Sunday, February 22, 2009

Not a Tag, Just a Little Information

I have found that when I read blogs, I want to know about the writer.
For a year, I have found myself going back and reading old posts on certain blogs, just to get to know more about the blogger. I am either addicted or I just have an inquiring mind!
But what I find more than anything else is that we all have many of the same likes, many of the same problems, and many of the same fears.
So this is not a tag, just some random facts, in no particular order. Hopefully you will know me a little better.

1. I have been married to the greatest husband in the world for 37 years.

2. I have a son 35, and a daughter 28 and I am so thankful that they love and honor their parents, but am equally proud that they adore each other.

3. The best job I have ever had is "Grammy"! Hands down...I love it! I am Grammy to Parker, Austin, Jack and new little man arriving in June.

4. My husband was the high school football coach when I was a cheerleader. I am 10 years younger than him. My kids love to hear that story. Hey, its lasted 37 years. Another post for another day.

5. Disney World is my favorite place on earth, especially with the grandkids. Nothing compares!

6. Parker is 9 and we have taken him to Disney World and Disneyland 7 times. Grandparents will travel. Those trips are some of the sweetest days of my life.

7. I have decorated homes for Christmas for the past 17 years. I just did a quick calculation and I have probably decorated at least 1200 Christmas trees in my life.

8. Dancing With The Stars is my very favorite TV show! With American Idol a close second.

9. I am a HUGE BRETT FARVE fan! I love football and actually feel depressed each year, as the season comes to an end. I cannot imagine football without Brett.

10. I think massages are about as close to heaven as we get on this earth. I try to have one every week. And tomorrow I have an all day spa day from my favorite Valentine gift!

11. I love cold weather and am miserable in the summer.

12. My appendix ruptured on vacation, when I was 5 months pregnant with Amanda. That was 28 years ago, but one of those vivid MEMORIES.

13. I love to read blogs. I love people's stories.

14. My parents died 2 years ago, 3 months to the day of each other. They had been married 59 years and were very healthy until their last six months of life.

15. I love Diet Coke and I love I think caffeine is my friend.

16. I love my son-in-law and my daughter-in-law. They are both wonderful parents. They are a perfect fit for our family.

17. My daughter had a baby at 18 and and senior in high school. She has been the most awesome Mom to Parker. No little guy loves his Mom anymore than Parker loves her. This will be a future post...a beautiful story of God's grace.

18. My favorite way to travel is with my entire family. Our kids and their kids. We have a blast.

19. I am very much a night person. My normal bedtime is between 1 and 2 AM and many nights I look up and its 3. Fortunately my shop is at my house, so I can make my own work hours. What a blessing. I am not a morning person AT ALL!

20. I hate going to the doctor, hate medical tests, and am rarely sick!

21. I love going to the movies. We try to see at least one movie a week.

22. I love Le Madeline's Potato Soup! It is one of my most favorite places to eat.

23. I love Faith Hill and Tim McGraw...maybe Tim McGraw a tad more!

24. I am a news junky...Fox News is almost always on at least one of our TV's!

25. I like to get a new laptop at least once a year.

26. I was raised in a Southern Baptist Church, but all my adult life have attended an nondenominational church.

7. I love to send notes and cards the old fashioned way...not email, but with a postage stamp.

28. I love to read the newspaper, especially USA TODAY.

29. I cannot resist buying books and magazines... I may not read them, just want them.....near me...I never leave home without a book or magazine. I have a fear of having to sit somewhere with nothing to read.

30. I do not cook! At all!

31. I love to play cards and have played with the same girls for 15 years. Hand and Foot is our game.

32. I wish I had more confidence in the stock market rebounding. The reports each day bring fear.

33. My husband treats me like a queen and my friends remind me of that constantly.


35. I love reconnecting with old friends....Thank you God for FACEBOOK!

That's plenty to start with with. Probably each of those will lead to a post in the future. Thank you to all the new friends that have stopped by my blog.


Leah in Iowa said...

I knew we could be friends, especially after reading how you love cold weather and are miserable in the summer. I {heart} cold weather!!! =)

I'm also with you on #20, #31 and #24. I'm willing to overlook the fact that you do not cook - at all. But if we lived closer, I'd for sure trade a month of meals for a decorated house! =)

Sheryl said...

wow, i am looking forward to some of those future posts. there is some great material there!!

what do you do with your old laptops? do you get a new one so that you can update the color??

Misty Rice-Baniewicz said...

Hi nice to meet you and thanks for the comment today. It was great reading your post and getting to know so many things about you and to prove I actually read them..... you put the #7 in place of #27 and I also love Beth Moore books. Another bloggie friend of mine both have been trying to do a devotional of Beth Moores Breaking Free, but we just haven't gotten there yet, but hopefully soon.

Anyways, I look forward to having another friend aboard and getting to know you.

You sounds like a nice person who is VERY blessed.

ocean mommy said...

Hi Teresa! I've had fun reading your list and scanning over your blog! Welcome to blogland! :)

You have a beautiful and blessed family. :)

Blessings to you today!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Great list. I enjoyed this. I'm like you...I like to know the history and jist of a person, who they are, what road they've traveled. Unfortunately, time has not allowed for me to do a lot of searching for that info. I have read throug a couple fellow bloggers testimonies....those that have all the posts together so as to gather the entire story/testimony. It really is great to know people on a deeper level. I believe that is what allows us to form such strong bonds online with the possibility of never seeing the person. I can say that the people I call in an emergency need are those friendships formed online. About ten of them. Five or so I text in emergency need of prayer or to tell them I prayed for them.

