Tuesday, February 7, 2012


TODAY is a rare day.  I am on a work trip with Jack.  

I have nothing I have to do. I just put the “Do not Disturb” sign on the hotel room.  
I could shop all day but doing NOTHING sounds better. 

Todays agenda so far has been sleeping until noon, breakfast in bed, reading the paper, writing some snail mail,not combing my hair, playing on Pinterest, reading a book, blog reading, a pile if magazines on the bed.  Don't hate me.  

Best of all I am feeling good knowing Jack is getting something important back…a purpose. 

Sixteen months post severe stroke and getting a new start.  

He is so excited about this new venture. 
The only thing that would make it a better day would be if some “little's”  were with me.

Yesterday my elf Terri, met me here in Dallas and we spent all day at market. 
Her first trip to the land of ALL THINGS STUFF and  sensory overload is the only way to describe her when we left.
She got some fabulous deals and I enjoyed introducing her to all my market friends.

Then we met Jack at Le Madeline’s for dinner.  FUN DAY!!!!

I am here for a few more days so I will be making a trip to Ikea, Central Market, and a few more of my Dallas favorites.
BUT REMEMBER, today is not my normal day.

Today is one of those rare days that I cherish.

While I know for many of you Sunday was a day of CELEBRATION.
For a football lover it is a long awaited day and yet one that you know will end with depression.  

Spending so many years as a coaches wife, our lives were lived one football season to the next.  The only parts of football that I don’t like are Preseason Games and Pro Bowls. 

Anything else I WATCH, whether its my team or not.

And YES I have so missed Brett. Football was not quite the same. Enough said on that subject or I will get ugly comments.
But I did fall in love with Tim Tebow. Big time.
Sundays' game was a great game no matter who you liked…

I love Eli so it was an even better game to me.    What I love most about him is that he does not seem to be that impressed with himself.
I wish I could go to Disney World with him!!!!  I love his manners. I love that he has another Super Bowl ring.

Oh and Blake and Miranda were awesome and what a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem.

The pregame music set the stage for a great game.  I will just skip the halftime show (that’s my least favorite part anyway)!  

IF I was not a Grammy I might mention David Beckham. Ha

Most people like Super Bowl parties.  Not me
I like to watch every interview (with no talking unless it is with Jack) for the six hours before and every interview after the game. 
Super Bowl Sunday is like a holiday to me.
I know …Color me WEIRD!

I told you this was RANDOM.
I got a new stylist for my IPAD…LOVE IT.

Dez Duron was on The Voice last night. 
He lived next door to us for years and his family are our dear friends. They did not choose him but I am hoping for a WILDCARD.

I am so proud of him…Check out his fan page
An update on baby Crew.  They are fighting the infection and hope to reschedule his  surgery within two weeks.

These are very hard days for them with multiple struggles.

Remember Mike, the great writer, Marine, husband, dad, friend, and lover of God.  He became a father again yesterday with the birth of his fourth child. He now has two boys and two girls.  What lucky kids.
I am a news junkie and some days are worse than others. 

AS I have been tying they have broken into the local Dallas news over and over with a child abduction.  Then I read about the creep Josh Powell (how I wish we did not share last names) that not only killed his wife, but now has killed his kids. 
It is almost more than I can read.  You hear people say “sin is sin” and then I try and reconcile that with something like this.
It leaves some questions for this blogger.

On a brighter note the local bloggers in my area are going to have a dinner soon.  I am looking forward to meeting some people I only know through blogs.
Thirty-eight years ago today, I was counting down the days until I became a Mom for the first time. 
Did I really say 38?
No job has ever been so fulfilling, so wonderful, so challenging, so complex, so AMAZING.
Jack and I really have had the time if our lives loving Greg and Amanda.  AND THEN I BECAME A GRAMMY and life has never been sweeter.
Ok, if you have made it this far you are so bored.  One more thing…saw a great movie…War Horse
I love it that hotels now have almost every movie that is still in the theaters. I sure prefer watching in my pajamas.

OK I owe you something for reading random. 

Let’s have a GIVEAWAY. 
Leave a comment and you will be in the drawing for a CARD BOX

Tell me you follow me on Pinterest and you will get an extra chance. 
All YOU lurkers come out on this post?  You will get an extra chance too.  Plus I want to know you.

Everyone needs a card box. Parker  will draw on Sunday. I want you to be the winner.

I am also thinking about a new blog design. 

If you know any new designers or have seen any blog designs that look like me (now how would you know what that would be?) leave it in the comments.

Love this…….Love you!!

some people


Debby said...

Sounds like fun haging in a nice hotel and reading and blogging.
What is your husband doing now. I think I first starting following your blog when he had his stroke. So great that he is doing so well and starting a new adventure.
I watch too much news as well. I am so mad at that man for taking his boys lives. What til you hear the latest.
Have a great time.

Grandma Cyndi said...

Oh Teresa, how wonderful to hear you sound more like your old self than you have seemed in such a long time . (Yes I read your post as if you are talking to me - so I hear you). The injury, stress over Jack and long tree season took a toll on you this year, but you sound rested and ready to go again!
I too like my Super Bowl alone. This year my husband was with me as we got a bigger screen TV -not huge- and he choose to stay home. We are Green Bay all the way, but because the home base of his company is NY we were Giant fans Sunday. What an incredible game- loved every minute of if. If NASCAR were not around the corner, I too would be feeling withdrawal symptoms. Now my energy turns to Jimmie Johnson!
Please send me a card box (or at least enter my name) I am one of your original fans. Enjoy the rest of your time in Dallas.
Multiple prayers for Crew and his family.

