Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jack Lightyear

I am working on a Questions and Answer post for the Holiday Blog
and had not planned to post here....but could not resist sharing this picture from last night. It is not the best picture, but it so captures his personality.
And yes he needs a haircut...and yes he climbed out of his baby bed two nights in a row and thinks he is very SMART. And yes, his Mom and Dad changed his bed to a toddlers bed last night and he would not stay in it...so who knows what tonight holds...but regardless he is so darn cute.
How can HE possibly be 20 months old? Seems like just yesterday that we stood and prayed over that little NICU bed, as he battled meningitis. We will always be mindful and so thankful that God healed him and we get to spend everyday with such a cute and hilarious BOY!!!!
And YES I did get the horrible stomach virus Saturday night, compliments of Jack. I thought I had missed it, but I have spent the last 3 days as sick as I can remember in a long time. This was NO 24 hour BUG. If you are a reader of the Christmas blog that explains why the promised post is not up yet....

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