Saturday, October 16, 2010


Just had to let you know that I am almost well.  A couple of shots, a good lecture from my doctor/friend and a couple of days without hacking every second has made for some much better days. You cope better when you feel better.  I feel HOPEFUL.  I am not sure if that comes from just feeling better or that I really see some progress, either way I will take it. All of you have been so faithful to check on me and send encouraging notes… thank you.
Two weeks ago tonight I was probably sitting in the same place I am now, maybe even blogging, having no clue how our  world was going to change the next morning. A lesson learned…never take an ordinary day for granted. Another one…always have a small suitcase packed.
Jack has had a really good week.  I guess part of me does not want to share all the things he has accomplished for fear that the set back “everyone prepares us for” that may happen,will.  I still have not read the books on strokes…probably not going to.  It’s really been a week with ups and no real downs.  The pneumonia is gone, the bleed has remained the same and does not seem to be a concern now.  Jack is now back on aspirin and his heart meds, so that's a real plus. He has worked a minimum of 6 hours a day in the rehab gym and with the speech therapists.  He never had really slurred speech, just a monotone sound and tonight I would say that is 90 % gone.  He has some weakness on his left side, but he can stand and he made 3 circles walking around the gym just holding on to the back of a wheel chair.  He can stand, and tonight he rode down the hall in the wheel chair balancing squirming Grayson on one knee and wild jumping Jack on his other knee.  Not sure I could have done that. He is irritable and frustrated and even ask them to bring a little bike in the room for the weekend, since the therapist are off on the weekends. He was not happy about taking two days off. I ask him if he wanted me to bring some mums and pumpkins and put a wreath on the door and he told me “NO, do not make this room look like I am staying very long.”  The old coach in him has come out…BIG TIME.  He hates the food so Amanda has  made sure he had everything he wanted everyday…Some of the best cooks in town have made their specialties.  He has never eaten so WELL….He is not well, but for being two weeks out from being very close to death, I think he has made great progress.  In previous posts I have told you about Roger, our doctor friend that walked us through this last week in Dallas….He is eccentric (he will laugh at that and any of my friends that know him will be laughing too), he is brilliant, he is a say it like it is type guy, he makes my kids laugh so hard…they love his emails and would be upset if I did not forward everyone of them, he absolutely does not care what others think, and never ever bring up politics unless you really want to know what he thinks. He calls BS just that, even if it comes from a doctor. Someday I will do an entire post on him…he is one of those friends for life…he and I disagree on tons of things…one being Brett Favre and this was not the week for Brett to be in the news. We are the best of friends and can debate any subject for hours. He knows every sports, history, medical statistic that was ever written. I am really no match for him in a debate.  We just agree to disagree on some things.…but never have Jack and I had a more loyal friend.  When you are in the fight you sure want him on your team.
Last night I got my daily email from him, answering my questions (probably ones I have ask him 20 times)! The email was also telling me to just put gas in the car..that me along with Pres Obama (that's not exactly how he refers to him) are probably the only two people that don’t…See he really cuts me little slack….  but I had to laugh at his analogy of Jack’s stroke. If I told you all of the analogies he has shared with me in the last two weeks, you would still be laughing tomorrow. These are his words below…
As for Jack and the stroke, it is what it is. I am sure he will do everything he can to get well, if he can get back 90%, you’ll be lucky, but one way you could look at it is he was always 120% of a normal man so 90% of 120 is 108 so you still come out ahead.
and he is right!!!! as always….
I think Jack is on the mend enough that I can share a few funnies that happened the last 14 days…Our family LAUGHS…mostly at each other.  And sometimes the laughing is all that keeps you from screaming.  A caveat here ( I have no idea if I will feel encouraged tomorrow, but for today I do)
I am trying to think which of these stories I can share on the blog… I will share two tonight…maybe another night I will tell you some funnier ones.
THIS will explain preoccupied to you….on about the third or fourth day, Amanda had gone to the store and got me some chloraseptic, trying to help me get my voice back…Now stand in front of a mirror and pretend you are spraying your hair with hairspray….I am not talking about one spray…the entire motion of spraying it as you get ready to walk out the door…the only problem was it was not hairspray…I sprayed my entire hair with RED chloraseptic.  Did not smell it, did not even realize it until I put the bottle down.  Amanda is still shaking her head. That’s being very preoccupied with many decisions. 
On the day we were discharged, we had spent a couple of days deciding whether we would bring Jack home by ambulance or  in our vehicle.  The doctor along with Roger thought there was no reason we could not move him, as he had no IV’s, we would never be more than 10 min from a hospital all the way home and most of all, if we moved him, he would not think he was as sick..That was really our main reason…he wanted to go with us, so Micah and Greg were going to drive to the edge of Dallas and meet us and Amanda and I would switch places and they would drive him to the rehab in Shreveport  in case he needed to change positions, etc…they were stronger…At this point he had much less strength and Amanda and I could not move him…We got my SUV all fixed with pillows…pulled the front seat back so he  could grab hold of it with his right hand to steady himself…the hospital employees loaded him into the car.  Amanda and I had never been so glad to see a hospital in the rear view mirror. I have this WAY TOO FANCY navigation system…You need a 4 year degree in navigation systems to use it…It is really useless to me. I know Dallas well, but not the particular area we were in and we made a wrong turn, finally got on the right interstate and someone cut us off.  Amanda had to throw on the brakes and you guessed it, it threw Jack in the floor, as in wedged him in on his left side which at that time he could really not move without help (now he can lift that arm over his head over and over) and I am talking wedged in tight…This is the only time all week I saw Amanda just totally lose it.. She thought she had hurt him badly and all the time he was telling her he was fine…We debated calling 911, we were certainly rethinking the decision to move him ourselves..and we were both in a panic.  Jack was not…He knew we needed to get him up but no panic at all…Amanda pulled off at the first exit and we both jumped out and tried to lift him…could not budge I ran in the convenience store and ask if anyone could help us..that we might need 911 but maybe not..All this time Greg and Micah are coming to us..Two really nice men immediately ran to the car and helped us and we sat him up and put the seat belt around him and he was fine…and kept assuring Amanda  that she had done the only thing she could do, hit the brakes…and stop crying…he was fine.  Then we see that Amanda had thrown her purse on the floorboard of the back seat and all that time he had been laying on her purse probably getting the buckle right in his side, probably close to where he had this horrible incision from a botched central line.  The most painful thing he has had the entire time.  Now that all is OK, Greg has given Amanda a really hard time about throwing Dad in the floor.  And we have all laughed.  It was far from funny when it happened…
I will be back in a few days…Have I got everything worked out for the next few months? NO  Do I know what six months from now will be? Absolutely not…I am hoping for Disney! Do I think we will have more hard days? Yes   Do I think we will come out of this stronger, sweating the small stuff less, and having more compassion for others? Without a DOUBT!


