Friday, December 14, 2012


I was planning to do a Christmas post today...a home tour

Instead I am sitting in a hotel, the fabulous Gaylord, glued to the TV in horror.  Tears pouring, questions swirling. Evil visited another American community and the results make me physically sick. 

God, please be near those parents that sent those innocent children to school this morning and were probably out Christmas shopping.  Tonight those children lay in a cold school room dead.  I wish I had words...only tears and anger.

Also watching my computer for updates from Marie on sweet Crew. I just heard from her and she is in great need of prayer.

Crew is not doing well at all....HE IS VERY SICK....He has a severe kidney infection, debris in his bladder and running 105 temp. 
She is so frustrated as 4 teams of doctors all have different theories.  Please send her a note of love and prayer.

This Mom and family have been through so much.  Tonight Crew needs your prayers like never before.

Can you even imagine being one of those Connecticut parents going to bed tonight? 



Buttercup said...

My heart and prayers are in Newtown and with Marie and Crew.

Theresa said...

OH dear friend, I watched in horror today as the news came to us! GOD, please help us get thru this time of tragedy! I am praying for all of the families and friends of the victims AND for sweet Crew! Love you dear Teresa! BIG HUGS!

skoots1mom said...

such a horror...evil worked some of its worst will be quite a while before their families sleep, i'm sure. no words are sufficient.

Debby said...

Poor Crew. I will pray for him. That's a really high temp.
I heard that some parents decided to stay at the fire house so they could be near the school where their child was. I know that is just horrible to imagine those angels in the school still. I do know that there is a reason they have to do that. My son was a first responder in Aurora and I won't go into detail. But those children are in Heaven with Jesus and no longer in that school room. I feel so bad for everyone involved.....and all we can do is pray for them.

Linda said...

Pray for Crew and his family! Also for all of the families who suffered tragic losses. So sad!

Love, Linda

Bacardi Mama said...

AS a person who is in the classroom every day with young children, the horror of yesterday breaks my heart. I can only imagine the bravery of those teachers as they fought to keep their students safe and the terror those babies must have felt. If you read "Heaven is for Real", I have no doubt that those children are playing in God's throne room right now. They will never be scared again and are forever happy now. I read about Crew last night and have been praying for him ever since. Please keep us posted on his condition. ((hugs))

Debby@Just Breathe said...

My thoughts and prayers are with them. ((HUGS)) I will continue to pray for Crew.

Cousin B said...

No, I can't. Its a parents worst nightmare. My prayers are for those families.