Sunday, September 18, 2011


Finally a  post to announce the winner of the 300th post giveaway….Drumroll…..


I happen to know her so that makes it even more special.  I will be shipping her a box of goodies soon.  Stop by and read her blog.  She has a way with words and a lot of humor.
Also, please stop by
 MilandDil Designs 
and get in on another Great
Fall Giveaway.

Tell her I sent you and maybe you will get an extra chance.  She is in Dallas welcoming her new nephew Tanner.

Another super great post is from Beth Moore…a way with words is putting it mildly.  She is just the best. 

Please do not forget the prayer requests on the previous post.

Nothing has changed and oh how they need Brooklyn to wake up.  It’s been two weeks today. The family is so weary and hurting so bad.
I am praying for a Brooklyn Miracle.

One more request…so many times I have written about little Ashley..
A few nights ago she took a bad fall in while buckled in her wheelchair.  Please leave Trish a note of encouragement.  She carries a load I could not carry.

Ashley 2

Precious Ashley

By the way…thanks for the heartwarming comments you left on the last post)

The holiday blog should be back in swing in the next few weeks.
The calendar is almost full, trees are coming out of storage, glitter is everywhere and I think I already feel tired.

Have I told you lately how much I love my blog friends?
People that don’t blog, don’t get it. That’s OK.
With love,

PS..Amanda and Micah bought a wonderful new house.
I am going to decorate it.  I want it to be Southern Living worthy…we are going to look for all new furniture this week. 
If you have seen any cute tween boy rooms, send me the link.