Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Never do I post everyday. If you missed my Chicago post go back and read it here.

I am not that kind of blogger.  I wish I was  but life does not permit. 
This week I have some extra hotel time so I had to share what “encouragement”  looks like.  What a hug in words looks like.

You will remember Mike from the times he has guest posted on my blog here, here! He is the Marine. 

Last week I sent him a note asking him to pray for Jack as he begins this new venture.  I have to share his letter to Jack.

Hey Coach,

Ms. Teresa said in passing you'd be heading up to Chicago for some training for a new employment opportunity.  I think that's just an incredible prospect for you. I wanted to drop you a note and let you know I’d be praying for you, and really just to encourage you to go for it. As I consider new job prospects myself, I know as men we can feel uneasy about doing something completely new and really outside our comfort zone.

I know how much God has done in your life since the stroke, and how like every competitive football player, you dug down deep and refused to let that one beat you—as you did with heart bypass surgery.
Truly the Lord sustains us and gives us the grace and strength to overcome.

I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing you before your Evangel days, but I know the coaching cloth from which you are cut.

Most people don’t know the seeds of football greats were spawned in Arkansas: Jerry Jones, Ken Hatfield, Barry Switzer, Tommy Tuberville, Paul “Bear” Bryant, Charles McClendon, “Rip” Powell, just to name a few. Fans just don’t get to see what coaches really go through.

Your wife and kids lived with it. I got to see it for a year. I’m pretty sure that year there weren’t many other coaches in Louisiana putting that much work into what needed to be done on a daily basis, much less at Evangel. And I have no doubt that your tenacity at mastering this job will be just as great.

I often talk to my Marines with a football in my hand because it’s a language I know and one most people understand.

So with talk of a former coach starting over, I’d like to share something with you I know you can appreciate. Fans of yesteryear will recall these facts, but most who can appreciate them have silver in their hair.

My uncle, Charles McClendon, didn’t play a down of high school football. He used to say when he got to Magnolia A&M (Southern State later) they had to show him how to put the pads in his pants—since he was there to play basketball.

A few years under Bear Bryant in Kentucky; defensive coordinator for LSU’s 1958 National Championship Team; 18 years as the most successful LSU head football coach—and one too many losses to Bryant at Bama--he was out the door to start something new: Executive Director of the Tangerine Bowl (later the Citrus Bowl).

His first year as director they had their first sell out. When asked how he had succeeded in doing so, he responded, “They’d never hired a scared football coach before.”
I’m sure you feel that you may be facing the same daunting task, but I have every confidence you’ll succeed.

Otherwise, the Lord wouldn’t have given you this opportunity to show himself strong on your behalf.

I’ve attached a link to a story I think you’d enjoy about moving on. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

You continue to be in my prayers and I hope to see you this summer as we pass through.


That friend is  what encouragement looks like….and if you have time to read the article, it is GREAT. 

Now grab your computer or a pen and paper and encourage someone that needs it. 
You don’t have to write eloquent words like Mike does and can…

just say “You can do it” or “You are going to make it”

It just might change someone's day.

Now for your  laugh of the day this is what I woke up to today on my phone!

Jack Buzz

This is JACK, SPONGE BOB, BUZZ LIGHTYEAR, ALL in ONE PACKAGE.  HE just appeared in the living room like  this…

It is snowing again in Chicago

snow in Ch


Nezzy said...

Looks like both the Jacks in your life are ready to soar!!!

Love that little Buzz Lightyear!!! Ya can just see the personality oozin' outta that one!

Burrrr... looks cold there in the windy city.

What an amazin' letter of encouragement. You are so right we need to make it our propose to lift other up.

Enjoy the evenin' sweetie!

God bless ya!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Words are such a balm of comfort and encouragement. Mike is one of those who Jack has touched. Awesome words of wisdom. I don't know if you and Jack can go somewhere and not make new friends. You just seem to have that special way about you.

Sponge Bob Buzz Lightyear is one cutie pie!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Love, love, love the picture of Jack!
The letter is incredible. What a gift Mike has for giving encouragement to others. What a blessing it is to have him in your life.
I love Chicago, my kind of town Chicago is....my hometown!

Mellodee said...

Yesterday I commented here about some of the ways that Chicago is a great city to visit.

Today, the second photo you posted shows why Chicago is NOT such a great city to LIVE in (at least not in winter!!) LOL!! That is why I now live in Texas!! :)

Theresa said...

WOW, I remember what a blessing Mike was in your lives when Jack was healing! Encouragement is so important and mighty easy to share! Have a blessed day, can't wait to hear how your trip turns out!

Jack is too precious! I know you miss him!

Love the picture of the snow! HUGS!