Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I may lose readers after this post as it will sound like a similar post, a bragging post (please indulge me as I am recording our life)! It is both of those, BUT more than that its an ANSWERED PRAYER post. And just maybe it will encourage someone out there that needs to hear from a Mom that eleven year ago found out her beautiful senior in high school cheerleader daughter was pregnant. That was not my plan. That was not her plan. Life happens. You can read Amanda and Parker's story here and here. We were never upset, but we had not had a baby in our house in 18 years, so there were definitely questions of CAN WE DO THIS?
This was a FAMILY AFFAIR and from day one we were DETERMINED that we would support Amanda in every way, fill in every gap, every space, and as a FAMILY we could do it. Our village was secure. Please do not think we never had any obstacles, some hard, some expensive, but we were a TEAM and we had Amanda's back at every turn. Our son got UNCLE down immediately and wow did he ever do it right. He loves that little boy like his own. I would say there are few friendships stronger than that of my husband and Parker. The bond between them is one you could see a mile away. Pop and Parker are TIGHT.
Was it always easy? NO!
Did we do everything perfect? NO! Amanda was always the Mom and always allowed us to be the grandparents. She would probably tell you that there were times I moved out of those boundaries. I never wanted to, but I fell so madly in love with this child that protecting him was my mission in life. I would take on a bear or any person that caused Amanda's life to be harder. He became the grandchild of all my friends. He became the most loved little baby boy to all of Amanda's friends. This boy had a FAN CLUB. For the first five and half years of Parker's life they lived with us. From the moment Amanda gave birth she was MOM and a GOOD ONE. She was one of those that it just came naturally to. But that's not the point of this post. I could tell you Parker is smart. He is! Extremely....and a lot of that comes from travel and being exposed to a lot of different situations,spending lots of time with adults learning to interact with people of all ages and today he proved my theory that going to school every day is not a necessity. (If you are a teacher please don't email me. That has always been my theory and I am pretty sure it will never change)! Travel is education to me, even if it's to see the MOUSE.
Parker turns 11 next week. That in itself blows my mind. Amanda got a call at work today from his teacher to tell her not only did he score the best (and I am not even going to say what because I would really be bragging)on whatever the BIG tests they have just taken. You can tell school is not my thing as I cannot even think what they are called. I just know they are very important every year and he does not need to miss school on those days, eat a good breakfast and go to bed early the night before. Amanda makes sure all that happens.
BUT THIS IS THE PRIZE. She told her what a privilege it had been to be Parker's teacher and that she wished she had 20 PARKER'S! That one statement makes me cry. She went on to tell her how he made new kids feel welcome, how polite he was, how he was kind to kids that were maybe not so popular, and that he was a JOY to have in her classroom. This GRAMMY is PROUD! When I hung up I thought, "Baby you did it! YOU raised a little boy to be a GREAT TWEEN, that a teacher wishes she had 20 of. You will never find two parents that are more PROUD of their GIRL. I am not naive enough to think she will not have more hurdles to cross as he becomes a teenager. BUT tonight I CELEBRATE her, all those days she pressed on, all those nights she stayed home when her friends were out on the town, all those times she was a single parent trying to stay on a budget. Today she is happily married to a wonderful man who adores her and they have 2 year old JACK! Micah is a wonderful step-father and he and Parker really love each other. From the day Parker was born my prayer was that she would fall in love with someone that loved Parker as much as he loved Amanda. Seven years later she did! Answered prayer...and today was icing on the cake...
Today was a long day...I know many of you commented on my post last night about my friends first granddaughter arriving today. It was a very long day, 12 long hours of labor and pushing and the baby would never get in the right position, so at 6:30 tonight they had to do a C-section and 8 and half pound Elizabeth is finally here safe and sound. So after a lot of dental work and then sitting in a hospital chair for 10 hours, I came home TIRED to the bone....Then I got Amanda's call telling me about the call she had received from Parker's teacher! A perfect ending to the DAY. I can never remember feeling SO PROUD! Not only a JOY to his teacher, but the BEST BIG BROTHER EVER. It is 2 AM and my husband just came in from a trip. I just told him about his little man and the phone call. He and his Pop go to breakfast together everyday so I am sure there will be a celebration breakfast. We can hardly wait to get up tomorrow and BLESS HIM. We have sat here and talked about how our lives changed the day he was born. The day we became grandparents! Tonight we go to bed feeling BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE.
I can't even apologize for this post. I promise to tell you next time he has an attitude or pouts or anything that he does that's not allowed, but it may be a post you wait a long time for. He is all BOY and not perfect but tonight I am feeling like he is pretty close. And I am so glad God chose me to be his GRAMMY.
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Thanks for indulging me.


