Friday, December 3, 2010


I cannot tell you how READY I am for tree season to be over.  This time next week I will hang the scissors up for another year..(the hardest year in 18 years of doing trees)

I am going to spend an entire day catching up with all my blog friends.  You can see many of our homes on my holiday blog...
I am planning to post more tomorrow and have another giveaway.

Jack is doing great.  So many of you have ask and I love you for caring.  He is 90% back and doing out patient rehab two days a week.  He drove tonight to pick up food and tomorrow is going to surprise Parker and pick him up from school.  He has not been officially told he can drive, but places close to home seem to be safe.  He so needs to feel that he is returning to his normal self.  His left shoulder and hip are still tight and his left hand still needs some rehab.  Other than that, he is recovered.  He  can play cards again and we have been told that is GREAT rehab. 

It looks like Christmas at our home, inside and out and you would not know that 8 weeks ago we faced our biggest trial ever, almost losing the glue to our family.  It has not been an easy  eight weeks, but it has been proof that a village can do anything. 

Some changes are coming to our family in 2011.  Amanda has resigned her job of eleven years, as of yesterday, to be a stay at home Mom and to go back college and finish her degree...I am so proud of her. She has decided she wants to be a nurse.  She will be awesome. I think she saw during  her Dad's six week stay in the hospital, the difference a great nurse makes.  And I saw in her a great nurse every single day.

I have missed blogging..ready to be back, ready to reconnect with my blog buddies.    I still have some Christmas shopping to do, but shopping online has made everything easier this year. 

Let's have a GIVEAWAY, the famous card box.  Leave me a comment and your name will go in the drawing.  I will have Parker draw on Sunday.  You can keep it or give it as a Christmas present.