Monday, April 2, 2012


I know the first thing want to know is "How is Crew?"

Talked to Marie this afternoon and this was what she posted....

Getting moved out of ICU!! Not out of the woods yet but getting closer!

Over 24 hours fever free but may have to get a blood transfusion and his potassium (keeps your heart working) is way to low so he is on a supplement. The supplement is making him throw up, poor guy! His doctors are happier with him today.
They told us Saturday they weren't sure Crew would even make it.
 He did!! To God be the glory!!! So proud of him!!

Marie just posted that he  is about to get a blood transfusion and we are praying for no reactions .   He also needs more prayer for his potassium levels.  I am believing for big miracles this EASTER WEEK.

Is that the sweetest picture? Marie told me the doctors were so relieved after Saturday that once he was fever free, they went out and played a round of golf to celebrate. 

I read threee great posts today.....I thought I would share them with you. 

Kaseye, a gal that lives close by had a GREAT read today.  One that
I read over and over. It will challenge you. 
If you have not read Jen Hatmakers books, get them...

THEN Meagan at Mackey Madness, one of my favorite bloggers that lives right here in my town had an excellent post today.

Finally  I read this!  I love this lady and this post....She is such an encourager. 

Now for a smile for the day.  Jack wanted Parkers DS one day last week...I was close enough to capture his technique. 

  Parker looks so impressed...NOT!!!!!!

PARKER has a VERY special Mom and step-dad (Micah)! 

I love you Micah for always trying so hard to make fun memories for Parker....
They took Parker and some of his friends to Dallas for the  weekend and they made it SPECIAL....including a limousine ride to DAVE and BUSTERS...and a day at SIX FLAGS.  I have not seen Parker to get all the details, but I know he had a blast taking friends. 

It is those little things that make memories that kids NEVER forget.

Jack and I took a 2 day trip to sweltering Canton...along with thousands of other people.  April 1st felt like the middle of August. 

So proud of Blake and Miranda last night and Taylor Swift!   My  friend Tim McGraw was looking good.  And Blake and Lionel R were  awesome.   

Also proud of the Lady Baylor Bears.  Looking forward to the game tomorrow night. 

OK...will be back with more CREW news tomorrow.  I feel like
I know a ROCK STAR.  If he does not melt your heart, I am wondering about you.!!!!!

 I almost forgot an  EASTER GIVEAWAY.... Every comment you leave this week will enter you that many times.
I will draw on Saturday and I promise you will get a nice box of GOODIES.....

19 comments: said...

Hi Teresa- I have been following your updates on this little guy who is quite the fighter! Wow!
Thank you for sharing his journey! What a fighter!

Nezzy said...

Woohoo girlfriend! Let me dance for joy with ya. Praise God!!! I tell ya God and Crew, they make quite the team don't they.

He looks so precious in that sweet pic. Oh God, let him rest well, heal those potassium levels and strengthen his body.

I've got a feelin' God has some special plans for this child of His.

Yep, I'd say Mr. Jack is gonna have to work a wee bit harder on Parker to get hold of his DS!

What a wonderful giveaway and a perfect way to end this post.

God bless ya girl and get some quality sleep now, ya hear!

Bacardi Mama said...

You are so sweet to keep us all posted on Crew's condition. I was so happy to hear some good news. I will certainly continue to pray for this adorable little man and his family.

Mellodee said...

I certainly hope that Crew continues on a positive path. It is so difficult when a baby is sick. Everyone feels so helpless.

I must say, though, that in this picture little Crew looks thoroughly fed up with the whole thing!! Yep, pretty darned tired of being poked, prodded, stuck, cut, and feeling pretty crummy.

Can't help but smiling a little bit, he looks so disgusted! That's ok though, it means he's got spirit!!

Simone said...

Woohoo! When doctors go for a round of golf, that is great news. Crew is looking great! Praying for no adverse reactions to the transfusion and good potassium levels.

What a cool dad Micah is!
A limo ride to Dave and Busters? I know it melts your heart.

Mellodee said...

Trying again, my first effort disappeared! I am very glad that Crew is improving and I hope he continues to do so.

But I really must say, he looks positively fed up with the whole thing!! lol! Poor little guy, can't blame him. On top of being sick, all that poking, prodding, sticking, and the rest has to be making him pretty unhappy. He looks like he's about ready to tell everybody to stay the heck away from him!!

That's OK, it shows he has spirit and that's important!!

Debby said...

Will continue praying for Crew. He does look good....just a little over all of this.

Chris H said...

Darling, Darling Wee Crew!!! I am so relieved he is over the fever and his doctors are so happy with him. Special wee man.

Wendy Stewart said...

I've been praying and keeping up with Crew. What a fighter. Thanks

Theresa said...

Go Crew! He looks like he is ready for a fight:) I pray that he gets better and better every day! Easter miracles is what we will expect!

CUTEST picture of Jack and Parker! I love his technique!

Great memory made for Parker! Wonderful Parents!

Enjoy your day my friend, BIG HUGS!

Ashley said...

God is good! Praying for a full recovery for Crew and strength for his family!

His Doorkeeper said...

Thank you Teresa for posting this picture and update about Crew. The picture is so sweet and he looks good!Thinking about his sweet Mom and all she has gone through.

I am praying daily for them. Thank you for your sweet, caring heart Teresa! Hope you and Jack have a wonderful Easter! He is risen indeed!!

Mammy said...

I am so happy to hear that Crew is better! Still praying!

skoots1mom said...

Keep getting stronger,...still praying for you, Crew!
beautiful eggs at the end!

Love Being A Nonny said...

Still praying for Crew! Amazing how God has laid him on your heart. Thank you for sharing and updating us all!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I am keeping little Crew in my prayers. He has been through so much. I look into his face, his sweet little face and I can see the struggle in his eyes.

Marydon said...

Teresa, Crew is such a precious cutie! Love this pic. So glad the news is better ... may this be his healing week, may God lay His hands of health upon this precious child.

I hadn't heard from you about what we can do for him ... please do let me know.

Happy Easter ~

ms.composure said...

stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! New Follower :-)

momto8 said...

he looks great...I will continue to pray for him during this Holy time..