Wednesday, January 13, 2010


First off, the football contest BELOW has been extended through Friday night. The gals that got their picks in the first day, get extra chances, if their team wins, BUT with the way the games went this past weekend
Just to set the record straight, because some of you might not know, I am a BRETT FARVE fan. Always have been, so I have been a Packer, a Jet and now a Viking.

So my pick is the VIKINGS! That would be a HAPPY DAY for me....just in case you cared.

Enough about football as I know some of you are NOT football fans. I finally have all my Christmas down, in record time. I am ready for one of my elves, TERRI , to rearrange all my stuff while I am on vacation. I don't know which I am more excited about. I love a new look and I love someone else to do it. She is great at rearranging and we have very similar taste so as I leave town next week, headed to a Vail for a family vacation, I am leaving her the key! Until then, I have a NAKED HOUSE.

I have several giveaways that I want you to check out. Both of these blogs are daily reads of mine. Channa has a great Vintage Pearl Giveaway. She is a coaches wife so I love reading her blog. My friend Misty has a FABULOUS PAJAMA GIVEAWAY at Wind Beneath My Wings. I have loved her posts from the day I began blogging. Hope you will stop by both of those blogs and maybe you will win a fun goodie.

I am so ready for a vacation and a week where I am with JUST family. If any of you live or vacation in the Vail/Frisco area and have a favorite place to sure and leave me a comment.

As we look forward to a vacation, I sit here so moved and so horrified at the scenes from Haiti. I have to turn away at times, as the pictures are so horrible. God help us not to take our blessings for granted. We live in such a different world. I am praying right now that I will know the best way I can help. Some weeks life seems harder than others. This week I lost a dear friend to ovarian cancer, I have a friend that is walking through a very tough family problem, my youngest little man, Grayson, has been very sick for a week (he is much better), another friend needs a clear answer in dealing with a child, a close friend for 35 years fell and broke her ankle along with other things on top of her lupus. I do not have to read many blogs to know this resembles the same kind of week many of you have had. My heart is heavy for so many people tonight. I am so thankful that I know the power of prayer and can not only offer it but can ask for it.

I am so thankful tonight for all my new blog friends. This post sure turned into a downer...and that's not my normal post. Come back soon and I will share my sweet grandchildren with you. They will make you smile.

You still have time to enter the SUPER BOWL CONTEST, so go to this post and leave your pick....There will be a winner of a $100.00 PRIZE.


Tabi said...

I'm still stick with Go Cowboys!! ;) I wish someone would come take down my Christmas stuff! Yes, it's still up!

It does seem like so many are going through so much right now. Having this community of people to pray for others that don't even know each other is amazing though!

Sarah said...

I don't think it's a downer post, I think it's a very truthful post - and a great reminder to life those we hear about struggling in prayer, even if it's just asking for their strength.

I cannot wait to hear about your vacation - you deserve it!!

Nezzy said...

Where two or more are gathered baby! I will definitively be parting the clouds with prayer for all in the above paragraph. I'm so glad to hear Grayson is doin' better.

I packed away my decorations yesterday. I got them up so late and we were still enjoying them but it is time. Until next year. But hey, what do I see? Snowmen tucked around in every nook and corner. I always leave the little fellas out 'till warm weather hits the Ozarks.

Your have a blessed day my friend!

Pam said...

Man I sure hope you don't mind it when Dallas beats up on (not literally) Brett and the Vikings! :) I am so looking forward to the game! Your friend in East Texas, Pam.

Heart2Heart said...


Well with everything that has been going on this week, you certainly do need a break, a change of pace and a different view. May you find yourself refreshed and renewed when you return. Prayers for a safe and wonderful time away on vacation.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Love Being a Nonny said...

I voted for Dallas the first time but I am changing my vote to the Vikings!

Leslee said...

BRETT ROCKS!!! I will be glued to the tv...

I'll be wearing my Packers jersey under my Jets jersey under my VIKINGS jersey!!

Have a WONDERFUL vacation with your family ~

Jane In The Jungle said...

We do have so much to be thankful for...and for a country like Haiti, it just breaks my heart...

Stickin' with Peyton!!

Nel said...

Thanks for stopping by my posts! And I know about those grandbabies, they definitely make you smile!

dianneavery said...

I'm with you, I love Brett Favre. I have so much respect for him, and a small crush. :-)