Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Do you ever go weeks and nothing seems blog worthy and then you wake up in the morning with three posts you could easily pen in five minutes?  Maybe that’s just me. 

This is probably the last time I can get away with this subject as this boy is about to be a man.  And Grammy writing about him may not seem quite as cool.    I am not going to repeat his story…you can read it here or here.

There are more blog posts on my blog about him than any other subject.  He is the title of my holiday blog, he made me a Grammy, he has taught me life lessons, he and his Mom lived with us for six years, he has traveled with us from coast to coast, he has taught me that I just thought I understood love, he has made me prouder than proud, and has been my heart for almost thirteen years.  But he has also grown up.  Little’s do that.

But from that day in the delivery room in May of 1999 until I walked into Red Lobster on  Christmas Eve, he has taken my breath away.  This time it was different. 

We were running a little late and as we entered the room where the kids had a table, there sitting next to Amanda was this handsome 12 year old in a white button down shirt, with a nice sweater over it, clean shaven (yes he shaves) smiling at me.  Took my breath away…again.  So handsome, so twelve, so much my heart.

parker and hois mom

I remember the day my beautiful senior in high school told us she was pregnant.  I remember telling her we would all be fine.  Fine…what a inappropriate word.   We would all be BEYOND FINE.  This Baby That Changed Everything is  still changing our lives everyday. 
 I am so blessed to be his GRAMMY!

Grammy and Parker
                parker and grammy