Tina Peterson said...

It sounds like you are sorta seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I know you have a lot of work ahead of you, but things will get better. I put up a prayer request for you and your honey on Holiday Traditions - and many have said they are keeping you both in their prayers.

It sounds like you are feeling better too - I'm glad. When you're sick and have so much on your plate, it's hard not to panic. So just take a deep breath, praise God and keep moving forward.

Hugs your way - Tina "The Book Lady"

Tracy Suzanne said...

I'm so glad to here the good news from you Teresa. You sound like your getting better and back on your feet, just take it easy and don't overdo.

Be blessed....Tracy :)

Debbie said...

I am so glad to read that you've not lost your sense of humor in the midst of these very trying times. It's good to be able to laugh. It sounds like you've got a great doctor in your corner. His personality sounds like someone I'd love to know too.

Praying for you and Jack and the family. Hang in there. Your blogging friends have your back and are bathing you in prayer.

Blessings and love,

P.S. A very good lesson as we don't know where we'll be tomorrow even though we often think we do. Life happens ...

FlowerLady said...

So glad to read this upbeat, positive and humorous post this morning.

Love, hugs and prayers ~ FlowerLady

Theresa said...

What a difference a day makes! I am so happy that you are feeling better and it sounds to me, Jack is doing really good too! The Doctor friend of yours is right about your Jack, even at 90% he will be better than most of us:)

I giggled at you ladies transporting him and poor Amanda, bless her heart for the incident in the car.

Praying for continued improvement for Jack and for you:)

Love to all! Theresa

Sassy Granny ... said...

What medicinal value does a little of life's normalcy (and humor) contain!

Blessings for steady progress towards health,


Sonja said...


This was an incredible post! I am laughing with you at the whole experience of Jack and the car ride, knowing so well that it sounds just like my family! Good for him... his spirit and determination is so much of why he is doing so well, that and of course the main thing... the prayers of so many!

Love the doctor! What a friend, and what a neat guy.

It's pretty amazing that you are back in your own home town, facing each day with new hope and good changes. I'm with you... I'm hoping for Disney, for all of you!


Nezzy said...

Progress is progress no matter what angle you look at it! Woohoo, it sounds like Mr. Jack has made strides. It's that coachin' attitude that will give him the determination to WIN this battle. That and the many prayers that have lifted him up to our precious Savior.

I'm thrilled your feelin' better too. What a time to have the crud. It's great that you have an amazing Doctor, that so a long way.

Things like this really do put our lives into prospective. Know I'm here prayin' for you both and your dear family.

God bless ya'll and have a tremendous weekend!!!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Roger is an angel! That is so encouraging to hear your laughter. It truly means that you have one stubborn, never giving up husband who won't take no for an answer. Good for you both for working through this tough time together. (I can just imagine how you smelled with Chloraseptic hair spray!) Take good care of yourself, Teresa!

Heart2Heart said...


