Wednesday, February 20, 2013



This morning Jack woke up so sick.  Amanda took him to the doctor and he has the FLU.  He looks so sad.   I am sad I am not there to HUG him...So now we all start on Tamiflu.  Considering we slept with him both nights he was here and I probably kissed him 1,000 times, I would imagine I am exposed.  Please pray for Pop (Jack) too that he does not get it. He sure does not need anything else now. 

I thought the flu was coming to an end.  Guess I was wrong.  He is running fever and looks so pitiful.    I just talked to Amanda and he has not been out of the bed all day.   For a FIVE year old that is BIG.

Pray that Amanda stays well.  She has so many things on her plate this week.  Parker is having some foot surgery and then next week his wisdom teeth out.  When it rains it POURS...and its literally pouring here in Shreveport now.  We are under a tornado  watch.

Thanks for praying.....and if you have not seen SAFE HAVEN, go see it...It is great. 


What a glorious weekend....I had planned to post before now, but had some taxes to work on.  Friday brought my Houston kids home for a long weekend.  Amanda and Micah had some things to do, so Parker went to his Dad's and we had JACK all to ourselves for 2 days.   HEAVEN.  We did whatever Jack wanted , whenever he wanted it.  I don't think a smile left my face.  And even though 2 Jacks', Happy and me in one bed is too many, I found myself staring at that sweet boy most of the night.  He owns my heart. 


Sunday we met up with Greg and his boys for a Chucky Cheese run and then a great meal...We missed Dana who had a previous commitment..

Micah had a date with the golf course so it was Amanda and Greg and the boys.  All of us celebrating  how much better Jack looked than the Sunday two weeks previous.  God is Good. 

          Some snapshots from the weekend....

Jack Just Arriving at Grammy and Pops
Dinner at Red Lobster

Two Monkeys

Jack and Happy watching TV

Cousins and Best Friends

Let's Talk About Disney Grammy

Greg and Austin on Valentines Day

Dana and Gray on Valentines Day

Jack and his Dad

My Beautiful Girl
Parker and Austin are not in love with pictures right now!!
This is Day 37 on my Juicing Journey.   Would you believe both my kids have decided to JUICE. They have both bought juicers and are starting this week.  I CRAVE juice and that Blew Their Minds.   Now Jack is loving it and I know we are taking a giant step in GETTING HEALTHY.  My juicing buddies cholesterol dropped 50 points in 30 days.  She just got the results yesterday.
We are heading to Houston next week for a work and pleasure.  The trip we were going to take before Jack got sick.  I am so looking forward to it.  Parker is having his wisdom teeth out while we are there.  I am praying he has no complications. 
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Have a Great Week!!