Sunday, January 9, 2011


This weekend started out great.  I had a long over due lunch with one of my dearest friends on Friday.  We caught up.  Then on Friday afternoon and evening  (until 3 AM) Amanda and Terri helped me take down our biggest job this year. That would be multiple trees with what seemed like a million ornaments. Why do we attach them so good?  I understand why those that take their own down say ugly things about us.   Saturday Terri and I went back to the house and got everything organized and ready for next year.  I griped all day because my back hurt, but I will be thanking Terri next year for encouraging me that we needed to GET IT DONE!
 Saturday night was great football, great take out food and lots of blog reading, and trying to not get bogged down in the Arizona tragedy.  Those that know me, know the news junky x 10 that I am,  so that was impossible. 
I woke up depressed just thinking about it.  I have been on the couch all day. LITERALLY, except to get something to eat..We are having icy weather with snow here, no school tomorrow and in our area, no one goes out when its snowing and raining or at least I don’t.  I just pray the power does not go out.
Nothing makes me happier than a PJ day with a roaring fire, lots of football, in my case all the trees still up (I really love Christmas lights) and a son-in-law that not only cooks  but delivers. Thanks Micah, we love you.
I have one more house besides my own to take down and then it will be a wrap for another year for this tree decorator. 
In  this same weekend, I have witnessed the most horrible rampage in Arizona.  I have been glued to every report.  The picture of the little nine year old girl is almost more than I can look at.  The innocent people that were so brutally murdered on an ordinary normal day in front of a Safeway.   Is this still America?  See what I mean, I have so many things I want to blog about.  During this weekend, I found out that one of my favorite friends Dad probably has lung cancer, a gal that I love and had just visited with went in for an appendix surgery this week and they found a tumor behind her appendix and it was not one you would want to find, a local blog friends Dad just found out he had stage IV tongue cancer, so tonight my heart is heavy.  So many needs, so many prayer requests.  A few minutes ago I saw that Beth Moore had posted…It was a WORD
then my new friend Edie posted…another WORD.
Don’t miss either of these posts.  They so encouraged me tonight…Ask God to give the people above a miracle, a good report….I know he CAN…its been only a few short months that my family needed one.  That miracle is sitting in a chair across the room from me reading a book and watching a little football. 
Time to have a  New Years Giveaway….Nezzy, one of my favorite bloggers just wrote about a SURPRISE  GIVEAWAY  she won on my blog. Same kind of GIVEAWAY this time…A SURPRISE.  I will have Parker draw next Friday…and I want YOU to WIN. If you send a new friend I will throw your name in twice. A comment is all that you have to do.  Have a great week.


Christi Johnson said...

I know you're tired, and I know you're also just plain tired of being strong. Get those last trees down, and just take a breath.... Something you have not been able to do for a long time. Just grab a cup of coffee and enjoy "coach" time : ) Love ya!

Grandma Cyndi said...

Welcome back, it has been a while (but justified), just glad you felt up to posting at all. Yes the AZ situation is horrific, I too am a all the news all the time gal but had to finally say enough today (thank goodness for football). With Brett no longer in the running are you supporting Green Bay? We still are. I did not realize you took down the trees too, but I guess it makes sense if you store all the decorations. What a job. Have a calm week and love on all those men (and women) in your life.

Theresa said...

What a tragedy in AZ! Everytime I see that sweet face of the 9 year old girl, I get tears! It is an awful day when a normal day turns into something like this! Hope you get some rest my friend! HUGS!

Lizzie said...

i try my best to not watch the new often, i know it sounds bad, but most days i just can't take all the bad news, it hurts me all day. so i real the newspaper... yup, they still print those :)

may God bless you and your friends who need Him.

Joyce said...

It is hard not to feel depressed, especially with the 24/7 coverage. I had read the Beth Moore post earlier and also found it encouraging.

We got our trees down and out this weekend. Ugh-not my favorite job but I'm glad its done. Let the house cleaning commence!

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

My heart goes out to all of those involved in the horrible shooting! My only comfort in times like these is the absolute knowledge that God is in control.

Take care sweet lady!

Sally said...

I really don't know how you do all that you do, but God bless you.

Yes, I think we're all devastated and in shock over what happened in Arizona. The little girl; that broke my heart also. :(

Praying for your friends, life is so hard sometimes, that's why we need to continue relying on Him to see us through. ((hugs))

Kat said...

I know the feelings you're having. I have some of them too. The Arizona tragedy shook me to the core. It seems none of us are safe no matter where we are. I don't fear for myself so much, but it scares me for my children and grandchildren. It's just so sad. Also, I have friends who are sick or have loved ones who are. One of our friends (the one who I cooked for on Christmas day) is in the hospital again. It doesn't look good. He has lymphoma and now it has moved to his lungs. Another friend's husband has pancreatic cancer. The list goes on. My prayer list gets longer and longer. You and Jack are on it and I pray for you both My friend Beth (the one with MS) is moving today to California to live with her sister. I'm taking her to the airport this afternoon. That's going to be hard. But...through it all, I know our God is there walking with me. And you.

Much love and big hugs,

Lisa said...

It seems like everywhere you look you hear bad news. We need much prayers in our country.
It snowed here all day yesterday...not normal for us. We get ice not snow and I'm sick and can't play in it! BOO!!

Lynn said...

