Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I hope these letters are not too personal. If they are, just skip to the bottom to the Mother's Day giveaway. Absolutely ALL you have to do is comment. You don't need to follow, blog about it, or anything else. Just accept it as a gift for stopping by. And if you know me, you know I will give away more than one gift. That's just how I love to do it.


Dear Greg,
What a ride.....36 years ago you made me a MOM. HOW can that be as I think I am still 36! The numbers don't add up. Some days I think my memory is not as good as it once was, but I remember every little detail of the day you were born. It was LOVE at first sight. I am talking about madly in love. I was so proud to have a boy. And from that day until today you have been MY BOY. I won't write your life story here, though I could and maybe one day will. This letter is just to tell you what a difference you have made in my life. There is not a more generous human on earth. You had your teenage years, we survived, college years, we survived, a few hard years in your late 20's, we survived. Not only did you survive, you just got better. You are so much like your DAD and that's a good thing.. I see him in you more times than you know. For 11 years you have been the ULTIMATE UNCLE. No kid has been more blessed than Parker. For so many years you filled so many spaces in his life...and I can promise you that little guy loves his UNC. You are a great brother. During Amanda's years of being a single MOM, you were ALWAYS AVAILABLE to DO ANYTHING she needed. That never went unnoticed. FAMILY is so important to you. You wear your love for Dana on your face. She is truly the one for you. You immediately excelled at being a step dad or as Austin says "Daddygreg" I love that its all one word. In the past 12 months, nothing has brought me more joy than watching you with your boy. You were born to be a DAD and though the road seemed long and sometimes questionable, God smiled and gave you and Dana the sweetest gift. When Grayson was only a few hours old and he had to be quickly moved to the NICU across town, I saw my boy in a man's body, scared to death. Those first hours, as we met with the doctors, I saw fear in your face,a trembling lip and again this Mom wanted to make everything OK. I couldn't, but God COULD and he DID and I will be forever thankful. I have seen you weather many storms and each time have been so PROUD of you. We laugh a lot about you not being able to be trusted in Target or Walmart, with the boys! Deep down I love that generous kid in you. I pray you never lose that. Two of my proudest moments were when you spoke at both MEME and GRAMPS funerals,just three months a part. The tribute you gave to each of them far exceeded what any preacher could do. So on this Mother's Day week, I say once again to God, thanks for MY BOY. Thanks for giving me THE BEST!

Love, Mom


Dear Amanda,

I always wanted a boy and a girl. I always wanted my daughter to have a big brother. When I found out I was pregnant with a girl I felt like that dream came true. After a rather scary pregnancy, a ruptured appendix and major surgery when I was five months pregnant, it was an anxious day when you were born. When you were born totally healthy we were so excited. I can still remember the doctor saying, "She's Perfect"! Those are words every parent longs to hear. Not only had I given Meme and Gramps their first grandchild in Greg, but now their first and only granddaughter.

I think the mother/daughter relationship is harder than the mother/son. I can't explain that, apart from raging hormones that don't always happen on the same day. But we made it! We made it through so many fun times and we made it through the harder days. My life plans had not included a teenage daughter that was going to be a Mom at 18. As I write this tonight I am so glad that my plans were changed. When I think back to those days, those are the days I was most proud of you. Proud of your decisions, proud of you being responsible, and forever grateful to you for giving us the gift of PARKER. Talk about a life changing MOMENT. You were a MOM from day one, just a NATURAL. You totally amazed me as a teenage MOM. If I failed to tell you often, please forgive me. You were the BEST! Not only did you fall in love with a little boy, he fell madly in love with his Mom. A love affair that would last a lifetime. You have literally grown up together. Never once did I see you lacking in the job. Anyone that knows Parker, knows YOU excelled at the job of MOM.

Now eleven years later, I am still so proud of you. You waited until Parker was 8 to marry and you married just the right man. You knew he was RIGHT, long before I did. I am so glad that I was the one that was wrong. Just tonight Micah told me how YOU are the reason he is the man he is today. In case you did not know, he is more than madly in love with you, even when you wear pajamas that don't match. Nothing makes a Mom smile more than to know your child is loved. There is not one doubt in my mind that you are his PRIZE IN LIFE. Then you gave us another gift in Jack, a little guy that has a personality that makes me laugh more than I have laughed in years. I cannot imagine life without him. I saw your strength when he was four days old and critically ill from some form of meningitis. Your cool, calm and collected manner is something I have always envied. When all we could do was trust God to heal him, you did. A faith builder I never wanted to repeat and then in less than two years we were back in that same NICU with Grayson. The old song "Great is They Faithfulness" took on a much greater meaning in our family. When I look at you today, I see a strong beautiful woman, with hair that everyone wants, that is far surpassing me in the Mom role and nothing makes me happier. In case you did not know, people covet your hair. I am so glad that God chose YOU to be MY GIRL.

Love, Mom

AS I was writing this tonight I realized that I really have 4 kids. I really think of Dana and Micah as my kids too and am so thankful that my kids hand picked my other two! Being a Mom has been the greatest privilege of my life and yet the one I have failed at many times. I was just reminded today of an area that I fail at over and over. With grandchildren we all get a second chance and I am so thankful for that. I think I have Grammy down. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE BEING A GRANDMOTHER. It really is my passion in life. Even if I don't do it PERFECT, you will not find any grandmother that is more in love with her little men.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all my BLOG FRIENDS. The GIVEAWAY is everything below and a couple of other surprises that I am adding to the GIFT. There are TWO GREAT cookbooks in the mix, along with my favorite Robin McGraw book, a Nicholas Sparks book, a beautiful picture and of course a diet and health book. Don't all Mothers need that? I will draw Mother's Day evening and announce the winner.