Sunday, May 1, 2011


EDITED SUNDAY NIGHT  What a way to end this week! God Bless the USA!

Please watch this video
There are so many blogs I have found that show pictures that are almost too much to view.  These are just a few I read today.
Breakfast at Tiffany's
A Southern Belles’s Tales the pictures on this blog tell a story of lives destroyed
Leslie at Lamberts Lately
Two Plus One Makes Three
It is so easy to just turn the TV off, look away from the pictures, go on with life as usual, but for some reason this horrible devastation has left me unable to do that. 
I want to help.  Really I would love to get in the car and drive there and help someone pick up their yard, rock their baby, look for their old pictures.   
These people will not know normal for months and years and if I Iook long enough at the pictures, I think never. 
I am not sure how, but I am going to do something in the next few days that I know will make a difference for at least one family…If we all did for one…If I think about it any other way, it just becomes overwhelming. 

If you read this blog you will see inside the family of the man that gave his life for his family.  The Mom posted this a week ago on Easter Sunday…one week ago. 

Today I had planned to write about the Royal Wedding, or maybe the NFL lockout, or maybe the antics of a very funny Jack who has been with me for the last 24 hours (that makes for many funny stories), but none of that seems blog worthy when so many people are hurting…so many bloggers that I read weekly have had their lives totally and literally turned upside down.  Please do not worry about leaving me a comment.  Go to one of these blogs and encourage one of them.  I would think that a word of encouragement, a promise to pray, would not be wasted on any of them.
I will be back with a Mothers Day giveaway in a few days. 
tornado 3
tornado 2


Theresa said...

Oh Teresa, I just said to my husband earlier today that we are DOING SOMETHING FOR SOMEBODY tomorrow! We had tornadoes pretty close to our house and I have to do something to help! Even if we take a load of water and food, we are doing something to help! I remember when my Sister's house flooded and how much help we got from total strangers! We appreciated each and every offer of kindness!

Thanks for posting these heartbreaking real life stories and links to the videos! You are an ANGEL! BIG HUGS and many prayers!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

This is so sad. My heart is heavy with their sorrow and the sorrow of all who have lost their home along with loved ones. Thank you for sharing. I am going over to make a donation to Red Cross.

Sally said...

Thank you so much for sharing. These stories break my heart. :(

Nezzy said...

We have families nearby here in Missouri who have had their home literally ripped out from under 'em by the ragein' waters. We've had 15.7/8 inches of rain here on the Ponderosa.

My heart and prayers go out to the devastation our Alabama brothers and sisters have experienced. Towns totally flattened and families devastated by the loss of loved ones. It simply breaks my heart.

Hubs and I are strong supporters of Convoy of Hope. I will be sure to drop a word of encouragement to the bloggers you've mentioned. Thank you for the opportunity sweetie!

You are a true Christian sister. :o)

God bless your day!

kingstongirl said...

This post brought me to my knees. I will be praying and helping anyone that I can. Now I know that I am lucky to have found you! I'm so sorry that I have stopped in for a while. :)

greenTXmom said...

The devastation is tremendous. My family is all in Alabama and thank goodness they are all okay but to see the wreckage left behind, the families with loss and the homes lifted up and ripped just too much to comprehend.
SO glad you posted this, I will be checking out the blogs you mentioned.

mississippi artist said...

All of the disasters lately have just been heartbreaking.I think the way the world is now,people are thinking more and more of their home as their haven or safe place. But, what do you do when your safe haven is gone? My sister in laws home was completely destroyed and I worry about the stress on her, she has a severe heart condition that nothing can be done about.I feel so helpless that I can't fix everything for all of these people, but we just have to do what we can physically and ask God for help with the rest.

Susan said...

I too have been deeply touched by the devistation these famlies have faced......I have done what I can to help and have been encouraging others to do what they can to help also. I pray that God will stir the heart of so many more to reach out to these hurting people.
Blessing to you and yours!