Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Man

A Son That Loves His DAD

Now that I have introduced myself to you, I am going to take each of my immediate family members and for the next few posts, introduce them.

I have to start with "my man"! We have been married for almost 37 years. When I was a cheerleader in high school, he was the high school football coach. That immediately makes it sound sketchy. NOT....

Jack is nine years older than me and that has always been a plus for us. We did not date until I went to college and he was at the same college that summer to finish his Masters Degree. We dated for a year and married the next June. Our main connection back then was our love for football. Today, I our greatest connection is sharing the same kids and grandkids. I loved being a coaches wife. And that I was for the next 20 years.

If you ask twenty people that know my husband well to describe him in one word, they would all say "servant"! His greatest love is helping people and making people (especially his family) happy.

Let me backtrack a bit and tell a little of his story. He was put in foster care at a very early age, so for the first 15 years of his life, he was a ward of the county and went from one foster home to another. When he was in the 10th grade, his Junior High School football coach, who was only 13 years older than he, stopped him in the hall and ask him if he would like to come to live with his family. A year or so later, they offically adopted him. So for the first time ever, he was a part of a family at 16. You can see why "FAMILY" means everything to him.

We spent the next years on children and football. We had a son and then 6 years later a daughter. Jack was a head football coach in several places in Texas and moving was just part of a coach's life. As I think back, it was quite a journey and so many treasured friends came from those coaching jobs. Finally we stopped in Shreveport, coaching at Evangel Christian Academy, and have lived here for the past 20 years.

After retiring from coaching, sitting around was not in Jack's vocabulary, so he found the perfect job. He had lots of bus driving experience from his coaching days, so in the past years he has driven chartered buses for college athletic teams. A job he can do as much or as little as he wants. That leaves lots of time for trips with the grandchildren.

No two kids have a better Dad than mine do. They know they got super lucky in the Dad department. He is the best! And equally good at being POP to the three and almost 4 grandsons, that we adore. But there has never been a day that I have not known that I was his Princess. And if I do forget it, my girlfriends quickly remind me.

We have shared so much. Good times and not so good times. In the past years we have gone on some wonderful trips...I have had the opportunity to travel with him on some really fun bus trips to some fabulous places. Our favorite trips are "grandparent trips" and we do them often.

I am so blessed to walk this road called life, with such a great MAN!


Sheryl said...

I enjoy getting to know other blogger's families. It's something that not many of us take the time to do. Your "man" sounds amazing. God certainly blessed you and your family.

Looking forward to meeting the next member.

His Doorkeeper said...

Hi Teresa!
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and welcome to Bloggyville! I enjoyed reading a little about your family. We have alot of things in common especially being married 37 plus years and being a loving grandma!

I take it that you have been reading my daughter's blog long enough to know what we just went through with our first grandbaby! God is so good!

Hope you come by again soon!
Judy (Kelly's Korner's Mom)

Paula (SweetPea) said...

What a sweet tribute to your husband and his character as a man, husband, father, and grandfather.

MiMi said...

Stumbled across your blog and just wanted to welcome you to blogging. My daughter got me started this past year and I cannot tell you what a blessing blogging has been in my life. I have met so many wonderful friends through blogging.

I have enjoyed reading about your family and I look forward to learning about more of your family members.

This was such a sweet tribute to your hubby! I am thankful that the Lord blessed you with such a godly husband.

Have a great weekend!

Nancy Mon said...

Thanks for introducing us to your hubby. Waiting for more family installments. :)

Just a little something from Judy said...

What a kind and caring tribute to your husband. I am thankful that I discovered this blog. It is colorful and inspiring, and I look forward to reading more. said...

I feel so privleged getting a chance to hear of such a fine man.

Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

you are so sweet! and your husband sounds like an amazing blessing!!!

love you!

Julie said...

It is so neat to "meet" you. Welcome to Blogging!! It is quite addictive.

I loved reading your list. I have to disagree though and say I love warm weather more!! :-) But I too love football, books, and Beth Moore studies.

I loved the post about your husband. What an honoring post!! Husbands are the best!!!

Nana Net said...

Thanks so much for visitng my blog. I hope you come back often.
Your blog is trulu a great one. This post here about your husband made me cry. What a blessing our dear Lord has given you! Your husband sounds a lot like my own husband. Plus like you I too have been married a long time. Just not quite as long as you! (22 years here) Thank you for sharing these great stories about your family and yourself with us all. I look forward to reading more. Take care and blessings to you all.

Nana Net

Tracy said...

Wow, first I read about your son, and now your are indeed a very blessed woman! God must think you're pretty special to give you such an amazing hubby and son. Can't wait to read about your daughter.

Loved reading about you and your hubby...his background, how you met, etc.

Thank you for sharing! May God continue to bless your marriage with abundant joy!

A Stone Gatherer said...

What a wonderful example of a Godly husband! My husband is just the tops too! He is the best husband and father anyone could ask for! I praise God for him!

JANE said...

WOW and I thought I had a great guy, LOL!!

The Cowan's said...

I am reading your posts backwards. My husband and I are getting ready to look into fostering with the intention to adopt. We are not able to start our own family, so we are excited to give love to children who need it so bad, but haven't had it consistantly. It is great to hear that your husband was able to experience it.