Thursday, November 24, 2011


Before I post, someone help me out….The winner of the  ornaments was Michelle from
Blogger will not let me comment on her blog nor do I have an email address…
If you know her would you ask her to get in  touch with….

I want to get both sets of ornaments in the mail.

No Thanksgiving post here….
I could fake one but I think I would rather JUST be real. 
This has been a hard tree season, a Hard week, a Hard Month, for many reasons, Life has just been hard..
It wont always be that way but today I could not get my head above the Hurts and Sadness. 

I have done a lot of thinking about why I cannot seem to smile and this is the list I came up with.  I can fake a smile….so its not like the world knows.

1. Last year I was still in shock from Jacks stroke.  This year I have lived out the year with so many changes in our life…

so I started trees Totally exhausted this year…BUT I AM THANKFUL I HAVE A JOB AND LOVE all my CLIENTS….

2. There is Family discord  (You have it to at times so I am not thinking this is a rare problem)
But it is a weight I have been dragging around everyday. 

People let you down and that’s just part of life. 

3.  I have caught every Bug, cold, you name it, I have worked sick most of the season.

4. I worked today on Thanksgiving.
it was a necessity to get caught up…we are on the downhill push now. 

5.  The last ten days  I averaged 15 hours a day and I am WAY too old to do that.  Without me telling you my age, trust me on this one….too old to stay on the ladder for hours…

6.  So, so thankful for my elves…This year they have really taken up the slack on Days I wanted to sit in the Floor and Cry.
7.  I HAVE a close friend and client that I adore and she has spent the last 11 days in the hospital…I have probably done her tree as long as anyone.  She is in Total Kidney failure and there are no answers….Please remember to whisper a prayer for Mischa. 

8.  I have a blog Buddy who is walking through the Darkest days a wife can. 
I cannot even type about it without the tears pouring…Pray for Paige.

I am sorry this is such a downer on Thanksgiving.  I am thankful…for so much … four little's, my kids, my husband, health, friends that know when I need a lift, great BLOG friends, the ability to still climb a ladder, Epson salt, Marcy who will do my hair at a moments notice, coffee, football (I am finally coming around after Brett and Adopting Tim Tebow),

Thankful that I hate Black Friday and probably could not be Paid to fight the crowds, thankful that we are finished with a house that took a combined total of over 200 hours…I promise pictures are coming..

I have totally Failed at keeping both blogs up this year…

There will be a great POST FULL of PICTURES coming in the next few days on the holiday blog
(an elf is doing it for me)
I will leave you with a few family pictures that will hopefully make you smile..

 Gray as Dana was Decorating her Tree

Gray lights

then there is jack trying to get “Stwonga”

Jack exercising

then Dana and Greg on their recent Trip to Atlantis

greg and dana Atlanta

Dana so cute

Beautiful Dana

greg at
Love This Picture of My Boy!

Love to all my blog friends. 
Tell me if you do Black Friday and what great deals you get this year. 


Doris said...

Too funny - my Grandson has a pair of jammies just like Gray =)

Does life ever slow down??? Seems it should but hasn't yet!

Theresa said...

Oh my friend, I am not a black Friday shopper either! Too old:) and it just isn't fun to me! Anyway, I will whisper prayers for those in need of prayer! Every family has prayer needs and so does mine!

Hope you finish your work and get some much deserved rest SOON!

Hugs and continued prayers!

Nezzy said...

'Love those beautiful pictures sweetie. Especially how little Grey is lightin' up the world!!! Now that's too stinkin' cute!!

I notified your 'lucky' ornament winner for ya. Gave her both the name of your blog and your email address. It's a done deal!!!

Know my prayers will be with and those on your list. I just can't imagine how this time of year takes a toll physically and emotionally, then ya pile on life's crud!!! 'Just know I'm holdin' ya up sweetie!

God bless and have an extraordinary weekend my friend. :o)

BTW: If ya get a chance...(like your not busy) place, ya'll come!!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I went over and saw that Nezzy left Michelle a message. It is perfectly normal to be down when you have worked your butt off for weeks and have people you care about that are not doing well. I will pray for Mischa nad Paige.
((HUGS))to you.

Justabeachkat said...

Bless your heart! Wish I could come be one of your elves. Hang in there sweet friend.

Gentle hugs to you,

Mammy said...

Bless your heart. Sounds like you are on overload in every area of your life. Hope you find a little time for yourself sometime this weekend. It's amazing what a long soaking bath and a good book can do....

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I'm so very sorry that there's been some sad moments in your life. You sound exhausted, Teresa! I'm praying that God's grace will cover you in the tough times. I'm also praying for Mischa and Paige's family. My heart breaks for the both of them to experience some difficult moments.

I'm not one to shop and at this point, I can only hope and pray that Christmas flies by this year. I'm just not ready for the commercialism or gimmees that seem to overtake people.

Hang in there and get some rest, my friend.

Chris H said...

{{{HUGS}}} girl. I hope some of the stress eases soon for you.

Tanya said...

Oh Teresa,
I feel so bad for you! Please rest rest rest when you can! I can't imagine doing what you do....decorating JUST my house exhausts me and I don't do half the details you do!
You will be in my prayers for joy to enter your heart and for you to feel better...both physically and emotionally. God heals!

mississippi artist said...

Praying for you, I am too old to work this crazy Christmas rush too...but I have to try.Your work is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

OH!!! I just left an email for you.
I am trying to catch up from having SUPER SICK kids for the last few weeks.
Thank you for having people try to get ahold of me - Your pics are so beautiful - such lovely work - I hope your ankle is feeling better. I don't know WHY google is being ugly - half the time it won't let me post comments either!! :(