Ashley said...

I'm not sure if I'm considered a "lurker", lol...I've commented a few times. I love reading all of your ramblings...I especially love "hearing" you talk about your kids and grandkids. As a mother of young children I hope one day to have the kind of relationship with my grown children that you do!Also, I'm now following you on Pinterest...the newest black hole in my life, haha! God Bless! :)

Joyce said...

We live in Giants country plus we've always been fans of the Mannings. We are big Volunteer fans (hubs is a TN boy) and we watched Peyton play at UT. I like good manners too.

It was an exciting game but of course I'm glad the Giants won : )

Terra said...

This is a great post, and I think I would like a day like you describe, maybe once a week. Just sleeping in and then reading sounds like bliss to me. Now I want to see War Horse! My Packers were not in the Super Bowl (sigh) but we watched anyway.
I love that you promote writing letters and cards (yes, on paper); it is a grand way to communicate.

Theresa said...

Sounds like my weekend! I spent lots of time in the Hotel waiting on Justin to get home from Afghanistan:) I also watch all of the pregame stuff! I saw an interview with Eli's Parents and how they didn't think he would be athletic at all:)

I am new to Pinterest but I will go follow you, I have so much to learn to even understand what it is all about:)

Enjoy your day my friend, I am SO happy for Jack:) HUGS!

Nezzy said...

Oh Honey , if anyone deserves some 'nothin' day bein' spoiled in a Hotel room it's you! I know your missin' the Littles but this times for YOU!!! :o)

Prayin' for that sweetheart Crew and his precious Mama.

I'm so thrilled for you both that Jack has found his mojo again!!! Woohoo...does a heart good.

God bless ya and have a marvelous time my friend!!! :o)

DeanO said...

Hm, how's that Tim Tebow crush working out :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

What a wonderful morning. I love Pinterest. Sounds like your having a nice time. I don't know a lot about The Voice, it was my first time watching but it kills me when no one picks the person singing. Keeping Crew in my prayers. Congrats to Mike on the birth of his fourth child. I am seeing as many movies as I can before the Academy Awards. I will be seeing War Horse soon!


Thank you so much for coming by my blog. I love Pinterest, I am going to follow you now. I wish I was in a hotel now.

Lisa x

nancygrayce said...

So happy for your husband! And so jealous for a day in a hotel room with nothing to do! :)

I'm not too crazy about football (sorry) but I did watch parts of the Super Bowl and laughed when Madonna was on because since she's a little older, she's wearing more clothes!

I'd love to be in the drawing and I don't know if I follow you on pinterest or not but I'll find you and follow!

I understand completely about the grands! OH, my, how I love mine....my oldest granddaughter will be 20 in June so I must be super old!

Justabeachkat said...

So happy for Jack...and you 'cause I know when he's happy, you are.

Good for you to have a "ME Day". I had a "stay in my pajamas all day" kind of day. Still exhausted from my trip.

Much love to you sweet friend,

Shelia said...

Hi Teresa! Glad you had a 'nothing' day! I love those and they are rare! Glad Jack is doing better. We're just not football folks but did watch the Super Bowl this year. Didn't know what was going on, but I enjoyed some of the commercials.
thanks for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Tanya said...

That was the most fun post to read! I kept up with you the whole way! ;0)
I would love to be entered! How sweet to have a giveaway!
I think your life sounds pretty exciting! Lounging in a hotel~~~~~yes please!
Praying for that little Crew....we just had our first grandbaby on Monday (come see her!) and I can only imagine the heartache they feel.

Wendy's World said...

I do enjoy being locked in a hotel room! My hubby is working in Miami for a week in March & that's my plan.
I've been following you for a long time. I feel like we actually know each other. I found you while looking for Christmas tree ideas 2 years ago. You are the best. I also following you on Pinterest.

twinkle said...

Okay, loved that you posted Pooh. Like!!!
I'm a reader and love your blog.
Celebrating Jack's recovery. :) Debating Pinterest.

Just a little something from Judy said...

I never get bored with my blog visits here. I like how you write with your heart and so often I find myself sitting here, agreeing with you. I am thankful for you and your blog this morning!

Sharon Martin Beck Valley Books said...

Hi now following you via gfc hoping you can follow back at http://www.beckvalleybooks.blogspot.com xx

Anonymous said...

Doing nothing sounds perfect! We all need a little rest time.

Found your wonderful blog from Lovin' the Weekend blog hop. Am following via GFC.

Rumpydog said...

Hello! Found you through the Weekend Warrior blog hop! It's nice to meet you and I hope things went well for Jack. I'm glad you got to enjoy a day of leisure!

momto8 said...

lots of stuff to keep track of! I now live in a house with 5 males...so i too can keep up with the football talk...I know its getting bad when i look at the IR list before i make a pick! now I guess we move on to baseball..
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

Hungry For Living said...

New follower, hope you come by and want to follow too! I love sleeping in too, just got a chance to today, it was wonderful! look forward to future visits :)


Six Sisters said...

Very nice day for you!! Well deserved. We loved having you at our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." Come back next Saturday and share more of your great ideas! -The Sisters

Leslee said...

Oh Teresa! I laughed out loud at your comment on Mr. Beckham!!! Whew, I thought I was the only Grammy with those thoughts ;-) He is no Brett Favre, but WOW!

So happy for you and your ME day!