Saturday, August 21, 2010


This has been such a sad week BUT I promise a FUNNY post on MONDAY...I started to post it tonight but need to get some pictures together.  This picture just makes me smile.  Jack had begged Amanda to sleep with Parker and looks like he WON.
I have had zero energy this week and not wanted to do ANYTHING.  Have I mentioned that HEAT and TERESA are not friends.  Today my husband and  I decided to brave the heat and make a day trip... as in shopping...that would be me shopping and him reading a book.  We had a great meal at Red Lobster and then went to Sam's and bought some new Christmas ribbon.......and I came out of Sam's with a new laptop....I just have an addiction...Then I shopped at Dressin Gaudy and bought some cute shoes. Then we headed to Target where I bought some Christmas gifts....for the little's....and a buggy full of STUFF....NEVER HURTS to be ahead.
Then I dropped by the Christian Bookstore, MARDELS and came out with some books.  I think I just needed to get away and breath, even if it was HOT AIR. 
Now we are back home watching football and getting ready to see my favorite FOOTBALL MAN tomorrow night...I know some of you really don't like Brett, or really do not care about football, but when you are from a football family and you love a certain player for whatever reason, you live for the games....I will do my best not to talk about him TOO much...
Tomorrow is Will's Mom, Tyree's birthday.  When you think of her please ask God to comfort her.  Her heart is broken and her family is missing a member. 
 IF you won a prize last week, they will go out Monday....I have not forgotten you!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Three brothers that are going to miss Will!
Just taking a short break....this has been such an incredibly sad week. Tomorrow is Will's service...Tonight I was able to talk to his Mom and Dad and hug their necks...They were so strong as they encouraged the hundreds and maybe thousands of people that came for the visitation. They stood for hours and talked to each person. I know they are in that period of time when God is just holding them up. One week ago today their boy had a headache. I will be back in a few heart just hurts this week...

And since this family is a SPORTS FAMILY, I am sure they would not mind me mentioning in the same post, that HE'S BACK and I could not be happier...20 seasons sounds like the perfect number. Amanda read a cute post on FB today..."There are only two people that can give a long press conference with no commericals...Obama and Brett Favre"...I will take a Brett talk anyday.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


This is NOT the post I wanted to write. This is NOT the miracle we had all hoped and prayed for. Will died early this morning, a few hours before church. His mom, Tyree had posted the pictures of the boys yesterday asking for a miracle for her oldest. They had just been on a wonderful family vacation a few weeks ago and now found themselves in a PICU with their oldest son critically ill. One week ago this young man was fine...ready for football, ready for school..I cannot even imagine what Mark and Tyree are feeling now. Maybe because my little's are four little boys, the picture of the the four of them brings buckets of tears. I don't pretend to GET IT or to UNDERSTAND why the MIRACLE did not happen. I just know that my city is hurting today, kids are asking questions and parents are wondering why the Mathews family and not them. I keep reading comments on the prayer page and on their facebook page and they all start with "I HAVE NO WORDS" and that's how we all feel...No words. Just hugs, just tears, just sadness. I have had so many of you message me or email me prayers for the family. I am going to print them and send them to them. If you would like to leave a note in the comments or email me ( I will be sure and pass them on. Please include the place you live. Thank you for praying for this family. PLEASE do not STOP.

I have not forgotten all the prizes...will post the winners on my holiday blog tomorrow.