Saturday, November 7, 2009


Happy Birthday Dana...You are the BEST!I think as parents we all want our kids to find that perfect person for them, to see them happily married and loving life. Personally, I would have enjoyed picking that person for both my kids...just being honest. Guess what? Greg never asked me to find that person. BUT HE DID FIND HER and she is ABSOLUTELY the person I would have chosen. I feel so blessed to call you my daughter-in-law. You are everything I would have ordered for MY BOY. You are one of the kindest people I know. I could make a list of a hundred things that you are and not one of them would be negative. You are an awesome Mom! You are beautiful! You are strong! You are caring! You are low maintenance if I have EVER seen it.
But MOST of all, you love MY BOY and that sure makes a Mom's Heart HAPPY.

In June, after a hard pregnancy and delivery, you made Greg happier than he has ever been. This picture captures Greg's feelings of being a DAD. (and look at that double chin...too cute and the outfit says CHICK MAGNET)

Monday, November 2, 2009


This weeks favorite TOO cute for words...the others may be a little controversial! I am excited to offer a PRIZE in this week's BLOG HOP! Stop by my Christmas blog and leave a comment and you will be eligible for EVEN another prize.
I make MANY pictures each week, so it is always hard for me to pick a favorite. But there was no contest this week.
Micah and Mini Micah (aka JACK)One little MAN is ENJOYING a LITTLE NOGGIN...I think that would be TWO men are enjoying NOGGIN! This picture makes my heart smile....To understand what that really means read this post and you will understand better.

But I will have to admit this is a close second.....How SWEET IT WAS!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


The WINNER of the $50.00 Gift Certificate to Lisa Leonards's is
Susan at FOREVER HIS! Congratulations!
I am looking forward to seeing what you pick.... Please email me your information to I will forward it to Lisa.

And IF you are a FOOTBALL FAN, and ESPECIALLY if you are a BRETT FARVE fan, you know HE IS ALSO A WINNER. It was a great afternoon of football. Now I have to get to WORK! Trees are calling....Have a GREAT week!!!


I have not forgotten the drawing for the special GIVEAWAY from Lisa Leonard. I just got home late tonight from three grueling days at market, buying the last of my Christmas decorating supplies, a fun day at Canton, a yard full of limbs from all the storms, and tired to the bone.....not to mention more stuff to unpack than I even want to think about.
Then we had a few straggling trick or treaters after 10PM and I had
Parker will be here tomorrow, so I will let him draw late tomorrow afternoon....This is a PRIZE that I would love to WIN. I think her things are absolutely beautiful. SO you still have time to enter or even enter again. We will draw from this post and the previous one. I promise to announce the winner tomorrow night.....
Trees, ornaments, wreaths, and ribbon are EVERYWHERE. Stay tuned for a post on my Christmas blog with lots of new ideas in the next few days. I also have a story to tell on this blog, as soon as I can put it in words.
Happy Halloween..oops I just looked at the clock and its already Happy Belated Halloween.