Saturday, September 11, 2010


A short post to let you know I am fine, but am going to take a little break from the blog .  My immediate family
are all fine. Little Jack is curled up next to me asleep and all is right with his world....BUT, I have some dear friends and some extended members that are going through hell.  That's the only word that seems appropriate. I need to hole up in a hotel with my man for a few days and see if I can get some of this heaviness off of me.  I can never remember a month of more tragedy and heartache. I want to be able to reach out and encourage but find myself falling into that pit of depression and despair.  We have all been there.  The ornament giveaway on the holiday blog is still open, so check it out.

And for those that have emailed...I am sad the Saints did not win, but in the grand scheme of life, it's rather insignificant...
Stop  over at A BABY CHANGES EVERYTHING and read ASHLEY's guest post.  Have a great weekend.

Monday, September 6, 2010



Do not miss Beth Moore's post!  What a beautiful painting of marriage in only words that Beth can string together. She is the BEST! 
For all of you that have prayed for Ashley Adams, her family got to take her home the end of last week. An answered prayer.  They have a  hard road ahead of them, but I still believe in MIRACLES.

I just posted the ORNAMENT WINNERS on the HOLIDAY BLOG.  There will be more giveaways later in the week.  I am in a GIVING MOOD! I am not sure why the music is off, but will get it fixed this week.  To be REAL HONEST, I will have to get someone to help me.  I know...PITIFUL!
Jack and Parker spent Friday and Saturday nights with us and that always makes life GOOD! They were all dressed in their LSU gear, as their Mom and Dad headed to a LSU party.  Jack loves his new jersey and cannot stop looking at it.
This is Jack today when I was making some pictures of trees..He said "What about me?"  That's from a kid that has had too many pictures made.  Plus he had my IPHONE and wanted you to think it was his.  HE NEEDS ONE! He will play Doodle Buddies for hours or until the battery runs down. 
If you have READ my blog for any length of time, you know this is the WEEK, the GAME, the REMATCH that I have been waiting for. I hope it will be a good game, no going for Brett's ankle and neither team playing after the whistle.  The NFL season opens Thursday night in New Orleans with a rematch of the Saints and the Vikings.  As you can imagine, since I live in La, 
my team is not the team most people around here will be pulling for.  I like the Saints fine, think Drew Brees is a great player, even read his book this summer and hope they win anytime they are not playing the Vikings, or in any game that would affect the Vikings.  (Better throw that in, since my goal is for Brett to win another SUPER BOWL AKA playing in Dallas in late January)  I have no idea if that will happen.  I am going to do my  best to not talk football in every post..but we are a football family and live from one season to the next.  WE LOVE IT. I think I have watched every preseason game at least twice, and I really do not like PRESEASON games.  It's just been on the NFL station and that's pretty much where our TV stays.
Jack is pretending this is LSU, but he and I know its really VIKING COLORS!