Sunday, July 31, 2011


This  is just one of my “random posts”, but the title is a warning.  If you have an addictive personality like me, this might not be a place to camp out. All I needed was one more addiction. Pinterest !!
I am officially addicted and it is one of the most fun things I have done in a long time….Consolidate my loves, dreams, hopes, words, pictures, cravings onto one page. 
If you are doing it….let me know so I can follow you.  I think you can find me at Teresa Powell. 
I think it is even going to be a great asset during tree season for ideas.
We are in Dallas (106 degrees)  for a few days (with no little's which is rare and a little sad) to encourage some friends.
I did something yesterday that brought a flood of memories back.  I walked in Baylor Hospital, the same door that I walked in ten months ago, not knowing it I would find Jack alive. 
I looked at him as he dropped me off at the door yesterday (he is that kind of guy) and went to find a parking place and thought “What a miracle!”

One of my high school friends who was in our wedding, (whose husband was my first crush)….a million years ago, is sitting in a very small room watching him rapidly  decline as he waits for a liver transplant. 
As of Friday he was moved from the number 5 spot to the number 1 spot… …so he needs a liver quick.  We are just here to encourage them….Jack even gave him a little 4th quarter football talk last night.  When the liver shuts down everything is affected and tomorrow may mean dialysis.  I am praying that a liver becomes available today.

Looking at him last night made me really think about organ donation.  Someone has to die for him to have a chance to live. 
Heavy words

We are staying through the middle of the week hoping we can help out, bring a smile, give a cup of hope. Please say a prayer for Dianne and Keith.
If you have read my blog awhile, you will know little Ashley that I have ask prayer for so many times.    She is turning six this week.  She still has huge medical issues, another transplant in her  near future…but she is at home now and Trish is throwing her a HUGE PARTY
I am so honored to be invited and looking forward to attending.
Be sure and stop by the holiday blog and read Terri’s post.  She has been working hard to get her Etsy shop up and running.
We are just days away from getting in elf mode.  The temperature makes that miserable…I just looked at my phone and they are forecasting 109 here in Dallas for Tuesday…For this gal that loves cold weather, that is torture. 

In a little over two weeks, that  BABY THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING, begins middle school…I cannot explain the emotions that stirs in me.  He changed my life 12 years ago and I will never recover from falling so madly in love with him.
He has no idea how much of  my heart he owns.
And to make it even better, he is just the coolest kid. 
Parker Powell, I love you with everything in me.
          parker grown up
How fast the years have gone.  How blessed I feel to be his Grammy.

Parker favorite pic
Back to pinning..Have a great week…I am determined to get back to reading and commenting on my favorite blogs…

I am coming up on a big number on my blog, so look for a good giveaway soon…

I am going to market this week while here in Dallas to buy a little Christmas…somehow Christmas and 100 degree plus weather just does not go together.

And not to be political, but I THINK the guys in Washington are a JOKE..Talk about a circus…Some of them might consider joining the circus. 


Joyce said...

Ha-raising hand and confessing to addiction here too. Except I think its a healthier addiction than facebook. I am using so many of the fabulous new ideas and recipes I've pinned. And I saw a great idea for a 21st birthday cake for my daughter that I plan to make so I consider it a useful addiction. It is an inspiring site and has my creative juices flowing. I'll look for you...I am at jodaley

Praying for your friend-that is hard.

Joyce said...

okay-correction-I'm at Joyce Daley over there. I found you but there were a lot of names to look thru! They need a better locator system : ) I'm sure they're overwhelmed at the use. I wish I'd thought of this.

Angela McInnis said...

I,too, LOVE Pinterest! Once I got it figured out, there has been no stopping me! I will find you!!
PS: Grandchildren are the BEST!!

Granny said...

Will certainly be praying for your friends. I cannot imagine being on a waiting list for a life-threatening organ transplant. Praying that God will bring comfort & peace to all who are involved in this process.

I agree that Pinterest is an addiction! I love that it provides a relaxing outlet to unwind yet it also sparks inspiration & creativity for my interests. My account is "I'm Just Granny" ... I look forward to sharing pins :)

Hope you have a blessed week!