singedwingangel said...

How awesome is that. My oldest son is bipolar, but his teachers LOVED him. His principal not so much. He did everything he could to make Doug feel stupid and demeaned. When I pulled Doug out and allowed him to get his GED his teachers were very upset by the principal behavior towards him and other kids. The principal basically said ' you will never get your GED you are not smart enough to pass it let alone anything else'..
3 GED classes later and my son was taking the test and PASSED it. He became the youngest in the county to receive his GED and might I add that test is harder the the High school diploma classes here. It was with great pride he went back to his old high school to show his teachers, who knew he could do it, and the principal who had been driven to see him fail..

Bacardi Mama said...

Why would anyone stop reading your blog because of your love and pride for your wonderful grandson? If they do, they aren't a grandparent. Congratulations on a job well done.

Penny said...

I heard that "wish I had 20 just like her" for years from the teachers of my 1st and 3rd daughters, but not so much from teachers of my middle girl. LOL That's okay, because she made up for it when she gave me my grandson 15 months ago. =) It does make a parent proud when people outside of our family love our babies. Read my blog and you'll see we had our town loving our "baby" girl last Friday. :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful story. You are such a wonderful Grammy!

Suburban Princess said...

Congratulations to all of you! You really are a wonderful example of how a not so great situation can turn out really well! I know too many teen moms who are not raising their children to be polite or well behaved :O( You deserve to be proud!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post ~ you know what a big fan I am of your family and it is for good reason. I only wish that all of us got what your family understands ~ children need unconditional love and support. I am so proud of Parker and his accomplishments ~ I want to give him the biggest hug ever when I see him:)

Tammy Ewert

Trish said...

There is nothing at all wrong with this post. You are a very proud Grandma and with reason!
I love it!!! Your family pulled together in a time of need and that is what families are suppose to do. You have raised a wonderful daughter and taught you daughter the values that she has passed down to her children. What great parents you have been.

What an awesome grandson you have and a wonderful older brother and roll model he will be...the legacy will go on!

Cranberry Morning said...

What a wonderful tribute to your daughter, your grandson, and the whole family. You've reason to feel blessed! And I especially love the last two photos. How sweet!

Sarah Broadus said...

adorable pictures! and its okay to brag!!! Thats what grandbabies are for!

Pam Burrow said...

Congrats to Parker and the whole "village"! I have always been amazed watching y'all walk through this and with pure, Godly unconditional love. Amanda is an amazing young lady but then how could she not me!!? You have taught her well day by day!
Love you all!

Brenda said...

Thanks for sharing and for standing behind your daughter and loving her through a tough spot in her life. You blessed her with acceptance, love, joy and peace. How could the baby not benefit from all this loving! So glad that God is allowing you all to see the fruit of that day 11 years ago.

Nezzy said...

Why are you apologizing! You have a right to be most proud of Parker, he is becoming the young man you've always dreamed he would be. I wish any young girl in trouble could read this before deciding to terminate a pregnancy. So proud...throw that chest our and do a little braggin'. You have one amazing dude there....Parker, have a great time on your celebration cruise!

I'm senin' out a big old CONGRATULATIONS on Miss Elizabeth and her family. You are a great friend!

God bless and ya'll have the best day!!!

Jenna said...

Aw what a sweet post! You have a right to brag every once in awhile..don't apologize for it!!!

