Saturday, August 6, 2011


I was not planning to post today, not because I did not have anything to say, but because my mind was on overload. Maybe posting will unload it a little. 
In the past seven days there have been more questions than answers.
Maybe that’s how life is most of the time.  For me this week was intense.  Some things you cannot pay back but you can pay it forward.  We have been given the opportunity to do that. 
We spent five days in Dallas last week and are headed back there tomorrow.  It happens to be a month we have the luxury to be gone.
I have watched a dear friend watch her husband struggle to stay alive until a liver can be found. The struggle is ugly and it goes on today…
and if you pray specifically, please pray for no infection, for his sodium level to increase.   He is now in ICU on dialysis 24/7, he has super low blood pressure, sodium levels that come close to taking him off the transplant list and a multitude of other complications.  Dianne has not had one night away from the hospital in 5 weeks.
It has been our privilege to just “be there if she needs us.  We came home just long enough to do laundry and pay bills, kiss the little's and repack.  It’s been a heart wrenching week. 
Jack and I had the opportunity to pray with a stranger in the waiting room, a lady that had just learned her brother was getting a liver after 8 months and she was scared to death.  I may never see that lady again, but I will never forget her face. 
I hate hospitals and just walking in Baylor made my heart race.  We spent the hours having long talks about days gone by, football, kids, grandkids; I even got an occasional laugh and smile from Keith and that was as valuable as gold.
He can have little pain medication as his liver no longer is able to filter it out…so he is in great pain. Every few days they drain 7 plus liters of fluid off his stomach.   I would look across the room at Jack and see a MIRACLE and know that Keith could be one too.  Life is hard right now for Diane and Keith and their boys.
Then the economy splattered.  Keith is a stock market man, so he would constantly ask about what was happening…not good news.  I could get political here, but B Obama promised change…I hope this was not what he had in mind.  And then to see America..America The Beautiful, lose it’s triple A credit rating…I want get started.

Today I woke up to the tragic death of all the Navy Seals in Afghanistan.  A few hours later find out one of the dead is the son of our banker.  Life is hard tonight for the Reeves family. I don’t know Rob Reeves, but I know he went to work everyday to keep you and keep me safe and free. 
So it has not been a week of many answers…a week full of questions…these are the weeks, you hum “Because He Lives”

I heard a new song that I love….
you may know it but it was new to me…

I Call You Faithful


My favorite line is “I Call You All That”…..

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Marydon said...

I am praying for your friends. I hope all goes well for him.

BO(bama) has ruined this country for not just us but generations to come. God bless this country & the children. We haven't seen the worst yet, I fear.

Have a great weekend ~

Terra said...

Oh dear blog friend, there is so much difficulty going on in your life right now, and I prayed right away for your friend who is in the hospital, for healing for him. The Navy Seal that you have a connection to, that is very sad.

Debbie said...

So much sadness and turmoil in our world today. I almost hate to watch the news. I'm feeling that perseverance is a word for us. Life is hard but God is good. May we encourage one another. Love the song. How sad for the loss of life of the soldiers fighting for us.

Blessings and love,

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I am so sorry. Sorry for the loss of your bankers son. So tragic. Keeping the family in mu prayers.

Prayng for your dear friends husband. Praying he doesn't get an infection and that a liver becomes available ASAP.

((HUGS)) to you!

Chris H said...

Sorry you are having such a dreaful time with so much going on that is out of your control.

Rebecca said...

Another song (not so new) has a line that says, "When answers aren't enough, there is Jesus!"

Sometimes it's NOT the answers that we need so much. Praying for you as you continue to bless others. In doing so, I KNOW God has a special blessing for you!

Sally said...

Hugs for you, and prayers for your friend Keith that no infection will be found.

We are truly living in desperate times but we have to keep our faith, we just have to!

Leslee said...

Oh my dear Teresa!

Just stopping to check in and see that you are having some diffcult times. I will pray for your friend, the Navy Seals family, you and THIS COUNTRY... So much saddness! Be strong, my friend (I already know that you are!!).

Take care!!

ShirleyC said...

Praying for your friend in the hospital, and I hope he has a good outcome.
It was so sad about the Navy SEALS. My heart goes out to those families.

Justabeachkat said...

I pray for you and Jack every single day and lately I have been praying for Keith and Dianne too. I pray for a miracle. Please God.


Theresa said...

Oh dear Teresa! I have been out of town, now checking in on my friends and trying to catch up! I knew that you were there and that your friend was waiting on a liver! Dear God, please take care of this family! I know that you are heartbroken just being in that place! What a blessing having your MIRACLE there with you! I pray that God will keep Dianne strong and Keith fighting until the help arrives!

BIG HUGS to you for being the caring and helpful person that you are!

Praying in Georgia for ALL of you!

Just a little something from Judy said...

I am feeling your heart and I am sharing your pain. I am hanging on the words of that uplifting song too. I can't imagine it all, the pain and waiting your friends are going through, and the deep sadness your other friends are going through. Thank you for posting even when you did not feel like it. These are certainly interesting and quite challenging times we are living in.

Kristi said...

I am praying for your friend, Jack. I keep thinking of John 10:10...."but I come that you may have life, and that they might have it more abundantly."

Bacardi Mama said...

I am praying for your friend and if they need proof of miracles, all they have to do is look at your hubby. I'll keep you all in my prayers.