Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The last two nights Parker and Jack have spent the night with us.  Jack has been here for two days so I have had the opportunity to document the many faces of JACK STROTHER.  I have soaked up every minute of time with him.  He has been EXTRA happy to hug, he even danced with me tonight during Dancing With The Stars….in the middle of the dance, he looked at me and said “We need some costumes”!  Now he is sound asleep snuggled up to me with his MINK blanket and his (bottle of chocolate milk).  Total contentment…Please no comments on the bottle or the chocolate milk…it’s a Grammy thing. 

one of my favorite pictures….This is the REAL JACK..the one that threw his shoe out the window on the way to a birthday party
and one with his best friends and brother on a little trip we were on…enjoying a late night snack from the SNACK MACHINE. 
The winner of the CARD BOX from the Ultimate Blog Party is Kathleen at Life With Four Boys!
If you have been to my blog in the last few days you know I have had blogger problems…Sorry

A bit of Random…If you have a  Keurig and love it and I do,
be sure and get the new coconut coffee…..My favorite so far…
Another new blog I love is the daughter-in-law of my blogging buddy Angela at
Love Being a Nonny.  The new blog is Moxie Made.  Please stop by and say hello to her.
If you do not read Nezzy at Cow Patty Surprise, you are missing one of the jewels of the blog world, not to mention some great stories and many laughs. 


Susan DiMickele said...

Thanks so much for all these tips and for stopping by. Love your blog and your heart!

RoryBore said...

Beautiful pics. We got the whole Toy Story Round up crew here.. Buzz, Woody, Jessie...etc. the sounds drive me crazy sometimes...but they just love these characters. Oh, and I still give my kids a bit of chocolate milk before bed. it's our thing.
Love my Keurig!! Jamaica Me Crazy!!

Allyson Pecilunas said...

How cute!! Enjoy your grandma time! You are allowed to do whatever you want ;) My nephew is obsessed with toy story!

diarydays said...

So nice to meet new bloggers!
Thanks for the message, Awesome blog!! Love your blog!


Crystal Jigsaw said...

Oh my goodness, how incredibly adorable. My mum misses Amy as she lives too far away and we only see her every few months but they have some great quality time when they are together.

CJ xx

Shelia said...

Hi Teresa! Oh, I can tell you're one proud granny, as you should be! Little Jack is the cutest and I love seeing those snaps of him when he didn't know you were taking his picture. You're so blessed Teresa, to have your grandchildren close by. I'm a long distant grandmother is it's sooooooooooo hard! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Love Being A Nonny said...

Thanks so much for the SHOUT OUT about my DIL's new Etsy shop!! I can't wait to tell her!

Of course, great pics of the littles!

Sally said...

Your little Jack is SO precious!! I just love your stories and pics about the littles. :)

Nezzy said...

Oh the many face of Jack just melts my heart and puts a big old smile on this mug of mine each and every time. He is just a precious little character!!!

Thanks so much for the shout~out sister...I'm blushin' all the way down to my toes!

God bless and have a fantastic day sweetie!!! :o)

Linda said...

SO GLAD YOU HAD SOME FUN TIME WITH YOUR BOYS! Treasure each and every moment! They grow up so fast!

We did a birthday party with our kiddos on Thursday night. We rented the party room at the theater and had a party for our 15 yr. old granddaughter. We ate sloppy Joes and potato salad and chips...had cupcakes and pop, opened gifts,played games in the arcade, and then we all picked our movies and went to see the shows. It was fun!

Thanks for your visit and comment.

Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

mississippi artist said...

My grandson has all the toy story stuff too. Yours is a cutie pie, I know you love having him with you. Mine wears me out though-God knew what he was doing when he invinted meopause!LOL!

Juliana RW said...

Thanks for stopping by again to my blog. Nice to meet you through UBP 2011. Lovely photos...

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

My gosh, how he has grown! Enjoy your time together ;)

eas said...

thanks for visiting my blog. he is adorable!!

Amy said...

My son just SQUEELED from across the room when he saw that Buzz Lightyear. LOL

Thanks for linking up to Smile With Me Saturday!


Leslee said...

Hi Teresa! Thanks for checking in with me!! I am SO very behind with my blog reads...

I love reading about your time spent with your grandchildren! I am pleased to report that I too am going to be a grandma in November!! Beyond over the moon :-)

I'll continue to read as I want to catch up on your life! Glad that your beloved Jack's better!!!