Linda said...

Teresa...I loved this post about Parker. I know exactly how you feel Grammy Girlfriend. And I should feel proud!

Proud of your daughter for all she's been through and how she focused on being a good mom to Parker...proud of your son for being a good Uncle...proud of your husband for being such a wonderful grandpa...proud of yourself for loving that boy with all of your heart...and proud of your son-in-law who loves him like his own.

Heck...I'm proud of you all just reading this beautiful story. Which by the way, I didn't know before today.

I love how Parker loves Jack...and the pictures tell it all.

I have had 14 grandkids and 3 of them live in heaven...but I love them all so much...and I am thankful for each and everyone of them. They are all God's special blessings to my life.

Have a great day!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Lynn said...

I so appreciated this post. What you shared is what family is all about. Loving even when or maybe especially when it isn't easy. You and your 'village' are a great example to all of us. Enjoy the blessings!

Sunny Sue said...

I will never tire of hearing about your kiddos and grands. Because of our connection, I feel like you are extended family that we just never get to see. I enjoy being the one to pass on the updates.

This is such a nice tribute to Amanda! It warms my heart at the thought of her reading it. :-)

Andrea said...

Oh, my sweet friend. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story of how GOD brought the beauty from a difficult season. I, too am blessed with an unexpected grandbaby. She was our first grandchild, Savannah Faith. She will be 3 in June and is the delight of our lives. Her parents married and are doing well with her. There are details that I can't share here, but would love to share with you sometime that make her place in our hearts even more special. I am not sure if her parents will tell her the circumstances of her birth when she is I will leave that out until I know it is okay to share. I have wanted so many times to write a similar post to many struggle with out of wed pregnancies. GOD is faithful and HE answers our prayers. Our Savannah is a beautiful, intelligent, sweet little lady and we praise GOD for bringing her into our I know you do, Parker! GOD will use your story to help many may have a book to write, my friend. You took the journey and allowed GOD to lead the the end producing a healthy mommie, child, and family. There is much to be learned about how you accomplished the goal!
Hugs, love, and prayers,

Anonymous said...

It is awesome for you to share your families story. You are right any number of families could or may be experiencing the same situation right now. I am so glad you supported Amanda. She sounds like a wonderful Mother. And your grandson has obviously benefited not only from such a agreat Mom but awesome grandparents too!

Terra said...

No apology needed; your heart is rightly singing in this story that you lived. I would have cried proud tears too, on hearing what the teacher said about Parker.

Jackie said...

What beautiful sharing of how blessed you and your family are!! I too was a single mom with a precious baby boy to raise and God blessed me with the most wonderful husband who fell in love with him first (answer to my prayers) and raised him as his own. So I can relate to Amanda's journey somewhat.

The seeds of motherhood, support and prayers you've sowed into Amanda are bearing much fruit in her family are truly blessed dear sister, Grammy Girlfriend!!

Keep on "blessing-bragging" I love it!!!

He is Faithful!!

Sweet Blessings!

Heart2Heart said...


Never apologize for being a part of all these wonderful things going on in your life. Too often all we hear is all the wrongs going on in the lives of people we know and it's such a breath of fresh air to read about some great things going on.

You are one blessed grandmother and mom!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Lindsay @ Just My Blog said...

I can feel the love you have for your daughter and her sons pouring out of this post. I have tears in my eyes because of that love. So many parents would have turned away or looked down upon their daughter for having a child so young. Your family is an example of what hard work and LOVE can do for a child. Bless you all.

Susan said...

No apology necessary. I loved this post and I feel proud of your sweet family myself. Way to go!

Shell said...

Why on earth would you ever apologize for this post?

It shows your love for your family and how you worked together to help each other.

That you made the best of a situation and worked through it with love.

P.S. Former teacher here and I absolutely believe that travel is education- as long as it's not during the week of the big state tests- those are a giant pain to make up. ;)

Sara said...

he sounds like a sweet, amazing kid.... who has a SWEET, AMAZING family!! Great post :)

billypandnikkysmom said...

