Monday, January 21, 2013


That is probably the worst title I have ever had for a post since I began blogging!!!

FIRST OFF the Winner of the Card box is Janet at Gray Cardigan!    

I am finally finished taking down trees, well all but mine....

I have so many cute pictures....but for some reason for two weeks blogger will not let me load pictures...

ANYONE ELSE having trouble? or SUGGESTIONS for what I might me at  I am so frustrated fooling with it.  I will send you a box of cards if someone can give me some tips.  I have
never had a problem before. 

So excited that two brothers are going to meet in the SUPER BOWL.  Neither were my original teams, but I think it will be a great game...The play off games were so good.

Even though I have not blogged recently I have been reading blogs and so enjoyed catching up. 

Of course I have been pinning... and have just a few pins....almost 100,000!  It is such a relaxing thing to me. 

I spent most of December sick with bronchitis.  I took mega meds. A couple of weeks ago Terri, my ELF, and I were both looking for ways to get healthier and did some study on juicing..

For the past 7 days I have been on a juice fast (she is on her 9th day) and I am not hungry.  Never in my life have I had cravings just leave. I have not been hungry and have had more energy than in months.  I have had one meal in  seven days. If you knew me well, you would know that is a miracle.  So I am encouraged I may have found something to get some fruits and vegetables in my body in mass.  
I hesitated about even blogging about it, but I know so many people juicing in some form or another, that  I decided it might be something you have some tips on.

My doctor even took me off a blood pressure pill today and we are going to relook at it in three months.

In a week we celebrate Jack's 5th birthday.  I still miss the kids everyday.  I guess I always will.  He is having a SUPER HERO PARTY at the cutest place in HOUSTON. 


Have a great week!!


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hi Teresa..I just emailed you about your Blogger problem. I am having the same difficulty.
Please let me know if you hear form anyone with a solution. :)

Theresa said...

Hi there Teresa! Happy to hear from you! SO many people are having trouble with the pictures! There are some that use the HTML tab when loading and that works! BUT the real fix is changing over to Google Chrome! That is what I am using and it works great AND a bonus is that you can choose and load multiple pics at once:) Have a blessed day dear friend, BIG HUGS!

ShirleyC said...

I have read where others are having problems, but I've been able to upload pictures. Could it be you are over your limit? I've also heard some others mention this. Not that I know what that is.
Also did you try from different places - a different computer, IE versus Firefox or Vista or Google Chrome? Sometimes I've had to go to IE to follow a blog. Firefox wouldn't let me follow.
I haven't tried Google Chrome yet. I've read where most people love it, but are having issues.
Here is a post that might help with Google Chrome.

Courtney said...

I had to download Google Chrome once I did that, I was able to download my pictures.

Shana said...

I couldn't load photos either then someone suggested to go to the HTML instead of compose and the photos will load there. And it worked. Although today, it only let me load one photo but that is better! Hope that works for you

Tanya said...

Hi Teresa,
Hoping someone can help you with Blogger issues! Wish I could but I can barely survive myself! HA! Can't wait to see more pics.
I'm thinking you are sounding pretty good and maybe feeling better these days. Sure hope so! Know you will miss those boys every's okay Grammy! You deserve to!

Simone said...

My friend, thank you for being so encouraging to me. I know that this is supposed to be a blog comment about your post but I had to let you know how much I appreciate you! :)

As for the blogger issue...I think it is a limit issue as well although I can't be 100% positive.

I'm thrilled for you with the juicing results. I have to admit that we have a brand new juicer sitting on the counter that we have only used about 3 times. It takes so much fruit and veggies for just a cup or two. Plus, the lazy side of me hates having to clean all of the parts after juicing. But maybe, I'll be inspired now that I know you're seeing a difference. Take care!

Bacardi Mama said...

My first draft of this seems to have disappeared. If you get two, pick the first one. Are you using an out of date browser? I was having a similar problem because we are still running on Windows XP. I downloaded Google Chrome for free and the problem was solved. Hope this helps.

debi said...

I bet you are missing those kids,,,,,

Big Hugs!

Chris H said...

It's a problem with Internet Explorer... not Blogger.

Start using Google Chrome or another like Firefox... then you will have no problems at all.

Paige Easterling said...

Surprise! I stopped over for a visit! How are you? Good job on your fast!


Natalie Jane said...

I've never had those problems before. Yuk! No fun!!!