Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I finally got a FALL WREATH on my front door.  THE touch of COOL energized me today..I even walked four  miles tonight with my good friend/elf.  
I love FALL COLORS! 100_3726 Really not great pictures..but its full and its big…of course I might sell it tomorrow if a customer needs it. 100_3718 I spent the weekend with two boys, one little and one growing up way too fast.  We had nothing we had to do and we did nothing.  We did not leave the house from Friday until today.  We played, watched movies, played computer games, watched football, watched a little Olivia, Blues Clues, BOB BOB (as Jack calls it), and even a few episodes of WONDER PETS. I cherish these weekends as my busy work season is getting close. Here are a few shots from our weekend.  I have no idea why Parker did not get in one picture… I really wanted to impress you with my cooking.  This is what Jack wanted, cherry tomatoes and orange slices and choco milk,  What Jack wants, he gets…Look at him studying the food 
100_3707   IS  that the sweetest face ever?
While we were playing, Parker and Jack’s Mom and Dad were having a fun get away in
BATON ROUGE cheering on the TIGERS.  They both work so hard, its so nice to give them the chance to get away with no worries about the kids.  Totally our pleasure! 
Amanda and Micahand I was glad to report to them that we did not have one minute of GRUMPY JACK
Grumpy Jack  But we did have plenty of laughs from FUNNY JACK.  He came out of my shop, where I knew he had been looking around.  Parker and I cracked up..We have no idea where he found this pacifier, but he kept it in his mouth for an hour….at least it matches, but God only knows where he found it …I would imagine it was not very clean. Jack pac 2 Be sure and stop by the Holiday Blog….Some new holiday pictures are up along with a link to a great Etsy shop!
The winner of the book by Jill and Jim  Kelly is Sheila at ABC 123 A-List Girl!
She has a really cute blog that I had never visited before..Be sure and stop by and say HI.
And I know it probably does not matter to many but me, but BRETT got a win, not a pretty one, but a win.  And because the BEARS beat the PACKERS tonight, I won the  football contest this week.  We have a little family pool that is really fun. 100_3721


Carol said...

Nice wreath! I love making wreaths. You little grandson looks about the same age as mine. He loves Toy Story too. He wants a "Buzz Lightyear" birthday party this year. One guess what his costume is for Halloween. I enjoy your blog.

Carol-the gardener

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Your wreath and decorations look awesome. Your weekend sounds like it was perfect!

Becca said...

Look at that beautiful wreath! I love the colors and how festive it is. Your other Fall touches are so pretty, too. And, look at those precious grandkiddos ... easy to have a great weekend, I'm sure, while in their company. Thanks for sharing, *Becca*

Love Being a Nonny said...

PRECIOUS PRECIOUS! HE IS THE CUTEST THING!! I know yall had a great time! Oh, and I LOVE the wreath!

ShirleyC said...

Awww... I know you had a fun weekend. Jack is so cute, and I love the fact that he loves cherry tomatoes.

Michelle said...

Just a few days ago it was summer, now the weather is pleasant enough to be outside. I love your Fall colors.

It's fun to sometimes take a few days off and do nothing but goof off.
Don't know if I would like chocolate milk with fruit..LOL

The pictures are adorable!!

I'm headed over to your holiday blog.

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Beautiful wreath!!! I need to do some Fall decorating too. Love the cute pictures . . . he is adorable.

Debbie said...

Now wreaths I can make, other crafts not so much. Your wreath is so pretty, and little Jack is adorable ( I have a Jack too!

billypandnikkysmom said...

Love that Jack!!! So cute, thanks for sharing...I need to get my fall decor up!

Shelia said...

Hi Teresa!! I love your pretty wreath and your fallness looks great! Cute little smiling faces too!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Heather said...

You are very talented! great job! And Jack is adorable!
Hey! I'm following you from the blog hop. I'd love if you came and visited me at my blog:

Family Friendly Frugality

I also have a hop on Thursdays called It's Almost Friday! I'd love if you hopped along with us!
It's Almost Friday

I hope you have a great week!

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

That JAck is a cutie - cute post! And yes Bret winning matters to me! Yeah Vikings!

Kat said...

We got a tiny bit of cooler weather this morning and it was wonderful for my bike ride. I got in 12 miles all.by.myself since George was playing golf.

Loved seeing your fall decorations and, of course, cute photos of Jack.


Decgal's Humble Abode said...

Isn't being a grandma the best job in the world. I think God planned it that way. I read some where that "grand kids are God's gift to us for keeping our own children" LOL The fall decorations are to pretty. Thank you Decgal

GrammyMouseTails said...

Sure was nice to see Brett win finally! and score another touchdown! 1 away from 500! woot! Faythe @GMT

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Great looking fall wreath, which reminds me that I need to find mine and decorate the front door. I'll wait until hubby can do it for me. No climbing the attic stairs anytime soon.

Thanks for your prayers. My neck is throbbing today (port placement this morning). Thanks, also, for all the beautiful cards! They brighten my spirits.