Beautiful story!!!!

Grandma Cyndi said...

I share your pride and joy, congratulation for having such an amazing daughter and grandson. My oldest granddaughter is in a new school for the 3rd time in 2 years (2nd)grade. Her teacher and her math teacher have both told us that they wish they had 25 of her in their classroom. She also goes out of her way to include the less popular kids, is kind and polite. I know how you feel. So happy for you and Parker.

Mandy from Burkett Blessings said...

I think it is absolutely wonderful that you brag on your precious family! I love hearing stories like this... they are so motivating and encouraging! I am so blessed to have wonderful parents who love my children like they are their own, too. Your Parker and Jack are blessed beyond measure to have you for their Grammy! Congratulations on being a GREAT mom and grammy!!! You keep on bragging - you have a lot to brag about! :-)

His Doorkeeper said...

Teresa, You have every right to not only brag but be "button-popping" proud of your grandson Parker and his Mom too! You all are a testimony to loving an unexpected child and showing that love makes all the difference in a child's life!!

Congratulations to your whole family!

Rose said...

Lovely post! Grandkids sure have a way of melting your heart. Thank you for stopping by Faded Ladies. We are honored to have you as one of our new friends!

partialemptynester said...

I apologized for my post today, too, but all the wonderful words of encouragement from fellow moms and grandmoms reminded me that we all boast in the Lord when we boast of the lives He has breathed into praise be to God who breathed life into your precious Parker!!!

whimzie said...

Proud for all of you, Teresa!

Of course you should brag! That's one of the privileges of being a mom and a Grammy!

Your family is precious. I know you've weathered a lot of storms together, but you weathered them together, loving and supporting each other a long the way. Beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

I love reading about your family - you're a wonderful example of what parenting is about :)

Loui♥ said...

beautiful story..
I too was in a similiar situation as a teen..but had to choose an alternate route..adoption.
Lisa found me 5 years ago on Mother's day no less!
We've met, she's met her brother Keith, as well a my family.
I met her family, other adopted siblings, and her Mom.
I could not have picked a better Mom for her had I tried!
She is just the epitome of my hopes and dreams when I was forced with the decision..and the decision was a very hard one to make at seventeen! BUT..I was thinking of Lisa and her welfare above all else.
next week, we are meeting in Florida at my sister's so she can meet still more family of mine.
God does work in mysterious ways..
and Lisa, a daughter,a sister, a wife, a mother and a teacher is a blessing to all who know and love her.
For our story, check out my post on adoption..
Continue to be proud of your family..
Bragging is a Grandparent's right!
warmest hugs..

Katie said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and for letting me know about your giveaway! Sign me up! haha

I think your post about Parker is wonderful. I can't imagine what that must feel like (as I don't have children) but I can feel your excitement and joy through your written word. Congrats Grammy, you and your family should be proud!

Amy Kinser said...

I am so thankful to have read your post this morning. What an absolute blessing to hear the love and pride (a Godly pride of knowing what He has accomplished)in your voice of your daughter and grandson. I love that you said you "celebrate her". What a wonderful thing for your daughter to hear. And, let me tell you....I never think it's wrong to brag about our babies; especially when you are bragging about what God has done in and through them. Keep bragging...keep celebrating!!

Nina Diane said...

I can so relate to your post. My daughter was not as young but she was single and broke. Our little grandson grew up in our house until they moved out last year and he was 3 years old. I was heart broken that my daughter was pregnant, broke and no boyfriend to even help out. And I will admit, I was a little embarrassed. My wonderful mother made me see the situation in a different light and we embraced our daughter and became her biggest supporter. We have such a special connection with our grandson. He is slightly disabled and it just makes him even more special. We are so proud of our daughter! And you have every right to brag, brag and brag some more. Family is everything!! ~hugs~~

Kat said...

Awwww...sweet friend I sure do love your heart. Beautiful post! Love the photos too.

Speaking of photos...

Stop photos are posted. Oh.My.Gosh! Pure magic!


