Monday, February 15, 2010


Thanks for all your sweet comments. Some of you have ask about my husband. Thanks so much for your prayers....We met with the doctor today and Jack is scheduled for a heart cath next Tuesday, the 23rd...We could have done it tomorrow, but typical Jack, he did not want to miss a bus safety meeting this week or an obligation he had to a coach/friend to drive a baseball team on a trip, plus he did not want the kids to have to rearrange their schedules. always thinking of others...that's his trademark. ALWAYS! The doctor said it was not an emergency but that the stress test showed enough to warrant going in and seeing if the bypasses are still open. I had not seen this doctor in a few years and had forgotten what a kind, compassionate and encouraging man he is. You come out feeling like you are his only patient and that's unusual these days. We had Parker with us today since school was out and I had ask the nurse if he should be in another room, as I did NOT want him to worry about Pop....but the Dr insisted he stay with us and he explained everything to him like a little adult (10 going on 20).... and then went right into talking football with him, so Parker came out feeling like everything was fine with his POP.
Wow, do I love this TWEEN! From the day I met him ten and half years ago, it was LOVE at first sight. I fell madly in love and that's been the story every day since!
So that's my prayer, that everything with his POP will be fine. Jack takes him to breakfast every morning and then to school and many days he picks him up from school, so they are TIGHT.
We WAIT and PRAY that even when 18 year old bypasses should be closing up, that they will be open or at the least just need some minor work. I will keep you posted...and I covet your prayers...I am not good at waiting.
Let's keep celebrating my BLOG ANNIVERSARY and YES, I am making progress on a new design. Hope to share it with you SOON. For the next GIVEAWAYS, I am going back to a FAVORITE...THE CARD BOX. EVERYONE that won one back in the early days of my blog, loved them and it is still one of my number one basket requests in my business. I am a card sender and I can never remember a time in my life when MORE people need ENCOURAGEMENT. Even if you don't win a card box, send someone a card today. Snail mail is becoming extinct, but what a sweet thing it is to get a card in the mail.AGAIN, all you have to do to enter, is comment on this post. Let's make it a little more fun...tell me your NUMBER ONE stress reliever... I may need some suggestions this next week. I will give away 2 card boxes on Friday night. So you have 4 days to comment....and if you tell a new friend about the blog and they comment you will get 5 extra chances. Parker loves to figure out everyones chances. He is a math whiz!

TONIGHT'S WINNER OF THE BETH MOORE MARRIGE TAPE and its a recent Leigh of Bloggeritaville !Congratualtions...send me your information and its on its way to you....and for the rest of you stay tuned, I have some more Beth CD's.

AND for those of you that ask, I think Jack was calling his Mom and tattling because I would not let him JUMP from the COUCH to the COFFEE TABLE and then make a HUGE JUMP to the floor. Just a day in the life of Jack


Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

I am so happY! I hope I can register for this giveaway too. I would love to win. I keep all my cards. they are all so special to me and nice to look back at those times in my life. I am a HIGE card sender. Its becoming a lost art.
Thanks for the opportunity.
I am praying for Jack.

Debbie said...

I worked as a cardiovascular nurse for 25 years and the last few were with a cardiology group. I made rounds on the patients in the hospital, worked in cath lab, etc.

I can tell you that the techniques have greatly improved in the last 18 years. Even though his stress test was abnormal, it doesn't necessarily mean another bypass surgery. Of course, they will know for sure after the heart cath. But often a stent can be placed depending on the "blockage". However, I'm praying that Jack's heart will be easily fixed, no matter what is found. Our Lord is the Great Physician and he is in His hands. However, I will also add a prayer for his cardiologist and the staff involved. And of course for you.
He sounds like a wonderful man.

When I am really stressed I do several things to help.

I pray.
I read Scripture.
I listen to praise music and worship God.
I ask others for prayer.

Sounds like you're doing it all too. Now is the time to trust the Lord with your hubby.

Blessings and love,

SarahMerritt said...

I love how much you LOVE your grandsons! They are very very lucky! Praying this week will go fast for you so you dont have time to stress! I will pray extra for Jack on tuesday!

Melinda said...

Just emailed you and then found this update on the blog! I'm praying. And I can attest to the fact that you practice what you preach about sending cards...what a joy! :o)

My biggest stress reliever (or the one I use the most often) is a hot bath in what I like to call my "sanity keeper." Nothing like it at the end of the day!

Love you friend,

Love Being a Nonny said...

So sweet that you were concerned about Jack....a woman after my own heart. Those grandchildren are more special than life!

Prayed for your husband as I read this post. Please keep us updated. Though I know he loves to do for others, he really needs to take care of he will be here to do for those he loves.

Love Being a Nonny said...

I meant to sat worried about PARKER!!

Misty said...

Praying for Jack and your family!

