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I am still a BLOGGER, just a very BAD one.  So many days I have sat down at the computer ready to share my current life, only to have writers block.  I have so many posts in my head, in my heart, just not typed out.   

This has been the YEAR of CHANGE in our lives.  With Amanda and Micah and the boys moving to Katy, life has been anything but normal. 

And I love NORMAL.  It is no secret to anyone that I HATE CHANGE. 

This change equaled none I had ever faced.  I have failed miserably at this test.  MISERABLY.  I have never experienced physical pain that compared to the heart pain I have had this year. 

Parker and Jack were as much a part of our family on a daily basis as Jack and I are.  And then they were gone.  Five hours away and neither like to talk on the phone.  Just imagine me on my knees praying "God, please give them a love for the phone."  Instead I would hear in the background, "Is it Grammy?"  Meaning neither wanted to have to talk.      SIGH!! then CRY! 

Parker and his Beautiful Mom

Jack and his Mom

We did get to visit in May and see Parker, who by the way will be 14 on Monday, be inducted into the National Honor Society

Wow, it took my breath away.  Fourteen years ago his teenage Mom committed herself to raise a little baby and she has done an amazing job.  

Parker and Jack (his POP) on his induction night.  Two National Honor Society Members. 

Jack is still Jack.  So many of you have emailed me and said you miss Jack stories.  I promise some soon. 

Tonight please focus on CREW.  So many of you have grown to love him through this blog.  Tuesday is his BIG SURGERY.   

Strong and READY

He is SO Precious

Instead of me explaining the surgery, I am going to use Maries words to me this week.   

They will  be reimplanting his ureters through his bladder and repairing his bladder neck. He will have stints coming out of his belly through his bladder into his kidneys. Its risky at his age. Also its risky because his quality of life rides on it. If it works to keep him from renal failure, its successful. If his kidney/bladder infections, kidneys and blood pressure decline, its unsuccessful. If unsuccessful, they will pull his ureters to the skin and create a new type of exstrophy. At around 5 years old they would build a bigger bladder. That means he would have to cath himself everyday, and I would until he could. So its really stressful. We a dreading this surgery so much more than the previous ones, besides the first. We were told to plan to stay at least a week. So who knows really. We've been told lots of things that don't ever happen. It will be a long surgery.  But we are trying to stay positive the best we can. Hope your doing well!
All my love...

We made a deal that she has permission ANYTIME to vent to me late at night or anytime for that matter....It's is so hard on her and a 24-7 job, plus three other small children ...this was one message just so that you know she is struggling....

His blood pressure is still hard to control, and they fear a stroke. His kidney disease is irreversible so there's nothing they can do for that. He is pretty miserable but still tries to play and smile, which breaks my heart. He's such a good boy, I wish I could be better for him.  I have a hard to showing my weaknesses. I'm just so far past that point I've cried to strangers lately. I love you.

This next week please ask God to give Marie strength, energy, peace, and assurance that he has Crew in his hands.  I cannot imagine handing him off to the doctors Tuesday morning.  If you get a chance send her a short note.

One more thing...I know some of you are wondering...I have been getting email...Am I still juicing? 
I have not missed a day in 18 weeks.  Even that blows my mind. 
But the good news is Jack is too. The last three weeks were filled with cardiac and pulmonary tests (just check-ups) !  His numbers were so improved that even his doctors were a little shocked. Really shocked.  His EF was up 12 points. All his breathing tests were in the doctors words, remarkably BETTER.  All I am going to say is THE ONLY THING we have done DIFFERENT is JUICE.  

I have so many other things to share.  Ashley Adams needs prayer.  One of my ELVES has a little two year old girl, Casyn Claire,  that has been diagnosed with 
Familial Mediterranean Fever.  It was confirmed at Texas Children's Hospital this week. Please pray for her.  It's an ugly disease that little is known about. 

One of my dearest friends has just started blogging...
PLEASE go and VISIT HER.  Christi has the gift of writing.  She has three posts up and they are ALL THREE GOOD.  Tell her you are my friend.  She writes nice and neat and I write all over the place in every color. 

