Friday, July 10, 2009

Getting To Know You

Monday night****** I really feel the need to post this tonight and ask you to pray.

Maggie Lee Henson, a 12 year old girl that is so dynamic, so absolutely lovely that not only can she brighten up a room, she can brighten a stadium! She was one of the youth that was on the First Baptist Shreveport bus that had a blow out on I-20 this past Sunday in Meridian, MS ,that killed one teenager and sent all others to the hospital. The bus blew a tire and flipped three times. Maggie Lee and another girl were trapped under the bus. Thank God a truck load of National Guardsmen were behind them on the freeway when it happened. They actually lifted the bus back upright!
Maggie Lee has severe head trauma. She is such a little fighter and has already defied the odds by still being alive. Her CT scan has shown severe brain stem damage, so much so that the Neurosurgeon said he cannot operate. She needs a MIRACLE. --so would you please pray and pass Maggie's name on to others. I know her family will be so grateful for your prayers.

Saturday night....
We are having so much fun that we have decided to extend our trip a few more days. This is such a fun resort and three more days sounded GREAT! As you can see Parker below is living the "good life" and we are enjoying every minute of it with him. So you have until Wednesday to get in on this drawing. This has been such a fun post and I have loved learning so much about my new blog friends.

Parker watching his 4th movie today in the hotels "heavenly bed"!


I got this idea from another blogger and it sounded like fun. I have been blogging for about 5 months and the first few months of my blog was spent introducing you to me and my family. In the last months, I have made so many new friends....and even have some followers...which is a total surprise. I love blogging so much...and am actually learning so much from it. My blog will never be a serious, thought provoking blog, hopefully just a blog full of fun and family and lots of Kodak moments in picture . I love the other type blogs, but that's not what I feel led to do. I want mine to encourage, maybe even help (as in tree decorating tips) but most of all I want it to make you smile. One of the things that I have already learned is that we are ALL are more ALIKE then DIFFERENT. We share the same hopes and dreams, we all battle problems and disappointments and hurt comes to all of us. We ALL have a STORY.

So here's the DEAL!!!! I want to know more about you. I will even throw in a prize....a good prize!!!! I am in Dallas for the weekend with my husband and Parker. We are just having some R & R at a GREAT HOTEL...We will be home Sunday night, so I will let Parker draw around 10 have a good chance to win, since only the comments from this post will be eligible. Just answer the following questions....they can be very not feel like you have to write a it should be easy and I will know you much BETTER.

1) Where are you from? (you don't have to answer this one if your not comfortable sharing)

2.) How long have you been blogging?

3) Married? single? how long?

4.) Just one of your FAVORITE Blogs?

5.) Your favorite thing to do when you have a FREE day?

6.) Any kids? grandkids? what are there names and what ages?

7.) Your favorite restaurant?

8.) What is your favorite TV show?

9.) What is the thing you wish you were more disciplined in ?

10.) Where is your FAVORITE place to vacation? For me hands down..DISNEY

Looking forward to getting to know better!!!!! SO JOIN IN!!!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

New Friends, Favorite Photo and The Blog Hop

Welcome to my blog! I missed the first week,so want to introduce myself.
If you are a new visitor, I live in Shreveport, Louisiana.

My blog documents my family and especially my adventures as a Grandmother. You will find lots of Disney posts, as we make lots of grandparent trips. We have a son and a daughter and 4 awesome grandsons. We are Disney addicts...well maybe I am. We love traveling with the grandkids...

I own a gift basket business, but the major part of my business is Holiday Tree Decorating..I (along with my elves) decorate 60-70 houses in 2 months. This is only my fifth month to blog, so this will be my first holiday season. I hope to share lots of tree tips and pictures with you.

Other addictions besides grandkids and Disney are FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL, and more FOOTBALL, coffee, diet coke (really trying to drop this one),Beth Moore Bible Studies, Dancing With The Stars, and reading blogs.I am looking forward to meeting lots of new friends. Now for my Favorite PHOTO in the last months.... read my most recent posts to understand why this is so special!