Saturday, January 16, 2010


What a great response to the football contest. I think there are close to 100 comments, so at least I know there are some football fans out there in blogland.

I will be very honest and say that part of my heart is on the TV in my bedroom that is running constant coverage of Haiti. I have given, and will give again, but part of me wants to pack my bags and get on a plane and rescue a child. I know I can't and money is what is needed along with prayer. I wrote my kids an email this week and this was part of it. I so want my kids to GET IT.

Amanda, Greg, Micah and Dana,
We are so blessed ...I want to know that YOU get it....If you have watched one picture on TV tonight and held your own baby....your heart has to be heavy.
Please do not think twice about making a donation...and I mean all 4 of you. I just did it and I want to know my kids did it. Rarely do I tell you what to do, but we have 4 healthy kids. $10 does not sound like much, but multiplied will maybe save a child....
Donate to the Red Cross or through Compassion International (that's where Parker and I support a little boy each month). I know both of those places are credible....they have made it very easy and it will just charge 10.00 to your cell phone bill one time...Text "HAITI" to 90999 to donate $10 to Red Cross or text "disaster" to 90999 to give $10 to Compassion's disaster relief program.

I love you,

And guess what they GOT IT and they donated. I got replies from all of them early the next morning. I especially loved Micah's!
This is what it said....
Amanda will have to do it for me for since I have a company phone. But I am down with it.
Amanda please donate. Thanks!

My Mom's heart smiled. They still obey me. HA
Lord never let us take our blessings for granted. Please help my kids and grandkids to ALWAYS GET IT and ALWAYS BE GIVERS.
That's high on my list of things I want to pass down to them.

Almost game time....candles burning, fireplace going, pizza on the way, and pajamas on. That's a good Saturday...and if your team should get beat today, then just join my team tomorrow and pull for the man in PURPLE that wears NUMBER 4. The guy that looks like he might be Dad to some of the younger players. You have to admit it would be amazing to see a guy that is 40 lead his team to a Super Bowl win.


Jolyn said...

exciting weekend in football. lets go vikings..sitting by fire, eating sausage sandwiches and potatoe salad...
have a wonderful weekend.

Love Being a Nonny said...

Love the email to your kids. Love it!!!

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

What a great email..might be stealing that idea!!! ;)


Rachel said...

Glad your kids still know to listen to Mom! :)

We are heartbroken as well and are so glad to see so many joining in support of efforts - from prayer to finances. Sure makes you want to reach through the tv screen and just hold one of those poor kids.

Jane In The Jungle said...

You can also donate at Lowe's....we have a busted pipe so we've been visiting there a lot!

I've got a football post up also!

Good luck tomorrow!

Kat said...

My heart is breaking for Haiti too. I'm working on a post right now that includes a beautiful beautiful prayer. What a good Mom you are! I loved your email (and example) for your children and grandchildren.


Jules said...

Oh boy.....coming from Wisconsin here, that's hard words to hear. I live with some of the biggest Packer fans ever.

Tootsie said...

we are always running for one sport or another around here...mostly HOCKEY...not so much football...
I have missed blogland so much...but have been so stinking busy that I have no time or energy to blog this year so far a single mom has no rest! lol...but...I have been taking photos of what I have been when things slow down...LOOK OUT BLOGLAND! lol

Shelia said...

Oh, Teresa, what a touching post. I love what you wrote to your children and that they 'got it'! This does just break our hearts.

Thanks for coming to see me. I've missed you!

Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Joyce said...

The football is crazy for us this year. First off we've been out of the country for six years so not able to follow as closely as we'd have liked. Plus we've moved alot so we feel loyal to a few teams. We consider the Annapolis area home so we were happy to see the Ravens in the playoffs. But, we're huge Tennessee Volunteer fans and saw Peyton play there and we always root for Peyton. (Didn't tell my MD friends I rooted for the Colts instead of the Ravens!)...we've been to see the Jets play as we're in that area now and my husband's company has a box there we can use. And then there's the fact that we're old : ) so we would love to see the 'old man quarterback' in the superbowl. Whew...we seriously need to pick a team!

Love Being a Nonny said...

It's third quarter and I feel like if I had your phone # I would call you!!!:):) Go Brett!!!

Emily said...

I am so with you. I keep thinking about all the suffering taking place there and how blessed we are here. It's so hard when terrible things like that happen. said...

My heart is with Haiti too. I have had that same desire to hop on a plane and help.

Yes, we will make a donation. It is the least we can do.

You have a precious family.


Just a little something from Judy said...

Yes, we did see lots of football this weekend, and yes, two of the people living here are happy that Minnesota won.

As for the email to your children, I would say it was a wise move on your part, and a special, generous move of response on their part. You are right...if we each give what we can, it will make a difference.

Good luck with your teams in the next weeks!

Nezzy said...

A good child always listens to their mama no matter how old they are.

Lovin' your very fun giveaway! You have a great day and thanks for reminding everyone to give, give, give!

God bless you!!!

Pam said...

Well, my team is out, and I am a big BF fan, don't think I can go with his team.....Think I'll pull for the Saints! Keep'em close to home anyway!

Shanan said...

Thank you for your comment! I have been trying to remember your blog name and couldn't and now I have it! :) I am a Brett Favre fan too!!! Hope he goes all the way!!!

Paige said...

I left you a couple of blog awards at my blog. Hope you will check them out!

Jackie said...

My heart weeps for Haiti too! Awesome email to your kid's and yes how it must touch your heart that they responded!! You've sewed "good stuff" into your family!!

As for the game....I'm bummed, BUT now jumping onto the BF band wagon!!

Sweet Blessings!

Jackie said...

My heart weeps for Haiti too! Awesome email to your kid's and yes how it must touch your heart that they responded!! You've sewed "good stuff" into your family!!

As for the game....I'm bummed, BUT now jumping onto the BF band wagon!!

Sweet Blessings!

Helen said...

With my son here from Minneapolis, we were, of course, glued to the TV screen on Sunday! Same thing next Sunday, though Chris will be back home in MN.

I love this generous and thoughtful post.

Fifi Flowers said...

You must LOVE this time of year... ENJOY!

Melissa Miller said...

What a wonderful and heartfelt post Teresa! You are a sweet friend to all.

Blessings, ~Melissa :)