Our world is in a mess but God is in control and that is where I rest when all around is chaos. I read Beth Moore's blog as well and remember her saying God is refining the church. That may not be a pleasant thing but lets just hang on and continue to trust Him. I was saying to my son just the other day, I could spend all day praying and do nothing else when I think of all the needs around me. God bless us and keep our eyes focused on Him!

Gram said...

Sometimes it just seems too much to handle. Aren't you glad He is always there to help?

ShirleyC said...

Sometimes it just seems that sadness abounds all around us, and it's even worse when it's people we know and love. I honestly don't know how people survive without an honest belief in our mighty friend and saviour, Jesus Christ.
The shooting in AZ was extremely sad, and another reminder that we never know what each day will bring.
I hope you enjoy your snow day by the fire with your precious hubby.

PEA said...

Dearest Teresa,

It's no wonder you're tired, look at what you've just gone through in the last few months!! You can be so proud of what you were able to accomplish even with all the stress that was going on in your life. You gave Christmas to other people by decorating their trees and homes:-) I know that taking everything down is just as much of a job but once you're done you'll feel so much better.

I was so saddened when I heard the news about the shooting in Arizona. It always breaks my heart that innocent people have to be killed or suffer just because some moron decides to go crazy. I like to believe that God needed that little girl with him more than she was needed on earth. Little comfort to her family, I know:-(

Hang in there, you've got lots of friends on here and God knows we all need each other. xoxo

Linda said...

Take heart my friend...God is still on the throne! He still has the whole world in His hands...and we can trust in Him.

I know life is hard sometimes and seems too hard to handle...but with God all things are you well know. (:>)

We can pray for the needs of others...and for the condition of our world. God hears us and He will answer, and work it all out,according to His plan and His purpose for us!

Love, Linda

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I am not quite sure what to think of our world today. Makes me want to take my family and go into hiding. ((HUGS))
My decorations are still up. So glad you forced yourself to get the other houses down.

Tricia said...

Teresa: Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving kind words! You made my day! Tricia

Tanya said...

Hi Teresa,
Take some time and just rest...I'm sure you are worn out as much as having a very tender caring heart. Blessings for a good restful week,
Isn't it comforting knowing God is in control?

Linda Henderson said...

I hope all your friends get better soon. We will pray for a miracle for them.

seriousreader at live dot com

gayle said...

With all you have been going through for the last few months and all the Christmas work you have every right to be tired! I don't know how you have done it! You must have way more energy than I do. I glad you had a pj day. Those are my favorites.

Courtney said...

Hi Teresa! Thanks for stopping by my site... You have such a beautiful family! And I agree with you- football, pj's and food= heaven!

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

What a very heatfelt post. I felt your words loud and clear. This is why I cherish each day the best I can, you just never know.

Eve said...

Wow Theresa, your energy and will power astounds me! I really do believe that this year is going to be filled with countless blessings for you and your family!
Take some time to look after yourself!

Mandy from Burkett Blessings said...

You weren't in Tyler eating at Heartland Ham last week were you? There were two ladies having lunch across the restaurant from me and I could have sworn one of them was you. The ladies left before I had a chance to go introduce myself. :-)

I know you've got to be exhausted! I get worn out with just putting my own Christmas decorations up. I can only imagine what that must be like over and over! But you obviously do a fantastic job!

Stay WARM! We're freezing here, too. I've had very little motivation to do much of anything but try to stay warm. SO thankful for the gas logs in my fireplace!!! :-)

nancygrayce said...

I believe that if I didn't know that God is in control, I would feel totally hopeless. I'm so glad HE is!

You have a full plate, but I wish you were coming to take my decorations down. They are mostly down, but I still have Christmas flower arrangements on my dining table!

Have a good day!

Melissa Miller said...

Teresa take care sweet friend. We all adore you and your sweet family. Our prayers are with you.

Many blessings to you in 2011.
Warmly, ~Melissa :) said...

Just thought I'd stop by and say hello. You commented on my blog via lifeingrace blog. There are so many of us moved by Edie's blog even though most of us don't know her. I enjoyed reading through your blog and continue to feel blessed by the people I am introduced to through blogs.
Kathy said...

Just thought I'd stop by and say hello. You commented on my blog via lifeingrace blog. There are so many of us moved by Edie's blog even though most of us don't know her. I enjoyed reading through your blog and continue to feel blessed by the people I am introduced to through blogs.

Jenny said...

So sad for the families in AZ and for your friends who have received bad news. Praying for them.

Michelle said...

I'm catching up on some blog reading.
My you do have a lot to blog about.
I love PJ days. I'm wearing mine now.
We still have snow from last Sunday.
Schools were closed all week and will be closed Monday for the holiday.
The students have lost their winter holiday, so they be in school for 9 straight weeks without a break. ugh..

Rebecca said...

I can't IMAGINE your schedule over the past few months! I think you earned a day on the couch!

There IS a lot of sadness and distress in the world. And (if I read the Bible correctly) it will only increase. So important to keep our eyes on Jesus, take our orders from Him, set our hope on Him, and "shine like stars in the universe s we hold out the word of life...." (Philippians 2:14-16).

Thanking God with you for the miracle in YOUR house. God IS with us.

Katina said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and blessing me with Joanne's story. I went to her blog and read her husband's post. I am praying for their family.