Friday, May 29, 2009

Magic Kingdom

Ok, I promised to continue the Disney trip. Our second day was spent at Magic Kingdom. To me, there is no other MAGIC like the Magic Kingdom.
It was hard to leave for the park when Animal Kingdom Lodge had so much to offer. Amanda and Parker left a few hours earlier than us, so they could have some special time and ride the fast and scary rides. We met them at the Main Street Barber for some haircuts and then lunch at the Plaza Cafe . It was fun sitting in the restaurant on Main Street and doing some people watching. The one thing you always see is SMILES! Main Street is Magic to me.
Baby Jack with his new Big Boy haircut.....ready for some rides.....
Jack not so sure he wanted a shuttle driver to hold him (I promise to fix the dates on my camera...crazy) Grammy and Jack on the shuttle after I had handed him off to a strange man...HA
Jack looking out on Main Street...wondering when the fun starts!

Parker laughing at Jack's antics...many include dropping food on the floor.

Mr. Serious with his hat that Animal Kingdom gave him.

On to the Buzz Lightyear Ride, which Amanda and Parker had already been on a few times ...Jack loved it too. Then we headed to the "Jack"size rides...He loved Dumbo, Snow Whites Scary Adventure, It's a Small World, the Carousel, and especially Mickey's Philharmonic Magic....He really loved the 3D glasses.

this is one of my favorite pictures of Jack "taking all the MAGIC in"

and sometimes he took it in on his Mom's shoulders...He is a 26 pound weight....looks like he is enjoying the ride.

what a funny little guy...the life of the party....

Amanda and her boys......sharing some fun times.
Part of Parker's birthday trip was a birthday card from Grammy and Pop, under his pillow every night...with plenty of cash that he could spend anyway he wanted. (please do not leave a comment telling me we are overindulgent grandparents) It was so much fun watching him buy not only for himself, but special surprises for others....especially his little brother. As we waited "in just the perfect spot" for the Wishes fireworks show to begin, he slipped off to the side and bought Jack a fun Mickey lighted toy.......We have always tried to teach him the concept of "Pay it Forward"! It is such a blessing to see it in action. Disney shops have things on every shelf, that SCREAM, "BUY ME" and even this Grammy has a hard time resisting.
We ended our day with "Wishes"! From the music to the fireworks, to Tink flying through the sky, I am mesmerized. ALWAYS and EVERY TIME I see it. I hope I always will be. Watching those little faces as they make a wish, is more than a Kodak moment, it is seared in my heart.
one tired little Mickey with his pacifier....that says "Tough Guy"!
Classic Jack after a very fun day......Stay tuned for more Disney memories soon.
Parker's 10 new BEST FRIENDS will receive their prizes one day next week.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

And the Winners Are

I had so many comments in the month of May that this took a little work...sorry I did not post this last night. If you are a winner, please send me your name and address and your package will be on the way. I love sending out "goodies"!

Email me at

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THE GRAND PRIZE WINNER is the 10th number that Parker drew !
Melissa at Our Life With Twins

Congratulations to all.....Be sure and go by these blogs for a visit and leave a comment..they are all GREAT. This has been a fun month!!!!
WOW.. HAVE WE CELEBRATED THIS WEEK, NO THIS ENTIRE MONTH....ending tomorrow night with a PARKER and his friends SLEEP OVER!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Parker!

If I typed everything that is in my heart tonight, this would be a book and not a blog. Maybe this is just for Parker to read in later years, maybe it will bless someone in the blog world, but my heart is so full tonight that I have to write.
Dear Parker,
"You are the best thing that ever happened to me"!
That's something I have told you everyday of your life.
Ten years ago tonight, I had no idea how our lives were about to change the next day. Being a Grammy was something I had always looked forward to, but I never dreamed I would get a Parker!
Just the memory of those first days bring me to tears.
The moment you were born, I remember looking in your Mom's eyes and saying "thank you" !
I remember the first time you looked at your teenage Mom and it was love at first sight.
I remember the moment I held you for the first time.
I remember that first night we had you at home when we thought one of us needed to stand over your crib and watch you all night. (Just to be safe)
I remember your dedication! It was one of the most beautiful services I have ever been in. Pastor Denny not only prayed over you, he made you the sermon. Then DeAnza, our pastors wife and close friend, not only sang after Denny prayed for you, she held you throughout the entire song as she walked across the stage singing "He's Been Faithful"! That old Brooklyn Tabernacle song never sounded so beautiful. There was not a dry eye in the house and it was a BIG house (church)!
When they called for the family to come to the platform, not only family came but all your friends.
No three month old ever had more friends...I can still see the picture of over 60 people crowding the stage and gathering around one little baby and praying. You were so loved by so many. Your great grandparents were on the platform and one of my favorite pictures is of them holding you.
You have such a strong name. Parker Benjamin Powell..a name that represents three strong men, your two great grandfathers and your grandfather. I remember holding you and watching Good Morning America when 9/11 happened. I knew then that you would grow up in a different America than I had.
I remember every fun birthday party you have had...How can it be number 10? Wow we have crammed a lot in the last 10 years.
You gave a new meaning to grandparent trips. You began going to market with us by the time you were two and have always had a Junior Buyers tag. You have always loved a good hotel.
We have seen the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, spent time at the beach, spent summers in Santa Fe. We have visited Mickey more times than I can always remind me how many times . You have traveled so many places with Pop. You have met professional athletes, spent a little time with Shaq, and you have traveled to more states in ten years than I have in my 50 plus years. What memories we have made.
Pop has the privilege of taking you to breakfast every morning and then to school. He treasures those times...and then you come home to our house in the afternoon.
No words are sweeter, than your favorite line..."Grammy, your boy is home" ! I am always glad that you are...
Watching you grow up has been so much fun. You are fun, kind, caring and everything a Grammy could want. Now you are a Big Brother and you are excellent at that job...That always makes me smile. Jack adores you.
Happy Birthday Parker....I love you more than you can ever know,
Please continue to pray for Maggie and grab her button...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Giveaway's as in TEN

and there will be 10!
I will be drawing on Wednesday, May 27.
In honor of Parker's 10th birthday, there will be 10 winners with some great prizes. For every comment left in the month of May, your name will be included in the drawing. The 10th person to be drawn will receive the GRAND PRIZE, which will be a Disney surprise box, full of Disney goodies.
Anyone that shares about the giveaway on their blog will get their name entered 10 EXTRA times. Be sure and leave me a comment letting me know that you mentioned the giveaway. 10 is the big number in May....celebrating a little man that TOTALLY changed our lives 10 years ago and everyday since.
Happy Birthday Parker.