My number 1 stress reliever: singing. Not long ago, our church welcomed a new Worship Pastor into the family. I sang a special on the week he visited and when he started there, he put me on the worship team. Prior to this man's coming, we had try-outs/auditions to be on that team and due to my very basic music-reading skills I didn't make the team. I was honored when I asked if he knew I wasn't SUPPOSED to be on the team when he said, "I thought you were ALWAYS on it!" I took very seriously the responsibility of stepping into the spotlight to help my friends lead worship and each Sunday that I am on that stage (though terrifying that it is) I sing praises to my Lord and Savior and all of my stress just melts away. I sing all the time, at home, in the car - but singing with my church family...with people that love each other and me...that's the closest I think I'll ever get to heaven on earth!

Gram said...

I have said a prayer for your husband and your family and will continue to pray for you.

My stress reliever is holding my grandson.

Karen said...

I think receiving cards through snail mail is the best! There is nothing better than getting a card from a dear friend or loved one.

I am not too good at waiting either! I do not have any good stress relievers. The only thing I can think of is Prayer and lots of chocolate!


Melanie Redd said...


What a cute site! I love all of your colors and pictures.

And, I appreciate you following my new blog. I'm still new at this. So, any suggestions/feedback you have are appreciated!

Blessings to you as you share with others,


PEA said...

Please know that my prayers have been added to those of the others. Hopefully Jack's heart cath will not show anything major. He sounds like such a wonderful person and I love how close he is to Parker:-) Grandchildren complete us, don't they!

Happy Blogiversary to you, my friend!! I'm just so glad that our paths crossed and that we've become friends in this wonderful blogging community of ours:-)

Oooh your card boxes look gorgeous and how I'd love to win one of them!! My number one stress reliever is to take a hot bath, get into my cuddliest and warmest pjs, make myself a cup of apple cinnamon tea and watch a dvd:-) xoxo

♥Georgie♥ said...

the family love you exude is so awesome!!!!
congrats to the winner

Heart2Heart said...


Congratulations on your blogversary coming up here so soon! You must be so proud and we can't wait to see the new design and layout.

Prayers are headed your way for your hubby and praying that everything goes along smooth! You've got some great support there with you in those boys.

My number one stress reliever has to be hugs! No matter what is going on in life, hugs matter whether they are from my hubby or my kids they seem to offer so much more than arms around someone. You've got some huggers with you as well! Use them!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Lynn said...

I live in Canada so you don't need to include me in the draw but just wanted to let you know I have prayed for your husband as well. I sure understand about the waiting thing! Not my favorite either, yet I know sometimes the Lord has me there to teach me to trust Him. I so enjoy reading about how you love your family. Grandkids are just the greatest!

Nezzy said...

Congtats to Leigh on the great win. I will be prayin' for your Jack. Your pics are just fab. My stress reliever in the winter is my jacuzzi tub, summertime is my afternoon swim.

Take care and God bless, have a glorious day!!!

Heart2Heart said...


By the way if you have a moment, I have an award just for you on my blog today.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Hi there! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. :) Your grandson is adorable! I'd love to win a card box!!

Nancy Mon said...

Been praying for y'all mucho much. Thanks for always leaving such encouraging comments on my blog.

Lindsey said...

Thanks so much for having all these giveaways! I would love to win a card box. I love snail mail and to send cards.

Jessica said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog today!

I'll be praying for your husband that everything works out okay and you get good reports.

Your grandson sounds like a wonderful young man!

I would love to be entered into your drawing!!

Lesli said...

I have been thinking about you and your husband today. I am glad that you came out of the appointment feeling content. I will definitely still be praying that everything is okay and that he will not need further surgery.

Almost forgot, cleaning is my stress reliever.. odd I know but when I get stressed or upset at least my house gets

Hope you have a great week!

rosechicfriends said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and I am glad you liked your visit! I came by to check out your sweet blog! And, I see you must Love Beth Moore like I do!

Praying for your hubby'scath. My dad just went thru that proceedure and ended up having 2 stints put in. But he's not had the history of heart surgery. Its amazing how the medical world can help so much better today.

I'd love to be entered into your giveaway and CONGRATS on your 1 year in blogworld!


Christy said...

Your husband and family are all in my prayers! I hope everything works out wonderfully. My favorite stress reliver is hot chocolate and a good book!

Erin said...

Hi Teresa! I'm glad you stumbled on my blog since it led me to yours!

God bless!

Melinda said...

Hi and thanks for visiting Sweet Surrender. I read thus post with great interest since my hubby has a 12 year old bypass. Since his surgery he has had two stents placed, one to reopen a bypass and one to prevent a vessel from closing. With all the advances now, it's unlikely that your hubby will need another bypass. We will include him in our prayers and stop by again for updates!

