Sunday, December 11, 2011


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Time to announce the winner of the Christmas Giveaway


I need to get your address in the next day so I can get it shipped….

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A few answers to your questions…

We wire everything…NO HOOKS
I got started almost 18 years ago…
did a friends house,
that turned into 5 houses,
that turned into 20 houses
that is now 70-80 trees….

I am writing a “hot to get started book” that will be out sometime in 2012

We use clients ornaments and then add to them each year ….make notes and plans for the next year….but all the decorations become theirs. Some clients I have bought everything for.  Every house is different.

I buy lots of stuff locally, also at market in Dallas….shop after Christmas sales….over twenty years, have lots of sources.

Do I prefer real or artificial?
ARTIFICIAL 100 per cent.
Real trees which we did 2 of this year are  10 times harder. 

No rhythm or reason how we put the stuff on…
We add ornaments, sticks, picks, ribbons all at the same time…
Some days we start at the bottom, some  days the top and some day the middle.
Normally two of us start on the tree.

One Elf starts on the mantle or mantles,
another elf  on the staircases,
then another elf will be putting out  all the Christmas D├ęcor.

If there are multiple trees we try and get them all going at once. 

No such thing as too much on a tree…The more textures, shapes, ribbons, ornaments you have the better the look

We start working on the schedule in July and August. 

We do the take down on about 20 houses…Especially the really large jobs…We are the best packers…

Hope that answered some questions….
Have a great week.


Jack and his animals

What a special day.  I got out for one of the first times since my little accident.  Got MUCH NEEDED color on my hair….
bought a few Christmas presents….drug that 10 pound BOOT around and then picked up this little guy. 

We have had the most special night. 

I had his room turned into a Winter Wonderland and he was in AWE….He kept saying, “It is willy butiful” ! 

We went to Cracker Barrel and bought all these new friends.  We had three and he found two more on the way out…so back to the register. 

He then got a sticker book and as we were driving home he said , “This is the BEST sticker BOOK in the WHOLE Wide WORLD.”

Next came his rendition of Jingle Bells.  He asked us if we wanted his
high Note voice, his loud voice, or his perfect voice.  I am still laughing over that one. 

He was determined they were all sleeping with him.  We watched a Christmas movie and then looked at Christmas catalogs…He wants everything.
He fell asleep in my arms and since I cannot carry him right now, we had to get Pop to  come move him to his bed…I was tucking him in and he said

“Grammy, will you leave the trees on all night?”  Then he added, “Put all my animals in the bed”!

So he is sleeping in heavenly peace!

loved, happy and more precious than words!

Don’t forget that Parker will draw tomorrow night for the GREAT CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY!! 

I will announce the winner Monday Morning so I can get it shipped. 

you still have time to get in on  it. 

Check out A Baby Changes Everything

pictures of my house are still coming..I promise.