this boy has a hard life) We text, but his texts are all two word answers. 

I love my IPAD and want to learn everything it will do.

I get up everyday with the goal of exercising and most days I don’t. So I go to bed sad that I failed. 

I hate paper work and will let it pile up until I feel overwhelmed.

Getting up early almost makes me SICK.  Those last three hours of sleep…6-9 or 7-10 are my favorite three hours. My kids are well aware of this and please do not ask me anything first thing in the morning.

This last year has been a hard year. Really hard. There are some things I really need to get a handle on.
We are almost to July 1 and that is always my signal to start thinking about tree season.

I was again reminded on Sunday that I have a husband, son and son-in-love that all consider DAD their TOP priority in life.  I am blessed.

It is hard to believe that Gray will be two this week.  He and Jack are becoming really good buddies.

This will not be a marathon post because I only have two pictures.
Both ones Amanda snapped this morning with her phone.

Jack Rain

Jack’s new favorite pants, some pajama pants I
cut off yesterday….VERY STYLISH

Jack dressed in STYLE

Jack in another STYLISH outfit. Rain gear! It can be found in many different stores.

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