Tuesday, February 16, 2010


THIS FIRST PICTURE IS JUST TO MAKE MY KIDS LAUGH....Just looking back over some of my favorite pictures from the last year.

In the next post I will share some more of my favorite shots from this past year in the BLOG WORLD! These people are the TRESURES of my LIFE!
Keep the comments coming....Besides drawing for the card boxes on SATURDAY night, I am going to give away 3 more Beth Moore CDS's, so there are lots of prizes to win.
I am celebrating YOU! I cannot express what a blessing my blogs friends have become in my life. When I began blogging I was really doing it for my kids. I had no clue that the blogging community would be such a warm and welcoming place.
I know it is unusual for me to post so often. It is just one of those weeks! I have very few commitments so am staying home, praying and trying to calm myself. I will admit I am very anxious over my husbands heart cath next week and I HATE anxious. Your words of encouragement have meant so much. Thanks for all the stress relievers...Some of YOURS are MINE!
My comfortable laptop JUST STOPPED, so I had to send it off. That would be a laptop that spent most of its time in my LAP. It had several keys that Mr. Jack had pulled off, as in GONE to never be found again, plus I had two letters that stick, so it was time for a good refurbishing. Thank goodness for the extended warranty plan....So I am typing on a new laptop and its faster but not as familiar so there will probably be more typos.
If you have not read Beth Moore's post about Jackson, do not miss it. From another Grammy that is drunk on babies, her every word is my heart.I also want to share some new blogs that have become everyday reads for me....
BENEATH MY HEART a blog that always touches my heart
GLAD CHATTER Please pray for Lisa! What an incredible faith she has!
HOPE IN A BOYS WORLD This is such a sweet story and family !
THE FANCY FRITTER Stacy actually lives in my town and her Mom works with Greg and Dana. SMALL WORLD. She has a cute blog and lots of cute things to sell!
SNOODLINGS..if you do not read my friend Amy you are missing out.
That's enough for tonight. Stop by and visit these blogs and then in your comments let me know ONE that you really liked. That will get you a couple of extra entries in the drawings on Saturday night. I REALLY WANT YOU to WIN...I love putting goodies in the mail. So I will be BACK SATURDAY NIGHT WITH WINNERS and some more of my favorite memories.


Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Great memories! LOve the pictures! I got the CD in the mail today. Thanks so much! I look forward to listening!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I adore looking at pictures of your grandbabies. So precious! The one where Parker is fishing looks like he is so content.

You are truly blessed!

Everything is going to be okay. Don't you dare worry!!!

Traci@ Beneath My Heart said...

I love all of your pictures in this post. You are so blessed! I am so honored to be one of the blogs you chose to read. I,too, am amazed at all of the love and encouragement that I have received from blog land. It has truly been a huge blessing in my life.
I read Beth Moore's post about Jackson yesterday too. I was in tears by the end! Partly because that's how my mom felt about my kids, and it hurts my heart that she didn't get to love of them longer. But I know that she is talking straight to Jesus about them now, praying on their behalf.
Thanks again for your visits to my blog. They mean the world to me!

Anonymous said...

Hi Girlfriend, thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods. I love the colors of your blog. I will check out the blogs you recommend, as I enjoy meeting new folks too. I had a cardiac cath about 3 years ago. I did not have time to worry since I went from emergency room to the cath lab. I will add you all to my prayer list. I know Lisa Smith that you mentioned and the others are new to me. Thanks and Blessings.

Double Wide Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such encouraging words. I hope my blog makes your list one day! I tell my children often that I'm ready for Grandbabies. Course I would like for them to meet someone special and get married first (call me old-fashioned). I'm praying for you and your husband and will check in often. Be blessed!

--Double Wide Mom

SusanD said...

Seriously??? ONE??? It's hard to choose just one. I so enjoyed Traci's blog and reading about her cooking woes. But I loved reading about her mom and the post dedicated to her folks. There there's Stephanie's blog Hope in a Boys World. That new baby girl is so precious. Lisa has phenomenal faith. Stacy's Fancy Fritter has too much to read in one stop. And I love'd Amy's writing style. So....you choose! ahahaha. Thanks for sharing these awesome blogs. Blessings, SusanD

Melissa Miller said...

