Thursday, January 31, 2013


I am leaving town to celebrate my sweet Jacks 5th birthday....then we are spending some days with the kids next week.

I am even getting to go to Beth Moore's Tuesday night Bible Study in Houston....I have always wanted to!  Plus a few more FUN things.  

And then there is the SUPER BOWL which I have a love/hate relationship with...A great game, but the end of the SEASON.    

BUT I just had to put out a prayer request for Crew.....I am just sending the message Marie just sent me.....

Marie Morris-White
He just stopped a really strong antibiotics yesterday and yesterday afternoon he started running a fever, and vomiting. So this went on until this morning at the Dr. They don't know where the vomiting is coming from but he has a worse ear infection then before! So it could be a kidney infection. He tested negative for flu. So started extremely strong antibiotics and anti vomiting medicine. He is completely lethargic and has slept all day with high fevers
    So please send up a prayer for him......
      Now a few snapshots of the BIRTHDAY BOY and a couple of cute ones of GRAY!

      JACK and ELLA
      GRAY the COWBOY
      I will have some great pictures after a SUPER HERO party.   And for the record I am still juicing and IT IS WORKING....Better get packed...

      Have a great weekend.


      Theresa said...

      Praying for Crew! Enjoy your visit with the kiddos, I KNOW you will!!!! Hugs and safe travels

      Kathy said...

      Enjoy your visit and have fun at the Beth Moore study. I love Beth Moore! I am praying for Crew.

      debi said...

      Praying for sweet Crew...I check your blog often to see updates....heavy heart when I think of all they have been through..

      Enjoy Beth, went to her conference when she was in Long Beach this last October. She is something else.

      Safe travels and enjoy your time with the kids!


      Simone said...

      Awww, happy birthday to Jack! He is becoming such a big boy. Praying for Crew. He has been through so much so it's time for him to find contentment in the small like playing in the mud and just being around family. Loving the Mickey Mouse pancakes.

      Love Being A Nonny said...

      I know you cannot wait to get your hands on that precious five year old mouse!

      His Doorkeeper said...

      Teresa, Your kids are darling....I know you and Jack enjoy them so much! They are blessed for having you two.

      Little Crew is always a prayer concern. And my heart just breaks for his mama. She needs prayer as much as he does. I hope she has many prayer-warriors around her to support her.

      Have a fun time on your trip!! Tell Beth HI for me! :)

      Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

      On my knees now 'girlfriend'. God must have some mighty big plans for our precious Crew, the devil workin' overtime on this little warrior.

      Know I have a special place in my heart for both Crew and his sweet Mama, Marie.

      Beth Moore? I'm turnin' as green as a seasick mossy frog here. Yep, 'just a tad jealous! Heeehehehe!

      I'm so happy your spendin' some time with the kiddos. Give that cutie of a Jack a big old Ozarks Happy Birthday hug for me. 'K???'

      Have a blessed trip and enjoy your weekend dear friend, you deserve it!!! :o)

      Terra said...

      Happy birthday to your dear Jack, and praying for Crew and good news. I'll be watching the Super Bowl from here in California.

      Sue said...

      I hope your little Jack has a "super" party. I know you will love sharing it with him. I love all of your mousie things, we just returned from WDW and I'm missing it already.
      Enjoy your trip!