Monday, March 28, 2011

Random Monday

I loved your responses on this post.  I hope I did not scare anyone away with the political question.  I am not really into politics, just thought the premise that the Donald might run for office was interesting.  This week I will be joining the
 Ultimate blog Party
Hope you will stop by…I will be giving away a card box and then I will have another FUN giveaway here.
Today was a fun day.  I met a local blogger (not in person but hope to).  I ended up reading her entire blog.. Her name is Megan at  Mackey Madness.  Cute, cute blog…stop in and visit her.

Grayson Sunday
    Grayson getting his LAUGH on today

Jack getting in TROUBLE…drug that Lion from his room to the KITCHEN while Amanda was doing her HAIR….His Response was, “I NEEDED A POP TART”

Parker IS camping for a few days. ….I am already wanting him home.  Austin got a new puppy today. 

This has been a weekend of Sat and Sun both being PAJAMA DAYs.  The pollen has given me a major headache, so staying in was all I wanted to do.. really I wanted to mark things off my long “To DO” list.  That did not happen, instead we watched three movies .
Please pray for my blog friend Paige from Paige’s Petals! SHE needs prayer for her entire family. Easterlings
She is such a gifted writer and is walking a hard road.  Her husband is in his second bout with cancer, this time pancreatic.  They are a beautiful family and my heart breaks for them.  Please stop by and leave a some encouraging words.

I also am asking you to pray tonight for sweet Ashley.  They are at a very critical time, AGAIN and are so  in need of your prayers. I know that Trish and Dave covet every prayer and every word of encouragement.  Ashley 2
This is Spring Break week and we did not plan a big trip, but hope to take the boys somewhere later this week.  
This week will mark six months since Jack'stroke!  If you remember nothing else today, remember that live can change in a split second.

I will be back on the first with The Ultimate Blog Party post and more giveaways….my favorite thing to do. If you look closely on my blog I am getting very close to a huge MARKER….really an UNBELIEVABLE ONE…and that will call for a prize too,
Have a great week…


Theresa said...

Oh those little ones getting into trouble:) I am adding your requests to my prayer list and I will stop by and leave them a piece of my heart!

Have a blessed day my friend! SIX months, praise GOD! HUGS!

Jules said...

That's cute that he thought the lion would make a good step stool...

Nezzy said...

That sweet little Grayson is just a little heart meltin' fella!!! He's just so darn stinkin' cute!!!

Know I'll be prayin' for Paige's family and that precious little Ashley. Thank you for the opportunity to pray for others sweetie!

Wow, six months since your man had the stroke. I pray for Jack often and hope he is still doin' well.

God bless ya and have a marvelous day my friend! :o)

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

hard to believe it has been 6 months since jack's stroke! God is so good and I continue to pray for him.

will be be praying for all those mentioned today on your blog.

Nezzy said...

Hey sweetie, pop over if ya get a chance...I featured your Pioneer Woman book giveaway in my last post.

God bless ya! :o)

Sue said...

Hi Teresa
You are so thoughtful to introduce us to your blog friends that need our prayers. Thank you for that! It is one of the wonderful things about blogging.
And I am thankful for the 6 months you have had with Jack. I know you don't take any of them for granted.
AND - wow, almost 1000 - that's amazing!
Have a great day!

Lisa said...

Grayson is such a cutie. I'm sure Jack is having a great time. Hope its warmer there than it is here.
3 weeks ago Thurs my MIL had a stroke. Life has changed. I never thought I could be so tired since then and I KNOW she is tired and scared and frustrated. Praying she can be where your husband is soon.
Hope you have a great day and the pollen is awful this year!

Megan said...

Thanks so much for the sweet shout out! I'm so glad that we "met!"

Definitely adding your prayer requests to my list!

Beth E. said...

I totally agree with you about lives changing in a split second. My brother's brain hemorrhage was last July.

Thanks for sharing the prayer requests with us...praying for each one!

Kaye Swain - SandwichINK for grandparents and caregivers said...

Your card box for the Ultimate Blog Party sounds intriguing! I listed it at SandwichINK today :) You and your family and your friends are in my prayers tonight. :)

Grandma Cyndi said...

Enjoy your spring break, and a six month milestone, so happy Jack is doing well.

Paige's Petals said...

Teresa, thank you for requesting prayer from your blogging buddies who I know are most faithful friends and prayer warriors. I truly believe that prayer and my Heavenly Father have carried us through these past days and will do so as we continue this journey! Hugs from Texas!

Nezzy said...

OK, I didn't realize that Picasa wasn't showin' the pictures on my blog. I re~posted with Photobucket so please go check out the pics of the giveaway.

Thanks and God bless!!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sorry about your headache, hope your better by now. PJ days are the best. I will keep everyone in my prayers.