Friday, January 4, 2013


I don't get to do much fun in December so after keeping the boys a week, before I start taking houses down,  we brought the boiys home to Katy yesterday....Micah suggested we take a three day trip to San Antonio.

I got on Priceline and got a 4/5 Star Hotel on the  River walk for a GREAT price.  So this morning in a dreary rain we drove a few hours and have been having fun all afternoon and night...Nothing like a little GET AWAY with family.   

Parker got to bring a friend so he was a HAPPY CAMPER and the RIVER WALK Center had a DISNEY STORE, so JACK is now A VERY HAPPY CAMPER AND I am 135.00 poorer...but of the joy in saying whatever you want.  That's what Grammy is for. 

Amanda and I got chair massages and then shopped all the sales.  I still love to pamper my girl, though her husband does a REALLY good job. 

We found a great little Mexican restaurant...super good. Now we are back in our rooms and Jack, Micah and Amanda are having a drink at the bar and watching A&M  play. I am catching up on blogs .....and much more the bed watching the game.   The boys are in the next room playing XBOX..

Tomorrow we have a full day planned and maybe a Cinderella ride in the the beautiful decorated carriages.  Perfect weather. 

For some reason blogger will not let me add pictures tonight....Maybe tomorrow......

I am so trying to get back in the groove of blogging....

Tomorrow  I will announce winner of card box.


Sunday, December 30, 2012


The Christmas cards are not mailed (I am planning a Jan letter), the gifts got wrapped, and Christmas came and went.   We all survived.   It was not Norman Rockwell, but it was GOOD. 

Our Christmas was probably like most of yours...little ones everywhere, toys as far as the eye could see, wrapping paper piled found..
we even had an ER visit as Micah woke up so sick and found out he had pneumonia. 

After waiting 3 hours in the ER it took another hour to find a pharmacy that had all five of the scripts he needed.  
But we were all together...and that is what mattered.  We had weathered some storms in 2012 but came out standing on solid ground.

Dana and Amanda prepared a delicious lunch.  I contributed little.  I am so glad they are both such great cooks. 

Amanda and Micah headed home on Wednesday afternoon and left the boys here for a WEEK!

ONE ENTIRE week with the little men I have SO missed. 
Parker is spending some time with his Dad but Jack is with us. 

Color me H.A.P.P.Y.

We have spent four days doing whatever Jack wanted to do.  We have watched movies, played games, and I think I have had a smile on my face the entire time.  We also have his puppy Ella Sue (LSU)! 
She and HAPPY have become semi good friends.  Two puppies are HIGH MAINTENANCE

Here are a few snapshots from the month of December...You will notice Parker and Austin are absent in most. At their age they are not fond of the camera...

Dana and Greg
Amanda and Micah having a fun night out in Atlanta, Ga....waiting to cheer on the TIGERS on New Years Eve.  Tonight they dined at
Kevin Rathbun Steak House !

Christmas Eve
Gray and Jack thinking about SANTA
Parker, The Baby That Changed Everything and is now 13. 

Dana and boys..

We have the boys until next Thurs and then we are taking them home to Katy.  Then all of us are going to San Antonio for the weekend.   Then back home to start taking down trees.  We do not take down near as many as we put up. 

Tonight I was thinking about changes I wanted to make for 2013...It's been awhile since I have had a giveaway and you know I love to give.  So in your comments list one thing you want to change in 2013....That is it and you will be in the drawing for a CARD BOX.  I will let Jack draw next Wednesday before we leave.