Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I have not fallen off the earth, though I feel like it, as I have been a few days, as in 4 days with no internet. My family is totally convinced that I have an addiction and have suggested intervention. We have only had one vehicle so I have had no way to get to an internet connection while they have been on the slopes.
I am typing this from a little coffee shop in Frisco's Safeway (really I AM PEOPLE WATCHING) This is the oldest and SLOWEST COMPUTER I have. Long story why I brought it but it is wearing me out.
My son-in-law just dropped me off and said, "Stay until you get your fix"!
What a great guy.
We started the trip with a BANG. My husband and Micah (my son-in-law) both had altitude sickness almost from the time we landed in Vail. Amanda and I both had headaches and felt pretty crummy the first 24 hours, but they ended up spending 6 hours in the ER and coming home with oxygen. Their oxygen levels were REALLY low. I have heard more stories of people that have come here for years that on recent trips have experienced the same thing. Weird. It has never affected us before. The doctor said there is no rhythm or reason, no respecter of age, or any real defining reason for when and why it happens. BUT IT HAPPENED TO US ON THIS TRIP...and it was not FUN.
Moving on to Sunday, lots of snow and lots of sadness. The Vikings-Saints game was enough to put me in the hospital. It didn't, but seeing Brett take such a beating was heart breaking to me. I understand in the grand scheme of life, its just a game, but I so wanted him to go to the Super Bowl. But he did SET ONE MORE record in my book...TOUGHEST COMPETITOR on the earth. I am hoping for one more year, but if that does not happen, I will always remember this AS ONE OF HIS BEST!

I love the Manning boys so I hope Peyton gets a win.

Many stories and lots of pictures when I get home Friday. For some reason this computer will not even read my camera card. The kids snowboarded today and are beat. Parker loved snowboarding and had a day of private lessons. I think he will sleep good tonight. Jack and I stayed at the house with baby Jack, who will be 2 in less than a week. Wow has that been fast. He has been a little angel on this trip. It has snowed some everyday and the scenery is beyond beautiful. We are staying in a fabulous house that belongs to good friends.

Since I cannot get my computer to read my pictures..will leave you with a picture of Grayson that Greg emailed me this week. This was Grayson's first time to sit in a BIG BOY chair last SUNDAY when they were eating out.
I am looking forward to catching up with all my blog friends, as in a FULL day of doing NOTHING but that. I am hoping that will be Saturday..Better get back to the condo to play some more cards and eat another good meal. Amanda and Micah have been our personal chefs this week and they are awesome. Last night we did go to Vail Village to eat. That is a post in its self. AS IN THE GPS MALFUNCTIONED. Enough said!


Suburban Princess said...

Oh my goodness what a little cutie!!!!!

I am sorry your trip hasnt been 100% fabulous! Hopefully things improve!

Paige said...

Good to hear from you! Hope you enjoy the rest of your time. Have a great week!

ShEiLa said...

The whole Vail story is awful. I have never heard anything like this before... Wow. I always have to be careful with altitudes and my asthma... but Wow, scary.

I don't think I would survive internetless for 4 days. ;)


Lesli said...

Wow, I cant believe you had to start your trip off in the ER.. I hope everyone is feeling much better! I can't wait to see pictures, my son is going to vail in a couple of weeks with his grandparents.. they go every year and that is where he learned to snow board! He loves it so much that he is in the ski club at school!!

Thanks so much for replying so quickly to email about Disney, that was soo sweet of you especially when you were getting ready to leave on your trip.

I am so glad you are getting your internet fix, even if it is a little one..lol.. I would be the same way...Have a great rest of the week and be safe!


Leslee said...

Ooooh Teresa! I was literally pulling my hair out Sunday! So, so dissapointed... But yes, Brett took it like the MAN he is, those low life Saints beating up on him like that HA!!!

Glad you are having a good time and look forward to more stories and LOADS of pictures :-)

Channa said...

I am glad everyone is feeling better!! Enjoy the rest of your time there! I am so jealous! (but not of the sickness!!:)

Kat said...

Yes, my family thinks the same way about my addiction to blogging too! LOL

Yikes, the trip to the ER was scary, I'm sure. It sounds like you're all having a good time though and I can only imagine how beautiful your view must be. Can't wait to see photos when you get home.


SarahMerritt said...

Oh I was so waiting to see a Colts Vikings superbowl! Sadly the saints beat poor Brett! So me being a good Indiana girl will be cheering for the boys in blue next sunday!
hope the rest of your stay is much less eventful and just fun and relaxing


Nina Diane said...

nice to hear from you....sounds like a good vacation except for all of that high altitude and oxygen stuff in the beginning! Can't wait to see some pics. We used to take the kids out of school every year the last week of January for our annual ski trip. We did it for 9 years...now they are all grown and can't get the time off of work...I sure miss those trips. look forward to hearing from you soon....

Nezzy said...

She lives! Woohoo!!! It was so good to hear from you. I was thinking about you just this morning and hoping you were having a blast.
That pic of Grayson it just precious. He's a doll Grammy!!!

Enjoy your trip and a safe trip home. God bless ya'll!!!

Just a little something from Judy said...

So good to hear from you again. Understand your addiction, and smiled as I thought of you sitting in the grocery store. I did think of you when I watched the football game on Sunday. Sorry about Brett's loss. Hope the rest of your trip goes better than the first part. You are fortunate to have your own personal chefs along with you. Can't wait to see the pictures. Your little guy is so adorable!

Grandma Cyndi said...

What a heart breaking game, I watched every minute and was pulling for Brett till the very end. I do question his throwing that last pass when they were in field goal range however. Up until then he had taken a lickin and kept on tickin! So So So sad and yes we will also be pulling for Manning in two weeks. (And in the overall scheme of things -ie Haiti- it is certainly not important, but still feels like it is a major deal).
I suffer from altitude issues and know how scary it can be glad they are all ok. Sounds like a great trip, have a safe return.

whimzie said...

Sorry you guys got sick but glad things are shaping up. Sounds like a great place to be and great people to be with. Have fun and stay safe!!

A Skin Bag for Jesus! said...

What a cute post! Though sorry for the sickness!

I so relate the to computer addiction. Whatever did we do before them? Better yet, however did we communicate so wonderfully?

Thanks for the humor. Hope ya'll are feeling back up to par.


Weezer said...

I had forgotten that you were going on your trip out west. I thought about you on Sunday as I watched the game. Wondered if you were where you could see it.
I hope the rest of your trip is uneventful.
Love the picture. That's a little doll.

SusanD said...

So glad you're having a good time. I thought of you often as I watched the Vikings/Saints game. I was pullin for the old man, but it just didn't happen for him. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip and seeing your pictures. Blessings, SusanD

Jane In The Jungle said...

Have a great rest of the week!

PS Love the Manning boys also, but love the Saints too...sigh...

Travelbug Mom said...

Safe travels.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Wow! That altitude sickness sounds awful! I have never heard of anyone getting that flying on a commercial flight. My hubby flew Army helicopters and has been on an Air Force F-14...(had some moments of dry heaves on that training flight).
But yuck! That is wierd to think a flight could have results like your husband and SIL experienced.

Glad to hear that everyone ended up feeling better for the rest of the vacation.

(Yes, your grandbabies are all beautiful!)

Blessings & Aloha!