Teresa your grandchildren are all just so PRECIOUS! ~Adorable!

Many blessings to you and yours sweet friend. ~Melissa :)

Nezzy said...

Your grandkiddos are just precious. You have had a blessed year, my lady!

Have a fun day and a wonderfully blessed weekend!!!

PEA said...

Such treasured pictures taken throughout the year and I just love how close the two brothers are!! You don't see that too often, usually brothers are always fighting. I know one family whose two boys are forever at each others throats and it's such a shame.

Hopefully you'll get your laptop back soon. I bought mine over a year ago and just love it. I also have a computer but hardly ever use it anymore.

I have taken a quick peak at the blogs you mentioned and I agree with you, they're all wonderful. Traci's life must be so busy with those four adorable boys!! Stephanie's new baby girl is just precious and I love the pictures she shares of her...also has 3 boys, all gorgeous:) I can see why you enjoy visiting all four of these blogs!!

Hope your weekend is a fabulous one, my friend. xoxo

Love Being a Nonny said...

Beneath My Heart is a great blog! I read through several of her posts...thanks for sharing.

(And I love all your pictures)

Lesli said...

I love looking at pictures of your beautiful family!! I am going to visit the blogs you suggested and will get back with you with one I REALLY like.. can't you tell that I want to win...lol . Hope you have a great weekend and I am so glad you got in touch with Stephanie, can't wait to see your new look!

Nise' said...

Happy Blogoversary!

Thanks for stopping by my place to say hi!

Nancy said...

Such fun pictures and memories! YOu are truly blessed with a wonderful family!


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Great pictures my friend. I am a proud Nana just like you. Aren't grandyoungin's just the best thing ever!?

I hope to make your list one day too! You have a great following.

I will be checking out the blogs you recommended.

Love to you - Beth

Weezer said...

I never get tired of seeing the photos of your beautiful family. What would we do without our blessed ones around us? I'd just fall apart, I think. They keep me going day to day.
I pray that things will be perfect for the cath next week. There's always worry, I know, but technology has gotten so advanced. Both my parents have had one in the past 6 months. I pray for healing and strength.
Hugs, prayers, and blessings.

Yash said...
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Just a little something from Judy said...

Your pictures are such treasures! You must look at them often. Each one is adorable. You have a way of capturing emotion along with your pictures. It is a joy to visit this blog. You are a generous lady in your giveaways.

Cathy Davis said...

Thank you for beebopping over to my place! I love all the sweet pictures of the boys. So so precious!

Michelle said...

Those are some great pictures... I particularly love when you've got them dressed up in that great purple :)

Anonymous said...

Goodness, Teresa, you're so sweet to mention me! I've enjoyed reconnecting with you through the blog world. Of course it's funny to me that I'm up-to-date with you and your family's happenings but I never ever see you and you're just across the River!

Thanks for introducing us to a few of your other blog friends! As always you're the perfect hostess, making sure all your guests get to know each other and feel right at home with you!

P.S. Praying for good heart cath results.

Lindsey said...

I love Stacy, too! I hope everything goes well for your husband next week!

Grandma Cyndi said...

Loved the year in review pictures, such a great family. Read the blogs and really enjoyed them all, especially Snooldings and Beneath my Heart. The tribute to her Dad and Mom was beautiful. Have a quiet weekend.

Bacardi Mama said...

Choosing just one is hard, but I'd have to say Hope in a Boys World. I love your blog and hearing all about your sweet family.

Erika said...

Such beautiful pictures!!! I love your blog! Happy Blog-o-versary!!!!! :-)



SarahMerritt said...

I headed over to THE FANCY FRITTER and I LOVE her etsy stuff!!! I am now following her!!

lisasmith said...

how i love your pictures!!! and, i thank you for your prayers and support =)

it's been nice catching up here tonight. may you have a blessed spring break with your grandbabies!! love, lisa xoxo