Sunday, March 11, 2012


I am so sorry I have missed a couple of days.  I had thought
that even though I was working the Junior League show, I would have time to put together a short post at night. I feel like I left you all hanging on Crew. 
The last couple of  nights I have come home too tired to think muck less write a sentence, plus I did not know much.  It has been a week of 2 more surgeries  for the little man. 

 Instead of hearing my words tonight I am just going to share some snippets of notes I received from Marie and her dear Mom, Bonnie. 
 I can tell you each time I get one I want to drop to my knees and ask God why. 
Why a little 7 week old boy has gone through so much? Why the immense suffering? 
Why not a break?  I don’t know the answers but I know I will keep praying, keep encouraging them, and keep loving on them.   
Crew is fighting  3 infections that are not responding great.  His skin is breaking down, most of the time he is heavily sedated…I could go on and on but you get the picture.  Here are some words from their hearts.

Wednesday from Marie

His main surgeon who specializes in what Crew has, has really gotten attached to him during his short little life! He has been with him as much as me! After surgery today he teared up twice out of sympathy for Crew with genuine worry about his future.
He said Crew has taken 10 years off his life from worrying everyday. He said he isn't letting him go until he KNOWS (as good as he can) that Crew is ok for now and that I feel capable of caring for yet another thing, an open wound.

I cried with him feeling defeated, exhausted, and so much sadness for this tiny baby who has literally been through hell.
All he does is fight and his body can't fight everything all day everyday. So if he can do it, so can we!

Apparently God keeps swooping in and showing everyone that Crew is his, and is going to do amazing things.
 Crew shouldn't even be here...doctors told me after my ectopic pregnancy it would be nothing short of a miracle to have a baby.
They removed a tube and ovary, and said my other side was damaged. I was devastated! Even my sister with her OBGYN nurse skills was broken hearted for me every month we tried and failed.
She said think about adoption.
I begged for fertility treatments and they kept saying you can take every drug there is and it's not going to work. So to satisfy me, they gave me some, the night before I was going to start the treatments, Clennton said your face looks different.
You look pregnant. In my anger rage at him for saying something like that to me, because I wanted it so bad, I went to Wal-Mart at midnight to prove him wrong, again.
45 min. Later I was screaming.... I was pregnant. I called Rhonda and screamed, she begged me to go get more tests and don't get to excited yet. I bought 5! All positive! I was possibly the happiest person on the planet. I called my doctor and he couldn't believe it.
Then began my high risk pregnancy. Lots of tests, ultrasounds, preterm labor scares, I didn't care. I was having a baby. Against all odds. Then began his journey on earth, where a few times he shouldn't have made it.

He did. We did. God is using our boy to spread the word of faith, prayer, healing, and love.

What an honor! Whatever happens from today on, is a blessing and a miracle. I'm blessed everyday I get to be his mother. He reached a place in my soul that I didn't even know was possible. I couldn't be more proud of my tiny fighter...

Crew back to sur

Now if you made it through that one in one piece you know the strength of this young Mom!

Another note from Marie

Crew just got taken back to be put to sleep for the third time in 7 weeks to have his PICC line placed.
Pray for him please and me.... I'm running on fumes and tears....

Crew back to surgery 2

And then another note

Crew is sleeping peacefully right now. His PICC line is placed, they are having a hard time fighting all 3 infections without damaging his kidneys more.
2 of the bacteria are     
Strong and resistant and require IV antibiotics.

He is still very uncomfortable and still on lots of pain meds. His blood pressure is still high and requiring medication.
The tube in his belly is not draining like it needs to, so later they will manipulate it and try to make it drain so his hole in the bladder can heal.
Thanks for all the prayers....

Then a text I received from her Mom last night

Crew has been awake some today and looked around.  (he loves to look at Bob (her husband)
It made me cry to see him awake and peaceful.  I have not seen that before. Thank you for checking on us.  Some of your precious blog friends have emailed me. I feel the hugs ….
Crew and gir

So you can see your prayers and notes have blessed this family.  I am a mess from just writing this.

I so want them to get a break…
a good nights sleep, a pain free day, a bucket of HOPE, a cup of MERCY, a day they can spend with their other children, a smile from Crew, a smile from the doctor meaning the infections are gone….a worry free day, 100 encouraging words, and hugs at every turn.   

 Please HOPE and PRAY with me. 

I will be back with another post in a few days with another post that I have debated about posting…
A Miracle Story! 
Have a great Sunday……Teresa


joanne said...

Thank you for the update! you sound exhausted, please get some rest. Crew has been on my heart and I am on my knees praying for him to have a peaceful day and a true miracle. Blessings to him, to his tired and hopeful family. So many prayers going up for them...prayers flying to heaven on little wings, not a thought or word goes unheard. take care all.

Theresa said...

Oh dear Teresa, the payers are going up for Crew and his family! Love to all and continued prayers.

Justabeachkat said...

Marie is right...God is using this tiny fighter! I am praying and will continue to keep all those who love him, as well as the doctors and nurses, in my prayers.


Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

How sweet and precious is Crew! Prayers for their family. I remember the many days spent on the children's wing and Pediatric ICU, when our (now 21yr old son) was 14yrs old and going through chemo. We are so thankful and blessed that that challenging time is behind us and prayers that this period of time that Crew and his family are in will turn around! Hugs to sweet little Crew. (My 2 yr old nephew is named Crew also.)

I have not been by as often as I would like, but wanted to be sure to stop and say hello. Hope that all of you in your home are doing well.

Blessings & Aloha!
I also wanted to share that finally our first little grandbaby arrived yesterday morning, March 10th.

Love Being A Nonny said...

A miracle indeed. I am praying for Crew. We have a it touches my heart in a more personal way. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus.

Bacardi Mama said...

Thank you so much for the updates. My heart just breaks for this family and beautiful little man. My prayers keep flowing for them. I hope they are heard very soon.

His Doorkeeper said...

Crew is God's child and He knows his name. We lift little Crew up in prayer, in faith, knowing God's mercy and grace is real. i pray for Crew's family because I know a day, even an hour, can seem forever when you are waiting!

God, please, glorify Yourself through Crew. Our hope is that he will be made well. We wait for You, expecting a miracle!

Thanks Teresa, for your time and love for this child to keep everyone informed!

Nezzy said...

I was gonin' to email you this mornin'. Crew has been heavy on my heart all weekend. Now I know why.

Seem like this little fella was a miracle from the get~go. God does the impossible.

Know I'm agreein' in prayer with ya'll for our little Crew. I pray that God opens up a flood of miracles upon this faithful family.

They are certainly lettin' their light shine brightly in their darkest hours.

I know a God of miracles and what seems impossible becomes possible.

God bless ya Miss Teresa, please get some rest yourself. I can read exhaustion in your words.

Have a great day and we'll band together expectin' GOOD NEWS!!!

Shelia said...

Hi Teresa! Oh, poor little doll. I will be praying for little Crew and his family!
Shelia ;)

Janelle said...

Poor sweet babe... I will keep him in my prayers!

sabri said...

sending out more prayers...what an addorable little guy...and so strong..he is..god bless

debi said...

So hard to see this sweet little boy when I get to enjoy my healthy 7 mo. old grand daughter every day. I am so thankful for that. I will continue to pray for Crew and those that love him. May they have a peace that surpasses understanding. We serve a mighty God, he hears our prayers. I encourage all to put him on prayer lists at church, small groups etc...
Thanks for keeping us posted.
Get some rest friend..