Friday, July 17, 2009

Questions on Tree Decorating

Some of you may be getting very tired of "grandparent stories", so for one post I will change gears. I have had so much response on what I do for a living through email and the blog.....Holiday Decorating....I have done this for 16 years, so I have experienced every problem possible.

I think I will open this post up for questions about the subject, also let you tell me what you would be interested in as I approach the season. In about a month I will begin the "getting ready" stage.....and with the weather 105 degrees, that is a bit depressing. As in walk in Hobby Lobby, I want to SCREAM!

I will be glad to give you tips and illustrations of my work and even give you some ideas of how you can have a NEW LOOK. Every year, there seems to be something special that is "in"!

I oversee every job, but as my age becomes a larger number every year, I let the younger girls climb the 12 foot ladders...

So ask away and I will try and answer any questions you have.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Winner of Getting to Know You

We just got home from a wonderful six days of R & R, just a totally fun get away with Parker. We had a great time. He and his Mom lived with us the first six years of his life, so there is a bond with him that I cannot really put into words.
He was the first grandchild to steal my three other little guys have also, but he was the first.
I was checking my Facebook a few minutes ago and I saw where this little 10 year old "tween"posted that he had a great time with Grammy and Pop. That's the kind of memories I want him to always remember.
Wow, do I love that boy!

NOW to the winner of the GIVEAWAY for the GETTING TO KNOW YOU post....and I did love getting to know you better. I plan to visit all your blogs soon. Parker drew from just the comments on that post.....and the winners are...because he wanted to draw two! They will be a SURPRISE gift that we purchased on our look for it in the mail......

Kathryn at This 'n That From on the Mountain and

Meagan at A Little Crazy and A Whole Lot of Love

Please send me your addresses...and the packages will be on their way.

Parker at one of our favorite stops..."Central Market"!

Monday, July 13, 2009

MckLinky Blog Hop Three Things you Don't Know about me

Three things you may not know about me...

1. I was a cheerleader in High School that married her High School Football Coach!
Not as scandalous as it sounds and it has last 37 years. I LOVE football and loved being a football coaches wife for 30 years. I never missed one game. That will be a post someday.

2. People have been so interested in my job..."Holiday Decorator", which in plain terms means I decorate a lot of Christmas Trees. It started with one house and 15 years later my team decorates 60 homes from November 1st through mid December. I am hoping to share a lot of "tree knowledge" in the fall and even a few tricks.

3. I do not COOK!!!! Hate it...Fortunately my husband is a great cook, we love The Dinner Station where you pick up prepared meals, and we LOVE to EAT OUT.