Blessings, Melinda

PS Happy Blogversary!

skoots1mom said...

you're having all kinds of fun over here...
great post
hope hubby's heart cath goes w/o a hitch on the 24th

Kathleen said...

I saw your comment over at my friend The Tablescaper's. We are dangerous when shopping together..:)
Prayers for your dear husband, they are so skilled these days, try to put it in HIS hands..
Hope you can come visit me someday!
And Happy Blogaversary..nice to meet you!

Brett and Jill said...

I'll be praying for your husband. We have three cats. It helps me to scoop one of the into my lap and start petting. It also helps that they are always doing something funny. Laughter helps melt away stress.

Grandma Cyndi said...

Prayers for you and your sweet husband that all will go well next week. Stressed is desserts spelled backwards so I probably grab chocolate and a cup of tea to help relax, (When what I SHOULD do is go for a walk.) Looking forward to your new design, I don't even blog so you are ahead of me.

Kat said...

Hi sweet friend!

Oh.My.Word! I haven't been by recently for several reason, the main being that my list didn't show you had new posts. ??? Since I have been so busy myself and haven't had my normal time on the computer, I just thought you were extra busy too. And then when I stopped by tonight just to leave a message to say hi and that I'm thinking about you, I find you have 3 or 4 post that I never knew was here! So frustrating!

Sooooooo....enough of my venting.
I'm so sorry Jack is having this scare. I'll stop as soon as I leave this comment and will begin praying and will keep you both in my prayers.

Loved your photos of the kids!

You're so right, receiving cards via snail mail is still special. You have brightened my day so many times and I truly appreciate each and every single one.

I'd love to win the giveaway to brightened others days too.

Much love and hugs!

Anonymous said...

When I'm stressed, I take deep breaths, find something or someone who makes me laugh, read, take a long, hot bath, snuggle with my man and my kids.....I just do whatever it takes to get me to my happy place!

Suzie Button said...

Hi Teresa, It's nice to meet you! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I'm hoping that your husband is doing better health-wise tonight. I was looking at your adorable family pics on the side of your blog and you have quite a lovely group there! When I'm stressed, unfortunately, I like to eat dessert! Geez, no wonder I'm in Weight Watchers! :>) Suzie

Becky said...

May the God of all comfort guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus, as you walk this journey with Jack's heart.

May God's mercy, God's healing power, and His wonderful gifts of marvelous medical technology all come together in a beautiful symphony of a great, healthy, perfectly beating heart.

To relieve stress I think on things above....who God is, and who I am in Christ.

To chill out, I like to read and watch TV.

I LOVE cards....I have to STOP myself from buying anymore.

Thanks for generous, gracious giveaway.

Count me in.

Blessings, love and prayers,


Nancy said...

Hi and happy anniversary! What a fun giveaway! My #1 stress reliever is prayer. I will keep your husband in prayer. Take care and God Bless!

Nancy said...

Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog It's nice to "meet" you. Happy anniversary.

aguhmom said...

dear friend - prayers pouring over you and jack. your kids as well.
realize over stressing is from the devil - he wants to make your mind go nuts. that shows him your trust in Abba isn't as big as you say it is - remember the little song from days gone by?? trust and obey -
so trust big time.
my stress reliever is listening to music - especially soundtracks of favorite movies - currently i am lovin the one from "Julie/Julia" -
but praise music from Ferdinand Ortega is so peaceful.
Please enter me in the box give away - In today's emotinal economy -that is a huge gift.
Picking, writing, sending a card is
a very deliberate gift of the heart.
You are the queen of that, I have
always loved seeing one of your
pretty envelopes in my mail box.
. . .remember, trust and obey,
for there's no other way to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey -

Kendall at Finesse Your Nest said...

Hi there! Thanks so much for checking out my blog and for your sweet comments!

I will keep your husband in my prayers daily!

What a wonderful giveaway! Okay, my #1 stress reliever -- If I'm stressed out, I sit down and create a craft OR rearrange a tabletop and I instantly feel better!

I'll be back to visit!

Jenny said...

Hi. I am a new follower to your blog but please don't enter me into your giveaway. I wouldn't feel right since I just found you.

It sounds like your husband is in good hands.

I'll be back to see the joyous results!

mustangkayla said...

What a great doctor! I hope all goes well with your husband!

Congrats on the 1 year blog anniversary!

SusanD said...

Congrats to Leigh for winning the Beth Moore CDs.

My stress reliever: Riding my motorcycle! There's nothing like splittin the wind to clear your mind.

Praying here for you there.

Blessings, SusanD

Shari Braendel said...

Your blog is just beautiful! I loved your description of Pop and your grandson..what a special time to have breakfast together each morning before! That will remain with your little guy the rest of his life. Thank you for sharing your blog with me. Beautiful blessings!

The Mini - Maker said...

I love all your pics! Your blog always brightens my day! You're awesome Theresa!