Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Confession is good for the soul…Right?

So hear goes…I confess
that I have been blogging for two and half years and I had never looked at the dashboard, really looked at it.
I had never looked to see who or how many people read my blog.

Had no idea that feature was on the dashboard. 
I accidently found it when I was trying to add a font (Vicki, I followed your instructions and I still could not do it) 
But I sure found lots of tabs I had never seen before.
I have no clue how bloggers do all the fancy things on their blogs.  I wish I did. 

I realized that many new people I don’t know, read this blog.

Since I am confessing…here are a few more

We have four grandsons, known as “the little's”!
If I am at home, they are welcome to be here anytime..translates to free babysitting, ANYTIME. All day, all night…They have their own room and when it is empty, I feel sad.

I love planning a vacation down to the smallest detail. My vacation of choice would always be The Mouse.

I love rainy days and cold weather.  Most people like just the opposite.

I hate for Parker to be out of town! (he is in Florida at the beach…this boy has a hard life) We text, but his texts are all two word answers. 

I love my IPAD and want to learn everything it will do.

I get up everyday with the goal of exercising and most days I don’t. So I go to bed sad that I failed. 

I hate paper work and will let it pile up until I feel overwhelmed.

Getting up early almost makes me SICK.  Those last three hours of sleep…6-9 or 7-10 are my favorite three hours. My kids are well aware of this and please do not ask me anything first thing in the morning.

This last year has been a hard year. Really hard. There are some things I really need to get a handle on.
We are almost to July 1 and that is always my signal to start thinking about tree season.

I was again reminded on Sunday that I have a husband, son and son-in-love that all consider DAD their TOP priority in life.  I am blessed.

It is hard to believe that Gray will be two this week.  He and Jack are becoming really good buddies.

This will not be a marathon post because I only have two pictures.
Both ones Amanda snapped this morning with her phone.

Jack Rain

Jack’s new favorite pants, some pajama pants I
cut off yesterday….VERY STYLISH

Jack dressed in STYLE

Jack in another STYLISH outfit. Rain gear! It can be found in many different stores.

Do not MISS this post on
Love Being a Nonny’s blog.


Bacardi Mama said...

I was also amazed when I first realized all the things on my dashboard. Love the pix.

Vicki said...

Teresa, I'm sorry you didn't get the font to change. Maybe my directions weren't clear... I'll be happy to send them again if you want, just let me know.

Joyce said...

I feel the same most days about exercise...good intentions but not so good on the follow thru. sigh.

Doris said...

Hi Teresa, there is so much I don't know how to do in blogging. Frustrates me sometimes!

Being a Nana is the best! I love my Grandchildren so much....even the 2 teenagers. They grow up so fast. Welcoming your Littles in your home anytime is precious.....they are blessed! (and I'm sure you feel blessed as well!)

Have a great day!

Sally said...

LOVE Jack's stylin' pj's. LOL

I need to check the dashboard!

Have a blessed day. :)

West Side of Straight said...

Have always loved your blog! Wish my littles granddaughter lived closer so we could bond as you do with your gkids. Our 2 oldest now grown up! Time sure does go by fast! Have a great day! Jo in MN

Sue said...

Hi Teresa,
I think you have this blogger thing figured out better than I, just look at your pretty blog with all of the bells and whistles!

Happy Birthday to your Grayson ~
and you and I share a few things, like the paperwork, exercising, IPad love, and 4 grands!! {and we are getting addicted to the mouse too, we are planning another quick trip this Jan}

Have a great day!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Kat @ Justabeachkat has left a new comment on your post "I CONFESS":

I've been experimenting with my blog and have made some changes lately. It's amazing how much I still need to learn.

Cute photos of Jack!

btw...there is an app for the iPad which makes blogging on it MUCH easier. It's called BlogPress. I just found it yesterday.

Big hugs and much love,

ShirleyC said...

I don't think you're the only person that hasn't noticed the blog feed in Dashboard.
I intend to do a blog post about that hoping others will notice it. I have a lot of followers that have never commented on my blog so I hope that is why.

myletterstoemily said...

thank you for trusting us with your
confessions! i can relate with many
of them. your 'littles' are so cute!

i don't understand the dashboard
thing at all, and am in awe of those
who keep track of their traffic.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I can't believe that Grayson is turning two! I remember when he was a newborn. Time has gone by so very quickly. I can see how the Mouse would be the best place to visit.

Theresa said...

I look at the dashboard but don't know how to do lots of the fancy stuff either:) We both share a HUGE love for our Grandkids, I can't call mine "littles" because two are taller than me! Have a blessed day in your sweet world my friend, enjoy!


Mrs. Pancakes said...

i loved your confession about finding your dashboard...cute! yes lots of people follow you!

Connie said...

Love your new blog look and I desperately need to change up mine and wish it were easier. I have been blogging for 3 years and don't everything either...I'd like to change my font and a whole lot more. Anyway...I love your list of confessions and LOVE you because I found another person who thinks about working out everyday and doesn't!!! Me too!!! I even get dressed for it!! I wish it was easier!

I stay up late so getting up early is a problem too! I do love sunrises when I am up early! Love your cute grandson...he's pretty cute!


nancygrayce said...

You can see that on your dashboard????? Well, you know a lot more than I do! And I have no idea how to use any other font than the one on blogger and I'd love to use pretty ones!

So our grands share a birthday! Mine always have a place here too!!!!! O.K. maybe not their own room!

Jen M said...

New follower from Friday Blog Hop! :)
Jen @ My Secret Home

Jen@born2impress said...

Hi there.
Following from the Friday hop.
I hope you have a chance to stop by and say hi:)

Grandma Bonnie said...

New follower from Fridays hop.
Hope you follow back.

Cousin B said...

Thanks for stopping by, I too am catching up. I LOVE your blog and am always envious of how cute it looks! Don't feel bad about the exercise, you're not alone....We didn't fail...the days are just too short.

Kristens Creations said...

Jack is sooo cute!! I know you adore all three of your boys...I wish we were going to be at market the same time! Darn! I was hoping to do luch Sat. afternoon...Maybe next time. Kristen

The Old White Barn said...

Loved your confession - and now I'm going to check out my dashboard!

Now following - and so glad I found you!
The Old White Barn

Lisa said...

Hi Teresa!
I love your blog! How have I not visited you before? Yes. The dashboard is way cool. It helps me keep up with all the kindred spirits that I follow. I usually comment from the dashboard. Do you?
BTW I got an IPAD for Mother's Day and all I can do is play solitaire on it. I almost sure it was a complete waste of money.LOL!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Love your confessions. Can't believe you had never been to dashboard!!!!