Lynn said...

I just signed up on Pinterest but sure see how it will be addictive!

Mellodee said...

I haven't done Pinterest yet. Someday!

Good hopeful thoughts for your friends.

Your "little love" (that's a line from "Auntie Mame"), is a cutie!

And those guys in Washington ARE the circus! All sparkle, no substance!!

Justabeachkat said...

I haven't tried Pinterest. Do tell more. Just what I need though...another addiction. LOL

You are such a sweetheart. Being there for your friends is wonderful. I pray he gets a transplant soon and that it is successful.

Parker is so handsome. Get ready Grammy...the girls are coming soon. LOL


Buttercup said...

Teresa, adding my prayers for a liver to be found tonight and my prayers for the family of the one who donates that liver.

Decorating Lady's Humble Abode said...

I have a personal experience with liver transplants and the waiting tole it takes on the family. My sister died waiting for a liver to be donated five years ago. My sister hated the fact that someone had to die to save her. Her doctor explained that someone would have died anyway. The real shame is not donating...its a personal choice, but one that people need to look at with open eyes and heart. Just saying!!! I will say a pray for your friend Decor. Lady

elizabeth said...

Ah Pinterest - yes an addiction! But I've found so many things that I've actually tried - crafts, recipes, etc. AND...I *love* that I can pin things I find on blogs rather than pasting to Word or printing it out. Fabulous site.

I'll be praying for your friends. My daddy refused the heart transplant he needed and passed shortly after. The transplant world is a long road to travel and your friends are fortunate to have you there.

SarahMerritt said...

praying for your friend and her husband. I to an loving pinning! and Parker is turning into a very handsome young man!

Theresa said...

Never visited Pinterest, I have seen it mentioned on blogs but have no clue what it is:) Perhaps someone can explain so I won't feel so dumb:) hehe

That sweet grandson of yours is SO HANDSOME, I bet the girls are swooning over him!

I will be praying for your friends! How sweet of you guys to share some love with them! You certainly know how it feels to be in the hospital with someone you love... needing a miracle!

Have a blessed day dear Teresa! You are a dear friend to so many! HUGS and try to stay cool!

Sassy Granny ... said...

I'm seeing more-and-more about Pinterest everywhere. I've been avoiding it, just like I've been avoiding a lot of tech-savvy stuff. Between blogging & FB I already spend waaaaayyyy too much time on my computer. I fear the grips of yet another focus :)

Such a handsome young man. I think it takes wee, small doses of such to make our grandmother's hearts soar.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Keeping your friends in my prayers.
When I think back, remembering what happened to Jack, it is wonderful seeing how the hands of God along with prayer can make things beautiful again. I have not been over to Pinterest because I am not ready for another addiction but have heard wonderful things about it.

Chris H said...

Summer and Christmas go hand in hand here!
Parker is an adorable young man.

Sue said...

Welcome to our oven Teresa!!
I am sorry about your friend, and glad you can be there to support them. As you have found out, support is almost everything!
Your Parker is a handsome young man, better get ready for the girls!!
Almost started Pinterest the other day, but I don't think I need any thing more to keep me on the computer so I didn't try to figure it out. Maybe later ~ I'm an addictive personality too.

Enjoy your time in DFW. Hard to believe you have to start thinking about trees ~ but I did notice ornaments are on sale at HL, so I might have to think about it too. LOL

Beth E. said...

Hey, I'm on Pinterest, too! You are is addicting!

Praying for your friends and also for your family.


Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

Pinterest is addciting. I have to give myself a time limit! Ha!

Praying for your friends.

Thankful Jack is still with you and is still "that kind of guy". (:


loved, loved the title of this post.


Kristi said...

I found you about 2 hours ago on Life as a Coaches Wife and have not been able to stop reading your posts! Thank you for sharing so honestly and openly about your husband and family. I think sharing like that gives your readers tools to use in crisis. I am a coach's wife and a retired coach's daughter in law. I'm glad I found you!

Vicky said...

Another pinterest lover here! You can get lost on that thing and spend all day there!