Monday, August 30, 2010


That title sounds really RANDOM.  I have had a little bloggers block for a day or two.  I have some things to write about but half of them would make no sense.  My heart is just broken for the Adams family.  If you have not read this post, please do and add Ashley to your prayers.  If the family  ever needed them, it is now.  Trish
just posted and it is gut wrenching.. I did have the honor to take some Mexican food on Friday and visit with Dave, Ashley's Dad for an hour.  They are just the BEST family.  I am hoping I can take them some more meals this week.  Ashley has been off the vent as of this morning but the next few days are critical to her being able to go home and just be with her family.  And that is SO their desire. 

Saturday, Jack came to visit and spend the night...allowing his Mom and Dad a date night.  Pop was out of town, so just Jack and I hung out.  He is a mess.  Since so many of you read this post, a little update...Friday, Micah and Jack went to see his Dad in prison and were able to go for the monthly family picnic. 

Below are a few shots I got of Jack, AKA WOODY THE COWBOY!  He want you to know he DOES NOT have a pimple, but a mosquito bite on his face. Notice how he wanted his chocolate milk and Grammy always tries to make his wants HAPPEN! Please just glance at Woody.  He really does not like for ANYONE to look at him or touch him.  PERIOD..He is JACK'S and he has no interest in sharing. 
This is the week I meet with some new tree customers, unpack more storage boxes than I want to, organize my shops, just generally start the HOLIDAY SEASON.  I know, its AUGUST...but SEPTEMBER 1st is coming. 
Also watched some football this in one game twice, once on the computer as it was happening and then again on the NFL station when it showed a delayed broadcast of it. I know that's borderline SICK.   I am sure you can guess which game that was...and I was ENCOURAGED.  The gunslinger still HAS IT. 
There is going to be an ORNAMENT GIVEAWAY on my holiday  blog, A BABY CHANGES EVERYTHING, one day this week.
I am not ready to advertise this yet, but when I ask for some help on the hot flash situation, a blogger emailed me a link to something that had helped her.  I did some research and ordered some and today is the 15th day I have been taking it and I am almost afraid to say this...but I have NOT HAD ONE hot flash since I have been on it....And I had been having 4 or 5 a day.  It's all natural and I am almost ready to get EXCITED about it...I will wait a few more weeks before I share it.
I meant RANDOM...


Ai Mei said...

Hi! I'm a new follower via Google Friend Connect. :) Hopefully you can stop by! I have some great giveaways going on.

-Ai Mei

SarahMerritt said...

Jack just melts my heart! What a doll! I know 100% why I love your blog you love Christmas! I will have our tree up the last few days of October or early November... I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading and seeing all the beautiful trees you put together you inspired me so much last year I can't wait to dig out the boxes and get it all up!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Well, shoot...just let me start with yes, I did read about the young woman who is ill.
It's so very sad.

I didn't quite understand about the person in prison, etc..but I am probably behind on your happenings..

Now...the grandson..what an absolute little doll!
An adorable age! I now have a two year old tiny girl to spoil... and it's wonderful. I know how you feel! :)

Hotflashes. Been there. Time..(shaking head here..) Time was all that got me through it. I was camping the first time one hit me..and the memory is still fresh after all these years. I am grateful it's over..and I have NO suggestions. I didn't take anything. My best friend did and found out later it was NOT good for is all I can suggest and I know that's not good enough. :(

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Jack is so blessed to have you.

Theresa said...

I am praying for Ashley and her sweet family! I pray that each day will bring her better health!

That Jack is TOO cute! I love the picture of him with that hat on:) Darn cute!

Enjoy your day my friend! HUGS!

Lana said...

Sometimes it's just good to get all the randomness out and let it be what it is!

I just started Christmas shopping last week with a purchase from a blogger friend. 'Tis the season NOT to get behind on this year!

Have a great day!

LisaShaw said...

Said a prayer for you...

Jack is so adorable!

Thanks for allowing us to share some time with you, your 'going-on's' and your family.



Nezzy said...

You are definitely the 'Giveaway Queen' sister!

I will continue to keep sweet Ashely in my prayers.

That Jack (aka Woody)...I just love this little guy! I can sure see why you always try to make his wants come true.

God bless ya and have a marvelous Monday sweetie.

Nina Diane said...

Prayers for Ashley....
and those pics of Jack with his chin in his hand and the hat...oh my..what a doll

billypandnikkysmom said...

Oh my, I just had to oooohhhh & aaahhhhhh at Jack/Woody in that hat, he must fill your heart with love everytime you see that face! So beautiful or should I say handsome!

Praying for Asley & her family....

Have a great night!

Beth E. said...

Pictures of Jack always bring a smile to my face...the little stinker! ;-) He's such a cutie. I could just kiss that sweet face!

Mommy to Casey ♥ said...

Hi there! I'm your newest follower.. found you on Tuesday Tag-Along :)

Design It Chic said...

Jack is so cute with his Woody hat:)
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Kari said...

My son has the same woody toy, he loves Toy Story.

I'm your newest follower from the blog hop. Hope you can come visit me.

Mommy's Little Dinos

Mid Stutsman said...

Jack is just toooo cute! Love that he was worried about a "pimple" of all things!!

Momma Teri said...

Stopping by to say hello from Follow Back Tuesday. It you have not visited me lately, please do so today. Your follow back is always appreciated!

Johnnie said...

Hi! I am a new follower from Tuesday's blog hops. Glad I came across your blog. I will be back. Blessings...
Saved By Love Creations

Kat said...

Praying for the Adams family.

Those photos of Jack are adorable. He loves his Woody doesn't he?


Brandy said...

Jack is adorable. Happy Tuesday! Love the blog and can't wait to see more of it!

Giveaway Blogdom

Inspiring You To Save! said...

Visiting from the Blog Hops! I love your site. I can't wait to get to know you better. Stop by when you get the chance. I have a Meet Me Monday blog hop and I would love if you could join in. It lasts all week long. Hope to see you then!

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Hey There!

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Anita@Theycallmejammi said...

That sure is two handsome men you have with you there, but I think that Jack far outshines Woody in the totally cute department...sorry Woody. Of course, I just glanced. I know you both had a wonderful time and that chocolate milk does look quite delish.


Thank you, Teresa, for stopping by my blog, Gg - Notes on the Journey and for leaving a sweet comment.

I just read a couple of your posts and became your newest follower.

I appreciate your heart for people. Taking a basket of yummy treats to a weary mom in the hospital, asking friends to pray for a very sick child . . . it all makes a difference.

Glad you stopped by. You are welcome anytime.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Teresa, I have been praying for Ashley and her family. I know that this is hard for them --and for you, their friend.

Your grandson, Jack, is just adorable. Isn't being a grandmother just the best thing in the world?????

Hope you can have some "Teresa" time this week---and do something joyful JUST for you... You need it... It's okay to grieve and to hurt for others; just don't let it consume you ---which I'm sure you won't.


Glenda said...

Hi, Teresa! So glad you stopped by my blog! Thanks for the kind words! Your little Jack is just precious . . . great pics!

I'm waiting to hear more about your hot flash cure!