If you have not bought Amy Grant's new CD, it is worth every dime. 


Kelli said...

Look how grown up those kids are now. Wow, time flies. Love and prayers to all, especially Mr. Crew! Really hope with all my heart that his surgery is a success.

Theresa said...

Hi there old friend! I am always happy to hear from you:) I know that your heart has ached for the family! I also had a change that I wasn't really happy about but am dealing with it! My Daughter and her family moved 45 minutes away. While that isn't as far as your family, it is quite a change from less than 5 minutes! The kids don't really like to talk on the phone either but the big ones will at least text with me:) Have a blessed day dear friend and thanks for sharing your heart with us! I am adding your prayer requests to my list! BIG HUGS and blessings being sent your way!

Buttercup said...

So good to see you posting. Will be praying for all you mention, especially Crew.

Courtney said...

So glad to see you are back. I loved seeing pictures of the boys, my are they growing. Sending prayers up for Crew and his family.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Nice to see a post from you. I just heard someone say the same thing recently "This is a year of change" The boys looks great! Crew looks adorable and I will definitely be praying for him. Keeping everyone in my prayers and I will also be praying for you. ((HUGS)) Love the results of those test. Do you eat meals too?

Debby said...

It is good to see a post from you. I know you are sad. 4 out of 6 of my grandkids live in Colorado and I live in Ohio. They are only 7, 7, 4, and 3. It has been so hard. I fly out as much as I can . My poor husband can't go but once a year. My daughter is coming home for the first time in 4 years this summer. Our son comes home a couple times a year. It is so hard. You just have to do what you can. It can be so much worse.
Poor little Crew. I will be saying prayers for him.
Cute pictures of your boys. They are growing up.
Chin up.....good going on the juicing. I couldn't do it. I have so many issues with my tummy.....celiac and others.

Ashley said...

Love seeing posts from you!

Rose said...

<3 May God all!

Unknown said...

Thank you, sweet friend, for your kind words about my blog. I am fervently praying for each one of your prayer requests. You are an amazing mother, Grammy, and friend. Xoxo - C

Bacardi Mama said...

I was so happy to see you had a new post. I'd love to see you do a post about your juicing. How many times a day, what kinds do you make, is it all you drink????

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

'Just flew in from a ten day trip to Brownsville, Tx. Mama is gravely ill and oh so frail. Day 53 in the hospital now. I've fought some mighty battles down there.

'Had to drop in when checkin' my emails when I saw our little man.

I'll be prayin' hard for our precious Crew and his beautiful Mama. I've been there...done that and it's HARD! I just know God has some enormously grand plans for Crew.

God bless ya sweetie and thanks for the updates!

Lavonda Pflug said...

I'm glad to see you are still blogging! I am too. We are not bad bloggers. We've just been sporadic. Stuff has gotten in the way. Change has messed with our worlds. But, let's not give up! I'm even in process of starting a new blog even though I'm going to leave the old one up. (And hope to post there at times. Sporadically.) ;o)

Stop by sometime. And I'll try to come back by more often. Honest!

Terra said...

Oh Teresa, it is good to see you blog again, but sad about some the struggles you are going through. Can your grands visit for a while this summer? Silly me, of course you have considered this.
I prayed as requested for the children you mention, and the families too.
Hugs from me in California

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

It is definitely hard o keep up on blogging sometimes so I totally get it. Your family is beautiful! Thanks for much for stopping by my blog and including me in your side by. Looking forward to getting to know you better! Hugs.

Justabeachkat said...

Hi sweet friend!

I haven't blogged much this year, but decided to try it again. I was surprised to see you haven't been blogging much either. Between facebook and candy crush, I've been spending way too much time just playing and not recording things on my blog which I always used as my diary. I plan to commit to it again. I hope all is well and that you'll come back too.

Big hugs and much love,

Love Being A Nonny said...

Waiting on you to blog updates about juicing with pics of YOU!