WOW what a time you have had just in reading this post. No wonder you are so tired. I can only imagine that Chloraseptic moment was caused by stress and simply being so tired, sick and overwhelmed by it all. Praying for comfort, strength and healing for all of you.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

billypandnikkysmom said...

SOunds like Jack has made a good bit of progress & is ready to FIGHT THIS FIGHT!!!! So happy to hear a laugh or two in there...hang in there! Continued prayers!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

So glad that you are feeling better and that Jack has made progress. It is truly amazing. Thank you for sharing those stories with us and laughter is the best medicine. Keeping Jack, you and your family in my prayers.
I must say that when gas stations changed their pumps to self serve many, many years ago I was mad. I told my husband I will never pump my own gas! Then I did it and I thought it was fun. ((HUGS))

Amanda Taylor said...

Wow I can't imagine how Amanda felt! So glad that those strangers came and helped you.

I'm glad that you guys can chuckle a bit about it now. Take it from someone who has gone through major health stuff this last year humor helps a lot.

Praying for your family!

Leslee said...

So good to hear positives coming from you dear friend! Laughter, as they say IS the best medicine :-)

Sounds like things are progressing well for both you AND Jack - Thank The Lord!!!

Tammy said...

It is so good to see a brighter side! I loved the stories and so glad you can laugh's been a long time coming. Chloreseptic in the hair?...oh my!

Still praying...xoxo

Bernie said...

Love reading this happy post and hearing that Jack as well as you are feeling so much better. God Bless all of you.....:-) Hugs

gayle said...

So glad to read this good news and all the funny things that have happened!! You all sound like a wonderful family!!!

Linda said...

Laughter is good medicine! (:>)
So glad you can all laugh about the car incident now.

Sounds like there is lots to thank the Lord for! I am so glad that God is answering all of our prayers for Jack...and for all of you!

Looking forward to the next post reading about each day of continued progress. God is good!

Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Kat said...

Oh, sweet friend! What a post! So glad things are better for Jack and YOU!

Loved reading about the funny (and scary) times. Red hairspray! Tehehe! I can certainly understand how freaked Amanda must have been when he landed on the floor of the car. Yikes! So glad you can laugh about it now though.

Your doctor friend sounds like a real blessing from God.

I'm keeping you all in my prayers DAILY!

Much love,

Love Being a Nonny said...


I was so glad to read this post and see some laughter. I am still praying for your Jack.

It is not LOST in my mind when I post family happiness, how life can change in an instant. Your posts remind me every day how life changes so fast.

Please know that I am praying and so wish I could do more.

ShirleyC said...

Sorry I haven't been able to read your updates until today. I'm so glad Jack is doing so much better, and you too. You must take care of yourself the best that you can. Many prayers are with you all.

Gram said...

I am so glad there is some good news. I can relate to spraying your hair with the chloraseptic. When my hubby was in the hospital after one of his 8 surgeries dealing with his cancer, I tripped over something in our garden and sliced my leg open, but I was too occupied with getting the chore done and going to the hospital that I did not even realize I had hurt myself until hours later when I was back home and in the shower. It was a deep cut which should have been stitched, but wasn't and I have have a big scar!

I am praying for your family, I know all too well that only God, prayers and good friends get you through crisis like this.

Michelle said...

It does look like things are getting better. Thank you so much for your posts letting us know how things are going. There does seem to be a little ray of sunshine and laughter.

Sally said...

I'm trying to play catch up, and so sorry to hear about your hubby. It seems he is doing much better, though, and for that I know you're all so thankful!! Your family reminds me of mine, we laugh a lot over things in order to alleviate the pain we're feeling.

Take care, and God bless!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

OH! So good to hear of Jack's progress, improvements...that you are physically better too... and all of you are sharing moments of laughter together! I have to say, in my moments of distraction I know I have conveniently forgotten many...but thankfully or not, I know I have sweet family who are more than accomadating at helping us all remember what they were! It feels so good to laugh together!!!

Blessings & Aloha!
Continued prayers for continued strength and progress.

Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

Sometimes you have to just laugh to keep from crying. glad you are feeling better. I wanted to let you know I never got my ornament? I was so looking forward to it :( I know by looking at your post that you have had a lot on your plate so I totally understand.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...


You will definitely get your ornaments. The label is on the package sitting in my office. 12 days of the last three weeks I have been 4 hours away from home in a hospital room praying my husband would not die. The past two weeks I have been going through all the red tape of rehabs, doctors, etc...and getting ready to decorate 75 homes for Christmas which we start next Monday. I will make sure that someone, either me or someone that works with me, gets to the PO tomorrow to ship them. I am almost sure none of us have been once since this nightmare began. sorry for the delay

Cousin B said...

Your family sounds so much like mine. We all came together when my dad had a stroke, spent many days/nights together and because of crazy things that happened, we laughed so many times together! It gave me such good memories of days gone by. Thank you for such a heartwarming post... I can't help but giggle when thinking of how poor Amanda felt! She will be living this down for a long time! Prayers still being sent to you, Jack and entire family.