Now to your list. We have several things in common...
I love sending notes/cards. Love it. I spend a lot of my adult life (21-32) in Southern Baptist. [Actually raise as Catholic.] I rarely get sick. I love going to the movies!!! I'm not a morning person. I love diet coke (but try to stay away unless it's diet caff free). I love really blogs and staying connected to my peeps. I love massages. I hubby use to give me the greatest. It was the first time I had certain body parts massage...glutis maximus (buttock)s and thighs. about Heaven.

Who cooks? Husband?
Like Sheryl asked, what do you do with your laptops? It would seem a hassle to transfer all the programs and making sure your personal info was removed. I have a laptop now for 1 1/2 for the convenience of size. I hope it holds out much longer.

You are so blessed. God forgive my envy as I read this list. Your husband, kids, grkids. It seems ever since my heartbreaking trial starting 20 months ago I look at women such as yourself with envy. I want my husband back. I want the marriage and relationship God intended for beloved and I to be fully resurrected for His glory. Legality says he's not my spouse but God's Word says he is and our covenant is still in tact. God and I are just waiting for beloved to return and complete the ring of three.

Thanks for sharing. THanks for your continual visits to me. It encourages my heart to see new visitors consistently reading and commenting.
In Him,

Joyful said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. It's great to "meet" you.

I enjoyed reading this list. I agree that Disney World is the best holiday. I also enjoy reading blogs and hearing people's stories. I'm a letter writer and note sender. I literally have bins of stationery and cards to send. I'm a book fanatic as well. A night out to the movies is always a treat - I just don't find too many movies worth seeing. I agree that Beth Moore studies are wonderful. I too have enjoyed connecting with friends on Facebook. Finally, the least amount of time I have to spend in the kitchen, the better - I'm with you there!!!!

Your blog is really pretty. Made me feel good just dropping by for a visit.


Deborah Thomson said...

Hi Teresa!

I just followed a comment you left on "Still His Girl's" blog and thought I'd let you know I really enjoyed reading this post! It's reminded me that I need to go back to my old, OLD blog posts and learn a thing or two about posting more of who I am and what I'm all about. :) These days my actual text entries have been very short and it's not good! ;)

BTW, do yu have pictures of any of the homes you've decorated for Christmas?? My family has been HUGE into decorating our home for the holidays and we've done friends' homes as well, but I would love to see photos of what you've done!

Anyway, thank you for blessing me tonight with this post! :) Now I'm going to go add you to my blogroll so I can keep up on your posts. :)

Deborah said...

This is a really terrific post! I have only been here a couple of times and now I know alot about you! Love this!

justabeachkat said...

That was a fun read. We have alot in common, especially #19 and 33.

I look forward to getting to know you even more through your writing.


Kathy S. said...

Wow! What a list! I love to get to know people too! Since I am visual I love to see the photos...The day I started a blog is the first day I ever knew they are miles ahead!! I am assuming you are from WI??? Brett Farve, cold weather...

I love fall, Christmas, NOT Jan-Mar...You are blessed to love cold weather if you are my neighbor!

Anxious to learn more about your shop & see pics of all those Christmas trees!!

Joyce said...

Hi-I clicked onto your blog from Baby Bangs. I'm sort of new to blogging and am really enjoying it. Your blog design is really pretty!

I'm also a book junkie, was raised Southern Baptist but have been in an assortment of churches all my adult life, I love note cards and real mail, Beth Moore,and most definitely Disney World. I will confess though, that I do love to cook : )

Oh, and I also love Christmas letters and re-read them every now and then. I enjoyed reading yours.

Enjoy your day...Joyce

Tracy said...

Hi Teresa!
So glad you "de-lurked" and introduced yourself! = ) Wow, have I enjoyed reading more about you! The number of commonalities we share is CRAZY! I think this is definitely a blog friendship made in Heaven! So happy to meet you and your beautiful family. I see from your comments we share a few mutual friends, too.

Welcome to this wonderful, incredible world of blogging!


P.S. The design of your blog is positively adorable...I'm going to check out Aqua Poppy Designs! = )

elizabeth said...

Teresa...Now I know you, or at least 35 things about you..not a bad start. This was great. Glad to have made the connection with you. I'll keep coming back.


Pam said...

Oh.My.Gosh! I'm so so glad I popped in here! Love your blog, but boy oh, do we have some things in common. I love reading other's stories via their blogs, FOX news is almost always on here too, many more. I'm just so excited to meet you!

Robin @ My Blessed Nest said...

Teresa, welcome to blogging...thank you for visiting my nest and leaving such a sweet comment! I enjoyed reading about you and your precious family. We have a lot in common, too! I hope you'll visit me often! Blessings!

Lacy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! You have a beautiful family!! A little known fact (as I have not yet shared it on my blog) is that my hubby is 10 years older than me too. Like yours, our story is not "sketchy" either, but that tends to be people's first impression. I will share that story one day though. I have a lot in common with you in that we love Disney, I love massages, coke, blogs and am a total night owl. Nice to meet you, I hope you'll stop by my blog again, and I look forward to "getting to know you" better through your future posts.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

I have enjoyed reading your list and all about your family :o) Very blessed!

It is so awesome to have these few days off from work and so glad that I was able to go back to these past posts and read more about you :o)

Blessings & Aloha!
(I am adding you to my sidebar under the "Blogs I Browse" that I can be sure to keep up with your posts better.)