Lynda Young said...

This is a beautiful post so there is no need to apologise. Love fills every word. I can see how proud you are and how blessed you feel.

Thanks for following and leaving a comment on my blog.

Many blessings,

Aliene said...

What a story of love and sacrifice.
But the joy of having a part in supporting your daughter and her baby. Yes, I think you have a story to tell when it is the right time.

gayle said...

I LOVE this post!! We Gramme's have a right to brag!! Your grandson sounds awesome......he has a wonderful mother who have wonderful parents!!

Lesli said...

You have no reason to apologize for bragging on your amazing grandson and daughter. Our stories are so similiar and I can definitely relate to your daughters situation! Congrats so Parker, that is so awesome!

The Mini - Maker said...

Oh my goodness, I just got the package in the mail and I LOVE it!!! I have been looking for slow cooker recipe books! Thanks so much Theresa, you ROCK!!!!


Tammy said...

I can see you beaming with love and pride for your grandson! How special!

Jasara said...

as a very young teenage mom myself, I can truly appreciate this post!!! When life throws you a curve ball, the village comes together and supports one another. So true. My son is now 15 and tho he has his struggles, is an amazing kid and a great older brother to his two younger brothers 10 and 6. Thank you for posting this!!!

Val said...

Your a great Grandmother!!!

I am loving your blog and its so cute.

Thanks for stopping by and following me.

I am following you back.

By the way Jer 29:11 is my favorite verse. It has followed me everywhere.

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Teresa! LOVED this post!.. And don't worry. I did not see it as bragging. I love seeing the close and supportive family you have! My family is small. Just me and my two kids. My parents, sisters and brother are NOT close at all. We see each other on the holidays, because it seems like the thing we're supposed to do.. So for me and my two kids, my OWN little family, it is VERY important to me that we are close, and that we love, appreciate, understand and support each other. I thank God for my little family and all my blessings! God bless you and yours! ~tina

Jenglamgirl said...

Hi Teresa~

What a great story on Amanda.. and WAY TO GO PARKER, you have every reason to be a proud grandma. Way to go to Amanda... to be that young and do such a good job.

P.S. all my babies were c-sections. Have a great day. Jenn

Erica said...

if anyone quit reading your blog because you told an inspiring story, then why were they at an inspiring blog in the first place? :) You're greatly blessed!!

Jessica said...

Life happens, and while we walk through it we need to chose our battles.
I'm proud you and your husband supported your daughter like you did. She's a great parent because she had you to show her how to be.

Wendy @RunningonMTT said...

What an awesome post and congrats for Parker for the great scores and great compliments!

And congrats to you for raising an amazing daughter that maybe at first her getting preggo in HS wasn't your first choice for her but she stepped up and became a great mom and many teens do not step up and their parents raise the kids (Dr. Phil Family UGH)

So never apologise for your joy and shout out via your blog! Embrace it and share it because you have every reason to be proud!

I def. need a cup of tea and a few hours to catch up with you! You write beautifully and...I love your blog layout!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and I absolutely love it---

My husband and I also have a teenage daughter who got pregnant--had our BEAUTIFUL grandson---passed her GED and will graduate from college on June 25th.

We were so heartbroken, disappointed and so angry at first. But you know what, after we cried (a lot) we backed up and punted (haha)

We would not trade "our" baby for anything. He is and has always been such a Blessing!!!!! and she is an awesome mom!!!

She has proven that what starts out as a not so good situation can be changed with some support and a lot of hard work.

One Gam who is in love with her Grandson!!!!!!

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Of course you should brag...that is what grandmas are for! How proud you are of him....

Leslee said...

Just catching up on some MUCH neededd blog reads... I had no idea of your story! How wonderful it is to read about family love/supposrt even during rough times!

Thanks you for being ope & honest...

Bless you all!

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Aww, I wish I had a Grammy like you. I had one but the other one on my dad was mean as hell!

You have a right to brag on your babies! And as a teacher, I appreicate that Parker's learned behavior started at home:)